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Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Decorate, accessorize, and entertain with this darling Small Wicker Basket--a precious little replica of the standard-sized, multifunctional baskets we all know and love! Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country.
By redeeming your coupon you're agreeing to be added to our weekly sales and future coupon offer newsletters. Other places that may be underutilized: the back of a closet door, space underneath hanging clothes and corners of shelves.
I don't have a dresser, so I used some extra space next to my hanging clothes to store undergarments.
I love the idea, but that won't work for me because I have short, flimsy, plastic drawers for my t-shirts. Great idea, but not only do I not have much hanging room, I hardly ever change bags, so for me that would be a waste of useful space.
ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The first time I met Yao Ming, he shook my hand and my hand pretty much disappeared. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. Every time I change out seasonal clothes (for us, usually April and October) I go through each item currently hanging in the closet. There are a couple of ways you can keep track of this - turn your hangers one way and then as you wear items, flip them the other way.
If you need to incorporate a chair next to your closet because you like to toss your clothes after you wear them, do it.

That 1st picture just settles about half of every debate ever about famous NBA players’ heights ! I mentioned above that I purge during each seasonal change, but I usually do it more often, because I really love it (I know, it's weird). Or, place all of your clothing items on one side of your closet and move them to the other as you wear them. We were lucky enough with our current closet to not to need to purchase an installation system, but most of the time they are worth investing in.
Not only do baskets make your closet look pretty, they will help keep you incredibly organized. In closets, the underutilized space is often on the door, under your hanging clothes or in an awkward corner. In my personal experience, the more attractive something is, the more likely I am to keep in clean and organized.
Even though the NBA universe is populated by seven-footers, but there’s a sizable (pun intended) difference between being seven feet tall and being seven feet plus six inches, like Yao. If you're the type of person that hangs on to things because your convinced it will come back in style, train yourself to think differently. If your closet only has one shelf and a bar underneath it, you'll never be able to maximize your space.
Stacking belts or purses on a shelf will work fine the first time you organize, but eventually it will turn into a jumbled mess. Closets aren't typically a place we think about decorating, but it's important to incorporate a little "pretty" and a little "you" to make it something your proud of. Yao played against Shaq pretty well during his first 2 years in the NBA while Shaq was already 10 veteran. I painted the inside of all our closest when we moved in a few years ago and it's just so much better than the dingy, off-white before.

Make their handles completely new by wrapping them in ribbons, strings, yarn, or fabric, and attach matching, colorful tags. We purchased those plastic drawers from Lowe's and now they hold t-shirts and workout clothes. If Yao had a chance to play with Kobe during his prime, I am sure he would have won multiple championships like Shaq.
Insert tiny flowers to make each table setting fresh and beautiful, or insert favors-such as tulle-wrapped jellybeans and other bright, small candies-to instill a cute, aesthetic touch.
I do however have plastic bins with a lid for shoes labelled summer in a box with all the summer stuff, winter box & another box for boots. For example - I used to hate all the plastic drawers in my closet, but instead of buying new ones, I painted them.
As for my necklaces - I have them displayed on some colored glass bottles from the thrift store.
I wish I could!I've seen some great plastic shoe bins - that might be something I should look into!
When we built out house, we made our closet extra tall for an extra row and I store off season stuff up there.
My in-laws are doing the same thing and incorporating a pull-down upper rack with all of their out-of-season items.

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