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C&S Cabinets, IncWe are a Cabinet Manufacturer and only build and install the cabinets; we do not have anything to do with any other aspect of this kitchen, sorry! Solid wood kitchen cabinet door1-Solid wood kitchen cabinet doors 2- Solid Wood material of Red, White oak, Rose wood, Sandalwood, Cherry, Walnut, Ebony, Padauk, Bamboo, Teak, etc. Maple wood kitchen cabinet door frame with frosted glass panelMaple wood kitchen cabinet door frame with frosted glass panel   1)Material-Natual wood in maple, beech, birch, cherry and oak.
Cherry wood was a traditional part of American furniture and fine cabinets, recognized by early Colonial cabinetmakers for its superior woodworking qualities.

Cherry's grain is more subdued than some other hardwood species and possesses a very interesting character. You may change the kitchen backsplash, the flooring tiles or even change the kitchen wall color. Although they don’t go all the way to ceiling, these maple cabinets are extra tall because of the higher ceilings in the room. Love the sink in the island but might like just another inch between the counters and island.

If your kitchen cabinet are still sturdy enough but you hated the look, refurnish it will be great and affordable.There are 12 interesting images more that you can see below including Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets image, Streamline Modern And Fresh With Functional Cabinetry image, New York Loft Large Kitchen With Modern Cabinets image, Elegance Meets Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets image, Kitchen With Wooden Tile Backsplash And Wooden Cabinetry image, Kitchen Cabinets And Highly Modern Backsplash image, and other.

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