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February 26, 2013 By Michelle Barneck 38 Comments Hi Friends, this is Aly from Entirely Eventful Day. Note: You might need to add a little more spray adhesive to the corners once you have trimmed.
You have been hiding under a rock if you haven't noticed that Spring interior design is all about pops of color.
I just moved into an apartment, and right now I have an ugly calendar on my desk with white walls surrounding everything. I could not find illustration boards in our Staples here in Ontario, Canada, but I found foam board with bristol board surfaces at our local dollar store (Dollarama) and had equal success. There weren’t illustration boards in our Staples here in Ontario, Canada, but I found foam board with bristol board surfaces at our local dollar store (Dollarama) and had equal success. Has it ever happened to you that when you make a decision (that you think will be simple) and it turns out to be a major pain in the butt? While on a recent (and very important) mission to look for fabric, I noticed that Hobby Lobby sells vinyl by the foot and at that moment an idea was born. I could use the vinyl and create my own custom desk pad!
So, there I was, standing in the middle of Hobby Lobby, lovingly caressing this roll of vinyl, pondering my plans. So, I'm at Hobby Lobby with my new idea floating around in my head, but I hadn't taken any measurements. There are two ways to do this project: One if you have gridded wrapping paper and the other if you don't or are using fabric.
Have your wrapping paper nearby so when you spray the vinyl with the adhesive spray you can immediately apply the design before the spray dries.

Spray the adhesive spray, then slowly roll out the paper (design side down, white side towards you), smoothing out any bubbles as you go. Also note that your measurements won't be exact with the method so if you want something an exact size, then do method 1.
Roughly cut the vinyl into the size you have determined that you want, making sure that it is at least one inch longer on all sizes (more is fine and probably better if you are a klutz like me).
With the decorated side of the wrapping paper towards the sticky vinyl (white, gridded side will be towards you) carefully roll the wrapping paper onto the vinyl, paying attention to keep the grid lines relatively straight in relation to the vinyl. Cut through the vinyl and wrapping paper using the straight line as guide. This will allow you to have beautiful, straight edges with practically no fuss!
Ideally, the decorative backing should peel off when you're bored of the pattern so you can replace it with any other design. Then I positioned the pad sticky side up on the ground and rolled the wrapping paper over it. If anyone is thinking about trying this tutorial, it really is as easy as the directions lay it out to be. In retrospect, I am pretty sure that I looked a little like Gollum caressing that ring because the lady who worked there was staring at me. I made 2 mistakes cutting so I'm glad I bought extra, but I still have A LOT left over-- nearly 2 feet!
I recommend using paper underneath to make sure you don't spray your floor or table with adhesive. It does not have to be perfectly straight (unless you are using a design with straight lines).

I’m also thinking that I need a portable version on this to take to work with me…I usually end up taping a piece of paper to the desk so my mouse will work! I'm a thirty-something mom of three little darlings with serious attitude (I wonder where they get it). Of course, I could sand it down and paint it, but that seems like too much work for a cheap, cheap desk.
Make sure that this line has both vinyl and wrapping paper adhered together all the way down. If you feel as if you are having any adverse side effects please stop using the product immediately and consults a physician.
You could also use posterboard (a little flimsy) or foam core (kinda smushy to write on), but I found that illustration board has the right amount of firmness to give your desk pad heft. You might recognize this room from my How to Build a Custom Frame and Quick and Easy Stenciling posts. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.All affiliate links are used to help keep Overthrow Martha up and running while a portion is donated to charities.

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