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Other places that may be underutilized: the back of a closet door, space underneath hanging clothes and corners of shelves. I don't have a dresser, so I used some extra space next to my hanging clothes to store undergarments. I love the idea, but that won't work for me because I have short, flimsy, plastic drawers for my t-shirts.
Great idea, but not only do I not have much hanging room, I hardly ever change bags, so for me that would be a waste of useful space. Last week I showed you the shelves I installed in our guest room slash my new office closet.
I wanted two additional shelves that were the same depth as the original shelf, and then two lower shelves that were deeper. Sheets of MDF are significantly cheaper than pre-cut sheets of MDF or wood, so I chose to purchase two sheets of MDF and have Home Depot cut it for me.
Once I got home with my pre-cut MDF and all my 1x2s, I laid them out in the garage so I could prime them. If you add all your 1x2s first, it will be impossible to get the shelves into the closet because the opening of the closet is smaller than the actual closet. I used my nail gun to attach all the supports, but you might want to consider adding a few screws into the studs for additional support. Now I know you are itching to put those shelves up now, but you still have to get your center bracket into place. I added mine slightly off-center so they would line up perfectly with the bracket from the original shelf. Once everything was puttied up and dry, I used a small foam roller to add two coats of semi-gloss white paint (Alabaster from Sherwin Williams) to the tops and fronts of each board.
I really wasn’t concerned about getting paint and caulk all over the walls because once the white shelf paint dried, I planned to paint the walls. I am literally doing this right now to my guestroom closet, and I would NOT have thought about putting the shelves in first. This tutorial came at a purrfect time for me since I’m planning on adding extra shelves in 3 of my closets (thanks!). Totally out of context but what’s with no lights in the centre of the ceilings in any of the rooms (in particular the bedrooms). So we just cleared out the closet and took the basic measurments to get started on this project.
If my DH was physically able to install these shelves himself, the only thing he would have done differently is install more support brackets under the MDF board. So come summer, I hope to accomplish what you have done in my linen closet and get rid of those wire shelves that I hate. I remember a long time ago that I had painted shelves in a closet, and even though I waited a few days before loading it up with stuff, some of my items would stick to the paint and even took some of the paint off the shelves. My jewelry and perfume used to be over by the bathroom, but I thought it made more sense to keep everything together with my clothes.
He used those little corner braces to screw it into the floor and against the wall to give it sturdiness and support. He raised the shelf up about 6 or 7 inches so that there would be room to hang two bars and not have his clothes wrinkle up on the floor.
You may be wondering why he didn’t do anything on the right side, he has that space reserved for a gun safe that he is saving for. Here it is, all full of his clothes, and when the doors are shut, I don’t even think about the boy stuff in my pretty girly room. If you have any questions about the build, or if you need more details let me know, my husband can email you back with any details you might need! Tiffany is a stay at home mom to four ridiculously cute kids and wife to one smoking hot Mc Dreamy lookalike.
Making it Lovely began as my husband, Brandon, and I were looking for our first home in January, 2007. Most of the woodwork throughout the first floor of the house was unpainted fir and not in great shape, and nearly all of the walls throughout were white. I painted the living room a subtle pink (Wild Aster, Benjamin Moore), brought in an orange patterned chair, and added a pink Madeline Weinrib zigzag rug. One day, I fell for a crazy floral patterned chair, so I bought the floor model for half-off (there was a tear in the upholstery but I patched it). The dining room had a lot of natural woodwork when we moved in, including a large built-in buffet. We moved the Nelson saucer pendant to the living room, and I put up wallpaper (Mibo’s Clacket Lane) when I was five months pregnant with Eleanor. Then when I was five months pregnant again, this time with August, I painted all of the trim white. The contents of the built-in hutch changed periodically — sometimes all white, sometimes a little pink or coral, and it would be spruced for holidays and parties, too. When Brandon and I bought our house, we thought that we would freshen up the kitchen with paint, but after we moved in we realized that it needed a full renovation. I repainted the office a few years later (Sherwin Williams, Contented) and painted all of the trim white.
The vintage sink and pedestal tub were charming (and original to the house), so the room only needed a paint job. We painted the knotty pine, installed a handrail for the stairs, and I sewed curtain panels for the window and door.
The library stayed mostly the same since we first tackled it, though it did take me a while to find the right curtains.

The library also worked well as a play area with the addition of a coffee table and a giant castle. This was another room that Brandon and I ripped the carpet out of, and then installed new bamboo flooring.
My studio was eventually relocated to the basement when we were expecting August, our second child, and we used the space for Eleanor’s bedroom. We wanted to fully renovate this bathroom when Brandon and I moved in, but we spent our remodeling budget on the kitchen instead. The space later became a nursery (first for Eleanor and then for August), but it was a lovely guest bedroom while it lasted.
The crib, paint, and furniture layout remained the same, but it was updated through fabric choices (I sewed the curtains and crib skirt), and a new, more boyish dresser. This is what the front porch looked like after I redecorated it for a challenge put forth by Better Homes & Gardens. After a season or two, we reshuffled things and ended up with a front porch that looked like this. Check out The Thrifty Decor Chick to see step-by-step instructions on how to make your own children's closet reading nook!
One of our facebook fans recently recommended Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as one of their favorite children's books. Well, we encourage you to take a closer look at some of your pieces and wear them in ways you never thought of! Next, we have taken this chic scarf and wrapped it, first, as a vest with a basic tee and colored jeans.
Wearing it as a vest and wearing it the traditional way gives you 2 different looks for the price of one! So next time you have “nothing to wear” take a closer look and wear things like you have never worn them before! Every time I change out seasonal clothes (for us, usually April and October) I go through each item currently hanging in the closet. There are a couple of ways you can keep track of this - turn your hangers one way and then as you wear items, flip them the other way. If you need to incorporate a chair next to your closet because you like to toss your clothes after you wear them, do it. I seriously feel like every single day you have some sort of incredible tutorial or project up. Now, if I can get some happy thoughts about shelves in closets at my house, I’ll be all set. We just had our basement finished and the contractor put shelves in one closet just like this. I’m looking at a closet here in the home office that he installed shelves when we moved in 8 years ago for all my genealogy notebooks and office supplies. I love this tutorial because I have been wanting to install shelving like this in two of my closets and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it.
I have a lot of boots and one thing I noticed is your boots are standing up straight on the shelf behind your dresses. I'm updating a Victorian just outside of Chicago in Oak Park, IL, transforming the so-so, and keeping busy all around. He put together the other shelves in much the same manner as the shoe organizer, but as you can see he cut enough out of the side supports to lay flush against the top shelf support. We lived in our 1910 Oak Park bungalow (just outside of Chicago) from 2007-2013, fixing it up and making it, well, lovely. I sold our orange chair, added a floor lamp and a new side table, and gave some new life to the reading nook in the room.
The quilt above the couch was swapped out for a round mirror, I replaced the coffee table, and pillows were always in rotation.
Painting natural woodwork always seems to call up strong feelings, pro or against, but the wood photographed better than it ever appeared in real life, and I loved it once it was all white. Everything in the room except for the floor is new, and we did most of the work ourselves for a grand total of $11,000.
I added a closet door, changed the light fixture, rearranged the furniture again, and brought in a few new things for a different look.
Brandon and I painted the room brown (Driftwood, Benjamin Moore), and added Billy bookshelves from IKEA and a small desk.
Brandon had the genius idea of lining it with bookshelves (we were both booksellers for years and have a large collection). Art and accessories changed and a giant fiddle leaf fig made its way to the room, but the general look remained the same. Here’s a quick before and after of the empty room from when we pulled up the carpet and baseboards, then installed a bamboo floor and new trim. We added trim and painted all the woodwork white, painted the walls pink (Benjamin Moore’s Wild Aster), and changed the lighting fixture. We updated the room with just a couple hundred dollars, and over the years, the blue tub and toilet grew on me.
I painted a rug directly onto the floor (while I was nine months pregnant, which was insanity).
I mentioned above that I purge during each seasonal change, but I usually do it more often, because I really love it (I know, it's weird). Or, place all of your clothing items on one side of your closet and move them to the other as you wear them.
We were lucky enough with our current closet to not to need to purchase an installation system, but most of the time they are worth investing in.

Not only do baskets make your closet look pretty, they will help keep you incredibly organized.
In closets, the underutilized space is often on the door, under your hanging clothes or in an awkward corner. In my personal experience, the more attractive something is, the more likely I am to keep in clean and organized. We have the wire type shelves and I hate them, along with the floor to ceiling sliding doors that were installed by the builder of these homes in 1977.
When I read the find print on those things at home depot they said the shelf width shouldn’t exceed 10 inches. Use these containers to put shoes, jewelry, underwear, socks, watches, and whatever objects you want. I don’t have a before picture but it was just your normal run of the mill closet with the shelf and the one bar. He put it together using wood glue and the Ryobi Nail Gun (love this tool, we got more than our money’s worth just using it in this room!).
She is the founder of Making the World Cuter, a site committed to doing just what the title states; Making the world cuter, one kid, DIY, yummy treat or crafty thing at a time. I also swapped out the Eames DCW for a rocker, and painted the trim white for an updated look. I painted it the same shade of pink that I’d had in our old apartment (Benjamin Moore, Pink Innocence), and painted the peach woodwork brown to match with the existing stained trim. If you're the type of person that hangs on to things because your convinced it will come back in style, train yourself to think differently.
If your closet only has one shelf and a bar underneath it, you'll never be able to maximize your space. Stacking belts or purses on a shelf will work fine the first time you organize, but eventually it will turn into a jumbled mess. Closets aren't typically a place we think about decorating, but it's important to incorporate a little "pretty" and a little "you" to make it something your proud of.
I want to have my handyman remove those stupid doors, he’ll have to fuild like a header and buy some nice bi-fold doors to put there in my linen and laundry room area.
The craft room is right off the master bedroom, so it works well as a place to keep his clothing.
Then he used caulk on each of the shelves in the seams to give it a more professional finish, it looks fantastic people!
I am excited for that, since his current gun cabinet is not attractive and usually ends up in our shared closet! Finding a good layout in the awkward space was tricky, but we eventually rearranged the furniture, replaced the desk (which had come with the house), and added media storage for all of our CDs and DVDs. I painted the inside of all our closest when we moved in a few years ago and it's just so much better than the dingy, off-white before. It was so frustrating to pull everything out of the closet and the shelves didn’t fit. Plus mine were actually getting crease marks where they folded over so hanging has worked better for me.
I am fine with it being in my craft room just as long as I don’t have mens sweaters sticking out of the cracks and messing up my clean and pretty space, so it definitely needed a DIY closet organizer built in! We purchased those plastic drawers from Lowe's and now they hold t-shirts and workout clothes. My husband was always good at doing stuff like this but he can’t pysically do it anymore so I have to figure a way to hire it done or learn to do it myself. I think if you installed another L bracket support under each shelf, it would give you adequate support. I recommend measuring the FRONT and the BACK of your closet to make sure the shelves will fit lengthwise. I do however have plastic bins with a lid for shoes labelled summer in a box with all the summer stuff, winter box & another box for boots.
For example - I used to hate all the plastic drawers in my closet, but instead of buying new ones, I painted them. As for my necklaces - I have them displayed on some colored glass bottles from the thrift store. Oh, when we moved here, we lacked storage and he and our son-in-law built storage cabinets that cover almost one wall of the garage.
I wish I could!I've seen some great plastic shoe bins - that might be something I should look into! The son-in-law built the frame and helped him stabalize it on the wall and left to go finish some of his projects he had started at own home. He had built himself a workbench years ago for the basement and refused to leave it for the buyers of our house to use but we heard a lot of gripping and grunts from the professional movers when they had to move that workbench up stairs and into the truck. When we built out house, we made our closet extra tall for an extra row and I store off season stuff up there.
My in-laws are doing the same thing and incorporating a pull-down upper rack with all of their out-of-season items.

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