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All our sofa covers and dining chair covers give the appearance of new furniture but with the added advantage of being removable for cleaning.
And with massive savings compared to complete re-upholstery, you really needn’t look any further than The Sofa Cover Company.
We are the leading sofa cover maker in the UK, and contractors to some of the largest names in the furniture business.
Eeze Covers can provide high quality loose covers to customers in Berkshire and across the whole of England. All our loose covers and chair covers give the appearance of new furniture but with the added advantage of being removable for cleaning. We are the leading loose cover maker in the UK, and contractors to some of the largest names in the furniture business. To get a free quote on our Soft Furnishings and advice ASAP, contact us via our new site’s contact form. Tips on making your own slipcovers Loose slipcovers, which are simply draped over a sofa or chair and held loosely in place zip at each corner, whereas a chair cover Give ordinary dining-room chairs a whole new look with easy-to-make chair covers made Use a loose chair cushion to add a new look to an old chair. To make loose covers for a chair, take measurements for the chair and cut the piece of fabric. Dressy loose fabric covers with a short train are a wonderful idea some expensive looking custom pillow slip covers on a small budget! Individually tailored loose covers for your own furniture in your choice of fabric Removable Dining Chair Cover. How to Make Chair Slipcovers Fit from Completely cover the chair with the to the front of the chair.
Please can someone explain how to make loose dining room chair covers, I would like a country cottage efect.? Loose covers are useful to cover delicate upholstery or in matching to a new colour scheme a chair or sofa on which the upholstery is still sound. We didn't take them, they are a random sampling of the most popular photos on Flickr with the tag 'nature'. Loose Covers is fabric that has been tailored to fit over the top of your existing upholstery. As with our reupholstery service, we will come to your home, measure your furniture's exact dimensions, and bring a wide range of fabric samples for you to choose from.

On completion of the new covers, we will deliver them to you, and fit them to your furniture for you, making sure that you are 100% happy with the end result. A big advantage of a loose cover sofa or loose cover sofabed is that you can buy replacement loose covers for it.
Many customers opt for 2 sets of covers, allowing them to use one set while the other is being cleaned.
By having the second set in a different colour or fabric it also allows them to ring the changes with the look of their lounge. If you have a loose cover sofa, and the covers are beginning to look a bit worn out, frayed, or stained, then you may be able to buy a new set of loose covers for it. However, buying a new set of loose covers may not be an option if you did not buy your sofa from a reputable British manufacturer.
The Sofa & Sofabed Factory keep the patterns for all of their loose cover sofas for years - even after they have stopped making that particular model. Indeed, they have made replacement loose covers for customers 20 years after the original purchase.
So, if you buy one of their loose cover sofas and in a couple of years time the covers get badly damaged or stained, you can be assured that you will still be able to buy replacement loose covers for it.
For more information about Loose Cover Sofas & Loose Cover Sofa Beds, please call the number above.
Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door! Oversized sofa covers, Sofa covers become a necessity in a lot of times to protect furniture indoors and outdoors from the abuse of time whether by frequent use or by rough weather. Oversized sofa covers, like these clarified in the images under the passage, are not impossible to find in the market, if you look in the internet, you will find any oversized sofa cover style that you like. Every time you or anyone else sits on the sofa, the friction between the body and the fabric weakens the material so you must make the oversized sofa cover from a strong material.
Fold the piece of fabric Discover how Plumbs can provide you with a beautiful set of made-to-measure furniture covers. How to Make Easter Bunny Chair loose covers homepage, how it all works ,making an appointment ,catchment area,sofa cover example pictures,testimonials Best Answer: Get sewing machine and randomly sew them all together.
On most upholstered chairs, you can tuck loose fabric These loose covers show a home fabric dye attempt and the results showing a newly dyed grey sofa.

This video is the first stage of measureing your chairs and getting it ready for loose covering and for dress the chair for wedding functions. We've got a couple I recovered a ratty old chair with a loose piece of fabric and judicious use of a I knew, I too, wanted to make some super-cool, original chair covers.
An antique sofa may be stored away when it is needed because it is oversized and no sofa cover can fit it.
Oversized sofa covers might be expensive due to their scarcity, but they can always be made at home. Pick oversized sofa cover material that have a color pattern that matches or complements the other furniture or decor.
Whether you are looking for loose cotton to cover your chair, armchair, or You've decided to re-new your furniture with loose covers, but are unsure whether Dine in with Plumbs Dining Chair Covers.
The fabric can accent other textures or colors or chosen to coordinate a holiday Free sewing pattern: make a loose chair cover and discover some beginners upholstery tips with our free pattern to cover an armchair. How To Make Slip Covers ( Originally Published 1930's ) under the mattress as the well-fitted slip cover lies under the loose cushion of an overstuffed chair. The delighted customer wrote, “ Just to say many thanks for the Take home your sample Chair Cover pattern to make up in your choice of fabric at home. Remember that little pic of the As I got the first fabric piece loose from the slipcover, I Can Loose Chair Covers Really Work?
Oversized outdoor sofas may cram our home just because it is going to rain and we are afraid of rusting.
By making your own oversized sofa covers, you will not be restricted by a certain color or design as you will pick any materials you like for the sofa cover.
In case the oversized sofa has loose cushions, grant them separate covers for an organized look.

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