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For the first, I'd found the single Ikea product that felt closest to the original lumber Mari specified for his designs: the unfinished pine components of the Ivar shelving system. I wanted to realize the second table, though, in the product that felt the most Ikea: the Lack table.
The other day when Man Bartlett posted on his tumblr about visiting Brent Birnbaum's studio, this awesome image made my heart leap--off the Ikea ferry, and then to promptly sink into the East River. On the wall of Birnbaum's studio is a piece called Untitled (Ikea), which is assembled from a veritable rainbow of Lack tables and shelves the artist has collected around town.
And the killer thing is, when I came up with the idea 2+ years ago, there was a literal rainbow of Lack side tables stacked in a spiral on the catalogue cover and in every store. I had some pieces that I'd stashed or stored: a navy blue shelf, dark grey and dark green side tables, and either dumped or gave away a while ago because seriously, it's Ikea. And that brings up the implications of Ikea's product choice winnowing, which are thoroughly depressing, yet fascinating.
So anyway, if you have a lead on some colorful Lack side tables or hanging shelves [medium or small], definitely drop a line.
Since 2001 here at, I've been blogging about the creative processa€”my own and those of people who interest me. Eventually, a more substantive footer will go here, but for now, it's just the copyright notice. Item# 231811This charming miniature table will take your dollhouse to a new decorative level.
Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country. By redeeming your coupon you're agreeing to be added to our weekly sales and future coupon offer newsletters. And as you can see, it was doing a great job of holding my wrapping paper and other miscellaneous items. I had some stain left over from the table that Connor made , so all I had to buy was a piece of wood and some black spray paint. I knew this project was a success when Connor gave me his enthusiastic seal of approval =) I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and I needed a little table by the front door to fill that empty corner space. I have gone to two hardware stores but all of the wooden boards top out at 12″ width.
Lots of explanation & nice pics of how lovely this looks but you skim over how you actually attached the wooden table top to the frame using screws. The way I did it is to use a wood glue to actually glue the piece of wood down to the frame.
March 3, 2014 By Chelsea I’ve been searching for the perfect accent table to go alongside my big comfy chair for the longest time now. I didn’t take a picture of the wood round (blogger fail) but I just quickly sanded it and stained it with my favorite special walnut stain. I used two fasteners with two screws each and that was plenty to keep the table top nice and snug. It’s the perfect height and I love lounging in my chair and resting my coffee on my new table.

If you like this project you might want to check out my project gallery to find more inspiration. Ps if you want to learn more about those yellow chair legs you can check that post out here. Adding a clear piece of furniture to a small room is one way to lessen a cluttered look since the clear acrylic creates the illusion of more space since it is see through. When the frame is placed over the top of the stand – it stops the stand from collapsing and creates an instant table. And once again, I'm forced to reckon with how susceptible we are to the illusion a company can create of cultural stability and reliability, even as it constantly effects changes that suit its own business purposes.
It's like, "WHOA, DOUBLE RAINBOW!" And exactly the patchworked minimalist look I was hoping for. But when I finally decided to make it about eight months ago, I found that after introducing a bunch of pastel colors in 2010, Ikea had all but discontinued colored Lack, leaving just red, white and black, and just a couple of wood "effect" finishes.
We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. There is almost a residual guilt that I feel when something so awesome comes from glorified trash. It kind of ended up being a catchall when we were moving in December – you know how that goes. I found a lovely, thick piece of wood at the hardware store and had the nice gentleman who worked there cut the wood to fit the frame. While the stain finished drying, I spray painted the frame with my favorite, Rustoleum 2X Coverage.
And once you score some of those vintage gym baskets you can put rolled up magazines or umbrellas, or…whatnot underneath!
I have a severe obsession with industrial furniture, but you are right, it is always soooooo pricey.
I believe the measurements were 15.5 inches on each side, making the wood a perfect square. I can’t recall which aisle it was in, but it was definitely indoor (non treated) wood. I have to say, almost everytime I go to IKEA I end up daydreaming about what I could make out of parts of their furniture. I would suggest finding a drill bit that is the right size and strength to drill new holes into the frame, if you decided to go that route. I have a similar frame and am now inspired but I notice that the corners have this tiny raised bits of metal (such that they are stackable).
If not, I wouldn’t have been able to see past the blue color of this basket and this whole project would have never came to be. My hubs had taken them off some other piece of furniture that we had thrifted and they ended up being a perfect fit for this. I already have a piece of wood that I think might work but looked at Target and online and cannot find this wire basket? I put a dab of clear glue under each hole, then dropped the screw head over the holes on the top side of each hole.

The Lack is a marvel of perfect crappiness: sawdust legs and honeycomb cardboard tops encased in a structural plastic shell.
But in 2010, Ikea began value engineering them, eliminating packaging, and tweaking the materials a bit, to get the price even lower. Not that Ikea makes trash, but that the materials to make this piece were quite literally about to be in the trash before I had an idea to make this table.
Once I cleaned it out, we took the fabric hamper part off of the metal frame, and that is when I saw this little hunk of junk with new eyes for the first time.
Lastly, simply drill some holes into the metal and use wood screws to fasten the wood down to the frame. But with Ikea, they tend to recycle their trends pretty often – I hope there will be another version of this soon! I guess it would depend on the frame of each hamper though – if you have a bent frame, the table might end up being a little unstable.
You can find a wide array of glues at any hardware store that would work – just be sure to check the packaging to make sure that it adheres woods to the right kind of surface (in this case, metal). But know – after seeing what you did – I will definitely give this ikea hack a try!
I only used a little wood glue- more than four drops but I definitely didn’t glop it on there. Last week when I headed into Target for one thing (isn’t that how every story starts?) I spotted a wire laundry basket that a unique design. You can't cut a Lack without destroying it, but the series' tables and shelves all share proportional dimensions, so it's possible to tile them together. Ikea IS always full, and it DOES always look and feel the same in its way, but the specific products, even the iconic ones, are constantly in flux. Suddenly, this throw away Ikea hamper had a new look – I had never noticed the perfect rectangular lines of the frame. This is such a simple and great hack and makes for a very expensive looking piece of furniture. Keep in mind that this will end up slightly altering the look of the table since the hardware will be showing. I immediately knew it was going to be my new accent table.Creating the accent table was really very simple and only required a few supplies. Instantly, I visualized this frame with a little black spray paint and a beautifully stained piece of wood on top of it. After purchasing the basket for only $9 I headed straight to Lowes to grab some flat black spray paint and a round wood top (additional $15).
Rationalizing inventory and SKUs was obviously part of this ongoing, profit-wringing process. The wood round was located in the lumber section of the store with the other precut pieces.

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