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She felt like she was the happiest kid alive and wanted to cook something different for today. Her eyes widened with excitement as she grabbed her favorite cook book from the shelf and sat on the chair lying next to her. Self-raising flour is basically, all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt, all put together. This entry was posted in Cakes, Cupcakes, Substitutes, Things you don't know., What's inside a cake and tagged easy homemade self raising flour, homemade self raising flour, how to make self-raising flour, substituting all purpose flour to self-raising flour. This is definitely helpful for people like me who don’t get self raising flour in their country. I keep quite a bit of plain flour on hand because I use a lot of it but often I will run out of self raising flour. Anyway it turns out that you only need to add 2 teaspoons of baking powered for each cup of plain flour that you use.
Now that I know this I don’t have to stress so much about ensuring that I have the right flour before I start baking. This is such a handy baking tip to know, I can’t believe that I haven’t looked it up before now!

I often make my own self-raising flour but I’ve been known to buy it if I’m making a heap of recipes calling for it.
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Sometimes it comes from your not-so-perfectly-baked cake or the first batch of chocolate ganache you just made, the very first time. She opened the book, placed it in her lap and started to read. Yes, everything seemed right, everything seemed perfect. Well that’s what I had to do the other day when I had a craving for another batch of these yummy scones and I realised that I didn’t have enough self raising flour left! As it turns out I didn’t have to search for very long, there are quite a few baking sites that discuss making self raising flour. It’s so annoying when you get your heart set on making something but you find that you have run out of the flour that you need! You also need to blend them together well to ensure that the baking powder is evenly mixed through the plain flour.
You could even stop buying self raising flour and just make your own as you need it if you wanted to!

I had plenty of plain flour in the pantry and I didn’t want to have to go to the shops to buy self raising flour.  I was sure that I had heard of some way of turning plain flour into self raising flour! After taking a quick look at the ingredients list, she closes the book and off she goes into the kitchen to make herself a deep, dark chocolate cake. Other than that, you’re never sure if the baking powder in the store bought self-raising is still working or not. If you live in the US then you also need to add ? teaspoon of salt per cup of flour to ensure that the homemade self raising flour is the same as the store bought flour.
Provided you have the following three ingredients: all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt.

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