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I have finally completed my MAME cabinet after several months of hard word (tbh, and a lot of waiting).
There are several online resources that I used to build my MAME cabinet, and here they are. An archive of every game supported by MAME, a great way to see if a game you want will work. This is a place to download nearly every artwork for MAME games to make your frontend stand out. It seems that portability was always something on Sprite’s mind with this build as well.
I would have remained thoroughly impressed with this project even without the ability to play it anywhere and not rely on a power source. He used a 128×32 OLED panel to display the logo of whatever games is currently being played. This entire build is an impressive display of knowledge, skill, resourcefulness, and a love of games. Over the Easter weekend I’ve been continuing with the construction of my MAME cocktail cabinet. I think I will attach a single controller and three buttons to one short end of the cabinet, making them poke out the side like old cocktail cabinets used to. While installing some new LEDs to the coin door, I managed to burn out the motherboard audio. They have great reproduction artwork and MAME artwork, and you can even order custom artwork.

Chances are, you won’t be able to find a local seller, so you will have to buy online. Such as Web development with a little bit of design built in, and other programming on the side.
So I have been reading all about it online, of course, and now I have a shopping list of parts and an idea of how to proceed. He loaded up and already existing firmware on a micro-controller, soldered his controls to it, and was able to use this as USB HID (Human Input Device) in Linux.
I might have chosen a simpler option like a pre-built rechargeable emergency cell-phone battery, but then I’m also not as skilled as Sprite here. To handle this he wrote a simple little program that runs every time a new game is loaded, searches a directory for an image with a related name, and then displays it on the screen.
With a MAME arcade machine, you and your friends can play your favorite old games, on the authentic controls they were made for.
The main cabinet is now complete and has been painted with MDF primer and undercoat, ready for the top coats of black gloss paint.
I’m going for a fairly traditional stick and six buttons configuration for each player. Originally I was going to have it vertically mounted for playing shooter games, but with two sticks now on one side that doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Luckily, I have a 1-year warranty; unluckily, it was two days after the 30-day return window for Newegg. But, being a child of the arcades I took one look at this tiny MAME cabinet and instantly got excited.

He re-used an older Linux Kernel module that he’d written to drive this panel by way of an 8-bit framebuffer. As with the rest of his work you can of course download the .svg files of the case and cut one yourself. I can’t really explain why but something about the glow of that logo in a crowded arcade can attract patrons like moths to the proverbial flame. What you end up with is a high quality marquee that adds just a bit more flavor to this already awesome cabinet. It even has a marquee at the top to display the logo of the game that you’re playing!
I intend on taking out the drivebays and motherboard tray and use them to mount the PC parts in the cabinet.
The control panel has a slight rake, and is 39″ off the floor, which puts it comfortably at about my belt height. On a vertically mounted screen Robotron looks awful, and on a horizontally mounted screen Galaga looks equally bad. His charging circuit does quite a few things here that I won’t pretend to know enough about to give an in-depth explanation of.
Suffice it to say that it is capable of charging from the Raspberry Pi if it detects that the USB is plugged in and seamlessly begin drawing from its batteries when the cable is removed.

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