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CNC router machine for making MDF cabinet cabinet doors.These machines make perfect cuts in medium density fiberboard.
If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to receive our latest blog posts delivered to your email inbox. Here’s a daring alternative to normal kitchen lighting: Instead of traditional accent lights that only emit white light, use kitchen lights that can change color.
Color-changing LED tape lights have the perfect linear, low-profile design to be great under cabinet lights, toe-kick lights, or cove lighting.
Red is an energetic color – the color of neon signs, culinary heat lamps, and many a jukebox.
The color orange has been psychologically proven to have a positive effect on human emotions, making us feel open and blissful.
Purple is known to stimulate the imagination, so I couldn’t think of a better color to use for lavish parties. When you picture a quaint little bakery in the French countryside, I’ll bet the color yellow is very prominent in the scene. Annie was the E-Commerce Marketing Specialist at Pegasus Lighting from June 2012 to October 2013. What you can’t see from this picture is that the previous owners tried to make ugly cabinets prettier by painting them brown. And if you paint the cabinets brown, you will have to paint the molding, chair rail, and baseboards brown to go with it. And if you give in and paint them very dark beige, you will think that you need a pop of color somewhere, and you will paint below the chair rail a beautiful dark cherry red. The end result of lots of brown paint and a good bit of very dark beige paint in a small room is, well, let’s just say it makes the room feel incredibly small and dark. When we started our kitchen redo, all of the molding, the chair rail, and the baseboards were dark brown.

This last one may be more a matter of opinion, but I think I have good reasons for holding it.
Above all, when you are making decisions about paint colors for a kitchen, whether small or large, choose what you like. To help you find out, I’ve whipped up a few different “color recipes” explaining how each color can transform it into something new. Physiologically, green can be good for your heart, it can help you relax your muscles and breathe deeper and slower. So what could make the milkshakes, fries, hotdogs, and burgers that you whip up for your family or friends taste any better?
If you’re really feeling whimsical, or need a good distraction for the kids, nothing will make your kitchen look like the interior of a spaceship more than some blue accent lighting.
Violet accent lighting can transform your ordinary kitchen to a space that can impress even the most important guests.
Golden sunlight streaming through the windows while the little baker goes to work on his muffins, baguettes, and perhaps even yellow cakes.
She has a background in English literature, and loves using language to help illuminate the world.
As much as you’re tempted to think that a deep chocolate brown paint will make your cabinets resemble a gorgeous dark hardwood, resist!
If you love color, I’d suggest installing a chair rail and putting the color below the chair rail.
After we painted them white, before we even touched the cabinets, the room already felt so much bigger and brighter!
When choosing your accent color (for below a chair rail, in accessories, or artwork for the walls), choose a bright, warm color instead of a more muted, cool color.
Do not just take my advice as kitchen-painting law and forget about visualizing what it may look like.

Set your lights to an emerald hue for the afternoon, and suddenly, you’ll feel in just the right mood to have a cool glass of water and a piece of fruit. Just switch those tape lights to accent your room with red, transforming your kitchen into an old school diner. The cool light will play with the shiny kitchen appliances, or a slick tiled backsplash, making them look sleeker and more innovative than they really are.
It provides the perfect mix of whimsy and splendor, channeling prime party destinations like the shores of Miami beach, or the fabulous resorts in Las Vegas.
Now picture yourself standing in your kitchen on Saturday morning, whipping up some pancakes and waffles, bathed in cheerful, yellow light. And now you see painted walls, respectable flooring, and you can’t tell that the ceiling is popcorned (did I just make up a word?!). And the whole time we have been painting, I have been counting my blessings that were were not replacing flooring, removing wallpaper, or dealing with structural issues. When I splash drops of water onto it while washing dishes, it dries and leaves a white calcium spot on the brown paint. You can tailor the space to any occasion, from family game nights to big holiday parties, from early morning baking frenzies to a couple’s night in.
The only other things you’ll need for the perfect night are a chocolatey dessert and maybe some violin music. A bright, cheerful splash of color here and there can go a long way to helping you stay focused and energetic in your kitchen work. If I wipe up all the water right away, every time, that would take care of the problem, but I don’t always remember that!

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