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I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees.I came into this world kicking, screaming, and covered in somebody else's blood, and i have no problem going out that way.
How To Make A Duck Call Lanyard Use parachute cord to make a duck-hunting lanyard for your waterfowl calls Article by M.D.
A good waterfowl call lanyard has a purpose above and beyond keeping calls handy and organized.
The DIY Camping Shower A car-lighter-powered shower for when you get a little too much of the Great Outdoors on you. Wood ducks, Barrow's goldeneyes, common goldeneyes, hooded mergansers, common mergansers and buffleheads are all cavity nesting ducks. Where are you guys finding commercial grade solid steel doors for your safer rooms, and how much do they cost? It will be about 3' off the floor and be 2' deep and 5' wide with a small 3x3 door below the gun cabinet that adjoins the master bedroom closet. The other option is make a false wall to the bedroom where I do all my reloading and put some type of security door behind the wall. You all would laugh if you knew how crappy the construction of counting rooms and money holding rooms in many small time casinos are constructed. Hammer two L hooks (use your judgement) into the wall a decent length apart to support the weight of the rifle.
Add motion detectors to the inside of the picture frame to set an alarm in case your hiding spot is disturbed!
21 Then I saw ?a new heaven and a new earth,?[a] for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.
In my mind I can vent it later if needed a lot easier than plugging holes that aren't needed.
Sportsman Vaults offers customers trim pieces that cosmetically finishes off your frame on the inside of your vault. Some of the big economy safes built by other companies don’t have bolts or posts on the hinged side, which makes a pry bar attack much easier (once the hinges are removed or compromised). There are kits available, like this one from Lockdown Vault Accessories, or head out to the hardware store. My main point: think about where you store your guns as part of your overall home defense plan.
For example there was a home invasion about a year ago where a mom was home with her children. Second, while battlefield small arms encounters can occur at a wide range of distances, the upper end of that range extends into the hundreds of yards. I had a friend that came home and confronted a bad guy that had broken into his house and found one of my friends handguns.
If you are going to run your SCAR 16 indoors you better have some ear protection right with it or you going to effectively take yourself out of the fight when that things goes off with its ridiculous muzzle brake.
Going Joe Tactical and trying to hunt down the bad guys in your house with your 5.56 rifle is a recipe for disaster.
If a situation develops in your home that requires shooting, you’re not going to be nor are you going to have time to think about lanes of fire.
He is welcome to correct me if I am wrong, but I believe he is saying that your Glock mag (I am still not sure which one holds exactly 26 rounds) should be considered standard capacity.
A 9mm hollow point actually penetrates through walls with more energy than a standard 5.56mm round. It is actually a natural physical phenomenon the body uses when put into fight or flight mode. What is this, California?Killing a dinosaur is illegal in California.Gosh darn these opposable thumbs that make us the targets of time-traveling oppression. Every saltwater fishermen should have these in their tackle box! AP Tackleworks creates quality fishing tackle in Victoria BC, Canada. It's insurance against damage and loss—deep water and swamp mud aren't friendly to $60 duck calls.

They build nests in abandoned woodpecker holes or natural tree cavities caused by disease, fire or lightning. The heater coil is made from soft copper water pipe that I wound around small log and the enclosed in an old coffee can. Combine one part dicalcium phosphate with one part stock salt and two parts trace mineral salt.
A variety of lures and baits are used by anglers when fishing for trout, including night crawlers, corn, crickets, in-line spinners, flies and prepared dough baits.
My house is made out of wood and if it goes up the temps will be more then any gunsafe can take so I'm going with the premiss that if it can't be found it won't be stolen.
What I did is I simply put in a reinforced steel fire door into a room I built under my front porch.
You would not want your 3 year old to have their little hands on a book of matches, would you? It's constructed from a proprietary matrix of Stainless Steel & AR-500 ballistic grade steel.
Its bolted down tight and I don't think to many crooks would be able to get into it without cutting torches or at least a high speed cutting wheel and a lot of time. People wonder why I invested in a gun safe when most of my firearms are low to mid grade everyday plinkers, something you'd find at Walmart or a pawn shop.
They put all their faith in their self-defense handgun and store their self-defense rifle or shotgun in a safe in their basement, garage or some other place that would require them to cross into dangerous territory during a home invasion to secure their long gun. He started the site to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns. I actually thought about this same situation a year or so ago and put a small safe in the walk in closet a few feet from where I sleep. Several pounds of ripped and torn flesh with shattered bone and massive blood clotting would be more fitting. So please don’t anybody read too much into it and consider it an opening salvo in a caliber war. When I went to the kitchen I thought about her in my bed, with a loaded Glock in the bedside table. If you start shooting, you’ve already decided the risk of the immediate threat is at least equal to the risk of a stray shot exiting your home. In my last apartment, firing directly out of my bedroom sent rounds through a basement, and into a hill under the other side of the building. Most full-size handguns these days hold 15 or more rounds, thus that is a standard capacity. I think that probably cuts the odds of being home invaded to just about nothing, so having long, contentious debates about where to keep what gun seems kinda ridiculous, unless you’re a Mitty who enjoys fantasizing about dispatching Black Bart and his gang as they come over your backyard fence. Firearms are naturally attractive for children, but the wrong words in the lunchroom or classroom can lead to serious ramifications.
Job done: cost - scrap bits; time - ten minutes to half an hour depending on how fancy the handle is! You can make a strong and comfortable lanyard in about two hours out of 100 feet of 550 parachute cord for less than $10.Braiding The Body[1] Cut a length of 550 cord twice as long as the intended finished length of your lanyard. Many anglers like dough baits; one particularly effective product named Power Bait that is marketed by Berkley features strong scent attractors. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
The hallway is also pretty narrow so putting up something like a bookcase might be too big to be opened without hitting the wall or banister. In that horrifying situation, you want to call the cavalry, put the good guys behind you, grab your long gun, assume a defensive position and wait. And maybe that safe should also contain some water, food, a spare telephone, spare ammo, flashlight and ear protection. So the idea of an intermediate cartridge intended to wound makes a lot of sense when you have hundreds of yards of margin. While I have a lane of fire plan, my front door is directly across from my neighbor’s, so I am at a slight loss other than making sure I hit the target.

Shooting directly down the hall at the front door would send rounds through an exterior wall and into a hill. Body function you would normally have and function quite well with will suddenly be very limited. You can also add sugar (as much as you want) to make this more attractive to deer.Dig out your salt lick.
Ideally, you take the brood with you, to have them behind you should push come to ballistic shove. It will certainly not over penetrate as much as a 9 pellets of double-ought buck fired in a home.
This is also why people who have to use a firearm in a defensive scenario often cannot see much of anything to the sides of their target. The hole in the table leg was just a bit too narrow, so like any impatient engineer I took a rubber mallet to the X-acto handle – in the process I split the wood AND bent the knife handle.
The funnel for adding additional water (or snow) is a long transmission fluid funnel so that the new cold water is added to the bottom of the bucket.
Deer like to lick the minerals out of the soil, so break through the sod and dig down about 6 inches to loose soil. The Gibraltar's bullet-resistant construction also stopped every round we fired at this super door. He takes them across town and sells them out of his trunk to some gangbangers for a fraction of their value, and they end up being used in a crime. And if the safe room is near the kids, shouldn’t your long gun be there, not in your room? Another piece about 90 feet in length is the knotting cord: Start with the midpoint of this piece behind the core about 4 to 6 inches below the nail (roll up each end and secure it with a rubber band so you won't have to pull 45 feet of loose cord through your loops). The spigot is located just below center as the coldest water will be at the top and the hottest water at the top. Here is a nifty way to store your rifle or a larger gun without anyone thinking twice about it. Even though, currently, I would probably not be held criminally liable, I would not want it on my consciense. Create a braid by tying a series of square knots around the core: Bring the right knotting cord behind the two core strands to the left side. The compression fittings allow the coal basket to be removed and placed inside the empty bucket for storage and transport. Take the left knotting cord and wrap it under this end of the right knotting cord, over the core strands, and through the loop created on the right side. For a freestanding shower that can be attached to a cooler, add two extra solid pipes with couplers in line with the other solid pipe. I find that the heat shield is not really necessary and I could trim a bit off the ends of the copper tubing to bring the coal basket closer to the bucket.
Replenish and refill about every six months as the deer will eat the minerals and the soil. Repeat this step but reverse which sides go over and under the core strands to complete a square knot around the core.
Continue tying square knots until you reach the desired length—in this case, 40 inchesFinishing The Lanyard And Droppers[2] Double the length of braid on itself.
Pinch the first and last knots together so the initial loop that hung from the nail lies against the remaining core.[3] Bind the two (loop and core) together with four to six additional square knots.
Adding a section of hose and a shower head also makes for a portable camp shower but you would need to hang it higher.
You can attach each duck call to one dropper with a slipknot around the groove under the band of the call. Hanging the hide on a laundry rack and rinsing it off under the  shower is the easiest way to do it.

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