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Thanks to PW24x7 for his help getting and cutting wood and for letting me borrow his table saw when he went back to Afghanistan. Dynex 32" LCD HDTV (DX-32L150A11) - ($350) it supports a VGA input with 1280x768 resolution.
Joshua Axelrod unveiled his miniature MAME arcade cabinet at the New York MakerFaire, and it’s a beauty. Aside from spot-on design, the thing that makes Popcade stand out is the marquee and bezel art. I mounted them to a simple piece of wood to get the hang of making the connections and figuring out how (and where) to mount the hardware. It was going to be wide enough to fit the 32" TV and I planned to stain and varnish the wood rather than paint it or use decals.

I haven't used CAD software since grade 9 and it was just easier to set the photoshop rulers to millimeters and start with the size of the plywood. He was inspired by the size of Jurgen Muller’s Asteroids Mini, and decided to expand its roster by making it a MAME machine modeled on the classic Williams Joust cabinet, capable of playing nearly any classic arcade game.
Axelrod created files for a number of classic games; selecting a game from the main menu changes the marquee screen up top, and loads the bezel art around the game on the main screen. The Popcade is the perfect size for a small child, so Axelrod’s own children are learning about the classics.
I made a point of getting hardware that I could mount from underneath rather than have bolts sticking up from the joystick mounts. The numbers on my plans are the X & Y coordinates from the bottom left hand corner of the plywood in millimeters.

Popcade is about three feet tall and thirteen inches wide, perfect to fit in a house or apartment without eating up an entire room. I could have just extended the wires from the harness, but it was easier for me to buy two than to splice in a bunch of extra wires. I chose the bronze screws because I liked the colour more than the typical yellow brass fittings you find at the hardware store.

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