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Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. Recycling, smarts, tinkering & elbow grease for a wonderful result that really looks the part. I’ve looked at this desk a couple times at pottery barn with great interest, but find it too pricey for what it is. Copyright © 2007 spreading legs pics gallerymovie legs crossedwomen legs calves muscle wrestlingEvolving AV Systems, Inc.
Would a desk that you love work well with perhaps a smaller setup where you don't need as much room?
There used to be a CD rack on the left, the only evidence of this is the small piece of wood that is now in that spot that I couldn't get off without taking the whole desk apart, so I just left it. It does have a slide out tray, I guess for a keyboard, but I don't use it for that, it typically is where I put my dishes for a few minutes after eating before taking them to the kitchen.
Underneath the slide out tray is a slide out drawer which has various odds and ends in it, just pens, my authenticator, and random stuff in it. And yes, my tower is sitting on part of the desk (A small little tray thing), but it is removable and I only have it on that so that the tower doesn't sit on the carpet. Here's my desk set up atm, it's a little messy and the open xbox there I just finished taking apart the disk drive and repairing it and well flashed the firmware :P. Has plenty of work space for when I need to solder something or just do some book work etc. They both look good to me, and I really like that Galant shelf with the collector's editions, I could see that being very convenient. I can re-use my current leg setup from the Galant series, I have the adjustable A-legs, but I want a wider tabletop. I really like the look of a stand for your monitors and then a bunch of desk room, but at the same time I 'm so used to a straight up flat surface.

Not sure about Eyefinity yet, but I will be adding a second monitor at least for the extra workspace. I currently own a set of these LEDs, they have been sitting on the back of our TV for 6 months or so. About the A vs T legs, I think the T legs are a bit sturdier specially if you want to put the next up against the wall. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
Great hack not only because you made it look so good but also because you did a bit of recycling as well.
Color Wenge - 1 BxCD-8400-WNThe Techni Mobiii Fashionable Workstation with Shelf and Storage combines style and quality with a simple design made of heavy-duty particle board panels with a moisture resistant paper laminate finish.
I could imagine a wicked themed gaming setup with engraved wood & the like, but I'm not really considering a full hardwood desk that my grandparents would have.
It's the Ikea galant desk and I only payed $150 for it because I had a gift card to there for Christmas. It's the ikea galant desk and i only payed $150 for it because i had a gift card to there for christmas.
With the A legs you have to move them in 1 step from their most outer position or your desk will be about 5-10cm from the wall due to the legs sticking out a bit from the tabletop. Getting a pure white desk for any office is a wonderful way to add in a solid piece which can be very resourceful. All I did was change my computer's wallpaper, and move all the icons off the screen (Except two, for convenience sake), and now have an external DVD drive since the one in my tower is busted. I don't like to straight up play in the dark and my current lamp is just a typical desk lamp, so it's either pitch black or really bright, but small circular lights or an LED strip is something that I've never thought of. There are some concerns with white coming out dirtier than any darker desk would and hence needing to be dusted more frequently.

Includes three drawers plus three compartments on top of the desktop and a storage top shelf which provides plenty of storage for accessories. This is in fact not the truth as darker colors prove the lighter dust and debris a lot more than a lighter color would. That is why a pure white desk is a popular alternative for many.channing white deskSome people feel that at what time dark furniture is applied that it makes a space seem less bright. When you have a pure white desk, the space will be brighter and will make a space which is dark come out more luminescent. Some will even embellish to take benefit of the contrast of whites and darks in a space as a style of admired decoration. By adding bright blue filing cabinets or bright red bookshelves, and office will be really vibrant. This has been one reason for the fame of a clean table.white desk square legsAny room of a house would benefit from the appearance of a pure white desk as well. Those who like to change the appearance of their rooms commonly will have many hours of entertaining redecorating an office with a pure white desk.
If you have a little daughter, she will completely adore owning a feminine white desk for doing homework on.pure white secretary deskFor a young man, a white desk can also be a massive addition to their room.
It is trendy for boys to articulate themselves by artwork and a pure white desk is a blank palate.
If you get them to any art supply store, then can pay for professional items which will aid their desks to look even better.

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