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The first do-it-yourself wood door assist you assembling and installing your customized Portamivia door. Prestige timber doors are one of the best timber built robes available on the market and UZIT have won an 'Australian Design Award' to prove it! The Prestige system is a full joinery constructed door with moulded timber wall plates and end panels. The standard range consist of: Rosewood, Mahogany, Baltic Pine, Red Pine, Cedar, Walnut and Colonial Maple.

The Prestige system also has a timber pelmet and timber bottom track making any aluminum extrusions totally hidden. UZIT also offer our timber range of robes in a full 2 Pac polyurethane painted finish in White or Cream. The bottom track is also a great advantage on timber floors where aluminum can detract from the look of a beautiful timber floor. The option for a professional colour match is also available for polished or painted finishes, our polisher matching any stain or paint.

UZIT have an exclusive tension rod construction on the rear of the door, which is designed to be simple enough to adjust the door if and when required.
How To Fix An Internal Sliding Door That Is Not Sliding or The Door Is Stuck or Broken - Quite Easy.

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