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March 19, 2013 by Hani Shabbir 15 Comments I am sharing 25 ways to make Easy decorative pillows {pillow tutorials} today. Now, I’m not going to go into much detail on how to make most of these, but I will give you a few hints and tricks.
I fold the edges over on the top and bottom of the fabric, and pin and sew to give it a nice clean look. Then I just sew up the sides, turn it out and have a great new pillow case for my throw pillows!
Tiffany is a stay at home mom to four ridiculously cute kids and wife to one smoking hot Mc Dreamy lookalike. I had so much fun doing this project, and I can’t wait to share with you how I made DIY Throw Pillows!! I started in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby and chose 4 cotton fabrics that I thought were cute and complemented each other. To get started, I laid the fabric out in all different kinds of patterns to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look. Obviously in this picture, I had already cut the strips… because I forgot to take one beforehand.
Next I sewed my seams down (towards the darker fabric) so that the front looks flat and more crisp and clean. Then take the hem on the bottom, which is the last side you will sew together and sew just partway towards the middle of the hem. Lastly, you’ll want to pin the hem at the bottom and sew the last section closed by hand. Once I finished that pillow, I wanted to make another one that was similar, but still a little different. I wanted it to have a bit more of a homemade feel, so I decided to go around the heart with embroidery and cock the heart a little to one side. If you love these and aren’t feeling like making your own, these are available for purchase in my Etsy shop, The Printed Lemon.
Creative decorative pillows are a great way to refresh and jazz up your room decor, adding depth to flat or colorless interior decorating. 3d design ideas look fantastic with smooth surfaces, adding interest to calm and safe look.
Simple geometric designs, floral patterns or stripes combinations can create abstract, classic or contemporary 3d designs that look very nice on flat and plain pillow covers.

Creative craft ideas help to use any new pillows for interior decorating and match existing designs of your couch or sofa pillows.
Decorative pillows with textured designs are small items that make a big difference, putting together upholstered furniture pieces, floor rugs and window curtains, and creating fantastic room decor with three-dimensional decorations. Making your own throw pillows can save you money and allow your creativity and sense of design to take over.
These always are nice to have on hand, they can be taken off and changed and stored easily enough. First a little back story… I have a Bernina sewing machine that was handed down to me by my grandma.
That will hold it in place so you can make sure you’re lining everything up right when you take it to the trusty sewing machine. Then you want to line up your two sides to the pillow (front and back, patterned side in), pin them together, and sew three sides together.
So I didn’t use strips, I just  did solid squares for front and back, and then cut out a little heart from a coordinating fabric and sewed it to the front. Unusual decorative pillows personalize room decor and create a strong impact, making a statement.
The effect of simple craft ideas incorporating 3d designs, flowers or stripes created with home fabrics, is unavoidable, changing room decor that looks plain into bold and stylish. Sewing stripes or making flowers are easy ways of making accent pillows and decorating flat pillow covers. 3d craft ideas created with home fabrics help give a modern look to new and old decorative pillows, turning accent pillows into striking centerpiece, very appealing and original, while recycling small pieces of fabrics , buttons, ribbons or yarn, that clutter your storage spaces. Add texture to new and old pillow covers makes these decorative accessories look fresh and stylish.
Floor rugs, combined with large pillows are great ideas to bring textures into room decorating.
She is the founder of Making the World Cuter, a site committed to doing just what the title states; Making the world cuter, one kid, DIY, yummy treat or crafty thing at a time.
I knew that I wanted to make new pillows so that I could match them to new curtains but wasn’t sure where to start. 3d design ideas bring the beauty of having texture and dramatically transform interior decorating.
Especially if your furniture upholstery fabric appear smooth and flat, creative 3d design ideas are ideal for creating texture variation and adding interest to interior decorating.

Select prints or solid fabrics in matching colors and create an amazing 3d designs that are appealing to your eye, enhancing your interior decorating with unique craft ideas. If your floor looks colorless or monotonous, adding bright and creative large pillows turn it into inviting and bold.
There is something so satisfying about whipping up enough DIY throw pillows in an afternoon that the whole couch looks different, not to mention the whole room. I put the wrong sides together, sewed around the edges and left enough space to turn it inside out and stuff it. Anytime someone who knows anything about sewing finds out that I have it, they look like they want to punch me because it just sits there. I also have a huge crush on the colors you chose, and you were super resourceful by taking advantage of natural lighting by moving your photo shoot outdoors! Wooden floor can be accented with floor rugs and large pillows, decorated with 3d designs, creating beautiful areas that are stylish and very attractive.
I decided to go with some reds for Valentines day, and made one just for the holiday, but the others can be around anytime.
Because despite the fact that the ol’ Bernina has just been sitting there, I do actually know how to sew. My grandma taught us when we were kids how to sew with a sewing machine AND how to quilt by hand. After I cut out the 17×17 piece for the back of the pillow, I measured and cut out strips in the sizes I wanted for the front.
Pull basting thread so that fullness of fabric is even with place mat, pin doing each edge individually. I recently received a yard of different upholstrey samples and I would like to make slipcovers for pillows I already have (size is 24x24 and 22x22). I don't think I would add a zipper, but maybe an easier attempt would be with a Velcro closure? Making them myself seemed to be out of my budget, even when I found the pillow forms at 50% off.
This will form the pocket to insert your pillow form and make the cover removable so it can be washed.

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