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Alcove cabinets, whilst providing stylish pieces of fitted furniture also make use of awkward spaces by creating valuable storage areas. With our fantastic range of cabinet doors combined with the design flexibility we offer, ensures a perfect installation. You can expect two alcove cupboards with bookcases above to be fitted and finished in a day and ready to use. Fitted & painted prices start at ?1800 per pair depending on the door style and moulding detail. On the UKW forum Dan Tovey has posted some useful (at least for me) WIP photos and posts of some of his recent alcove units. Nick Webb, Fine Furniture, CambridgeThose who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Areas covered include London, Guildford, Haslemere, Midhurst, Chichester, Petersfield, Winchester and Horsham. The style of these fitted alcove units are particularly well suited for housing TVs and audio systems. Whether hand finished by brush or sprayed, each cabinet will be prepared and painted in the workshop, creating minimum fuss on site.

This will also include a scaled drawing prior to work taking place, making sure you are completely happy with how the finished project will look.
That's a very thin (for MDF) lip holding the shelf up, I would have thought that it will split at the first heavy load or impact. That's a very thin (for MDF) lip holding the shelf up, I would have thought that it will split at the first heavy load or impact.the shelves are 26mm thick with a 12mm groove so 7mm thick lip. The shelves are primarily supported by the pin which is designed for 22mm thick shelving and requires a 14mm dia hole, so potentially only 4mm of mdf.
I suppose if the shelf ends are solid its only taking the flexing of the shelf in bending and it will be fine in shear at the back.
No WIP photos of the build but some of the installation.The scene of the crimeI use a cheap screwfix laser level to mark out the shelf positions so that they are the same both sides of the alcove. I see that the price has gone up to ?50 - I paid ?30 for mine - but I wouldn't hesitate to get another one if this broke.The customer wanted floating shelving but on the left hand side the shelves were 400mm deep.
To provide support to the front edge of the shelf I routed a 12mm stopped groove in the shelf side (26mm Oak veneered mdf) and then cut some 12mm x 12mm square pieces of wood that I fixed to the sides of the alcove. This had the added benefit that I could install the concealled shelf support pins into the shelf, slide the shelf onto the side supports and use the threaded portion of the support to mark the wall for drilling.

The shelves were scribed using two pieces of 6mm mdf screwed together to make a template.The bases were assembled and finished in the workshop - the only thing that I needed to do on site was scribe the face frame and the top and fix the plinth.
The customer wanted the cupboards to be flush with chimney breast which made scribing them in a bit trickier but no real problem. I used my festool saw and rail with a newly fitted splinter guard and the finish was perfect. I did this top and bottom making the hole behind the hinge mounting plate so when the hinges were fitted no fixings could be seen. The units needed to be removable to enable access to the gas fire connection and this can be done simply by removing the four screws.Using blum clip on hinges made everything so simple. Although it isn't very easy to see, I used the drill in type blumotion soft closers which I think look neater than the clip on ones - cheaper too!Everything fitted with a second coat of osmo polyx on the shelves and top of the cupboards - the doors and inside of the cupboards had 2 coats in the workshop.
Fitting time 7 hours.Once again thanks to Dan and others who've taken the time to post their work both here and elsewhere.

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