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Dolls are great not just as a toy for children to play with but they are also a favourite in collecting. You need to make sure that you take measurements of your doll, just like you would if you were making clothes for humans. If you are collecting dolls then you need to keep in mind that you need to keep the original clothes in good condition and safe even if you occasionally want to change them. If you get serious about making your own doll clothes then there are a lot of people who would love to buy them.
After looking at several fashion design sketches of dresses 2013, many inspirations may strike you.
The next step to create your own fashion design sketches of dresses 2013 is drawing the neck. Generally speaking, the higher up you go in station (Elizabethan for status) the more you will spend. Now…(this may be obvious, but you’d be surprised) NO polyester double knit (here’s a clue: if it looks like you could make a leisure suit out of it, go ahead, just don’t wear it to FAIRE). There are so many different dolls out there that you have limitless opportunities for collecting dolls. The only things you really need to get, if you don’t already have them are a sewing machine, needles, and threads.

This is important because it might influence the way that you design the clothes for the doll. But do use patterns whenever possible because they will make the cutting of the fabric a lot easier. The price of your dolls can drop substantially if you don’t have the original clothes. A Girl For All Time has unique doll makers who can offer you great ideas for your new doll clothes designs. She has been able to get her nieces involved with her hobby too and they love to spend time together creating new doll clothes and accessories. To make your own fashion design sketches of dresses 2013 more unique, you add more details. Renaissance clothing really does make the man or woman, so pick your character and find your Renaissance costume essentials here.
Or decide what kind of costume you want to make and that will tell you something about your Elizabethan self. Natural fibers such as wool, linen, cotton, silk are preferred, both for comfort and authenticity. Whether you are collecting dolls or you have children who love to play with dolls, making your own doll clothes can be a nice way to change their style and enjoy it as a hobby.

You can look at Doll Clothing Patterns for instance and find great new clothe styles to make.
Making doll clothes is simple with the above tips and you can even make some extra money from them.
Even though you are not a professional fashion designer but you can still create a beautiful piece of dress design with your hand. Equally acceptable are blends of these, proving they look like they belong in Elizabethan England. The darker or deeper the color would most likely show that you were from higher up the social ladder and bright colors would have been difficult to create and to maintain.
Once your friends and family know of your hobby they can also provide you with bits and pieces. Once you get the figure or the model of your design, you can draw in your own dress design.

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