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While reviewing my materials for the workshop I remembered quickly why I was originally drawn to, and devoted much of my life to Martha Graham’s work. These students were totally absorbed, committed and hungry to learn and experience this unique movement style. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.
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Kristin first started Pilates at the studio in New York City under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates' original trainers: Romano Kryzanowska, Carolla Trier, and Bob Seed. Becca discovered Pilates as a young, injured gymnast and found that it provided a safe and non-intimidating medium to maintain an active lifestyle.
Colleen Ferguson was first exposed to the Pilates method while studying classical ballet growing up in Simsbury, Connecticut. I believe that I may be the first person to identify a vital ingredient in the "fountain of youth" PILATES. CYBIL GILBERTSONCertified Pilates TrainerCybil was first introduced to Pilates as a Dance and Theatre student at UCSB. Katie Dorman was first introduced to Pilates when she interned as a classical ballerina for Houston Ballet Academy in her early teens. The Martha Stewart Center for Living (MSCL) serves to promote and facilitate access to health care resources for older adults and to enhance the public perception of aging. Martha Stewart Center for Living offers a great workout to improve breathing, and joint, spine and core strength. Tharcisio Luis, professor de Ginastica Natural, demonstrando um dos exercicios do PilatesO metodo de exercicios fisicos Pilates cada vez mais se firma em Aracaju, sendo uma opcao para quem esta cansado da musculacao tradicional.
A professora de Pilates Ana Martha Teles explica que no metodo o corpo trabalha com tracao e isometria.
Ana Martha Teles, professora de PilatesSegundo Ana o metodo e indicado e aconselhado para todas as pessoas. I created Graham Quote cards, 14 brightly colored index cards each with a memorable Martha Graham quote. I took seriously, my responsibility to this young group of dancers many of whom knew little about Martha.
Born in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, she was a competitive downhill skier and soccer player.
It also provided a deeper understanding of body mechanics and helped her achieve a healthier balance of strength and flexibility. The change she experienced through a regular Pilates practice brought a new level of stability and strength not only to her dancing, but to all her athletic endeavors.
I have been practicing and teaching Pilates since 2001 and only wish that I would have found it earlier in my life. With her extensive knowledge and understanding of the body and its abilities, she became certified in Pilates through BASI, (Body Arts and Sciences International) as well as The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. From that time she experienced the balance, control and stability Pilates added to her dancing regimen. Her expertise as a Pilates teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist gave La Playa its unique formula for focusing on the health of a uniformly developed body, in strength and flexibility, as well as a concentrated yet relaxed mind. Take a breath; on the exhalation twist your torso to the left, and then reach down and across to your left foot.

Through the MSCL, patients and their caregivers will have access to programs and resources appropriate for their needs and interests. Loeb Center for Alzheimer's Disease is an instrumental part of the Mount Sinai Health System's overall efforts in Alzheimer's disease. Uma das diferencas e que trabalha os musculos com uma grande variedade de exercicios, se baseando nos principios de alinhamento corporal e a correta respiracao.
Na adolescencia foi ginasta, esquiador e mergulhador, sempre se dedicando a atividades fisicas.
Apos a morte de Joseph Pilates, o metodo e todos os seus principios ficaram sobre os cuidados de Romana Kryzanowska, sua mais dedicada aluna.
My first thought was to teach some Martha Graham modern dance technique along with some Pilates. Having had the good fortune to work directly with Martha for 7 years before she died, she was all of these things and more to me. My thought was to hand these out during the class as an incentive, to those exhibiting focus, drive and determination. Inspired to become a Pilates Teacher while rehabilitating a knee injury and experiencing first hand the many benefits of Pilates; a discipline that promotes balance and alignment as well as strength, Meredith continues to incorporate the principles of concentration, control and precision into her Pilates practice as well as her daily life. Becca completed her comprehensive teacher training through BASI, and has continued to keep her education and training fresh through workshops, research, self-practice, and supplemental certifications.
One of my favorite aspects of Pilates is that as your body and life evolves so does the practice of Pilates. She has a yoga certification from The White Lotus Foundation and Esalen Institute, and is also a licensed Massage Therapist. Currently a wife and mother of two young boys, Lorena is widely recognized as a charismatic, creative, and energetic pioneer of Pilates in our area. Inhale as you return to center and repeat on the other side, being careful not to round your back.
These may include medical care, healthy living activities, educational programs, caregiver support, and community referrals through the most up-to-date technologies and evidence-based information. Os exercicios podem ser feitos nos aparelhos caracteristicos do metodo ou atraves de exercicios livres (Mat). Durante a Primeira Guerra Mundial ficou recluso com outros alemaes no campo de Lancaster e para ocupar o tempo livre dava aulas aos internos. Hoje, Romana e a filha de Joseph, Sari Mejia, supervisionam a franquia ‘The Pilates Studio’ com sede em Nova York. Commit to memory, the card you receive, and over time, pass that card onto another dancer in class who displays a positive work ethic. This makes Pilates, for her, not only a fitness regimen but also a path to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
On top of instructing Pilates, Becca also teaches Booty Barre - a high-energy, dance-inspired class designed to get your heart pumping and your legs burning.
After receiving my certification from BASI I went to work for a friend and mentor who always encouraged continuous education and fortunately for me I have been able to observe and train with some of the most influential teacher in the Pilates field.
Alejandro performed and taught various forms of dance and body movement, including: classical ballet, modern dance, afro-cuban rhythms, cabaret, water ballet, ballroom dancing and social dance. As a professional dancer for many years with Santa Barbara Dance Theatre and having performed all over the world, Cybil is currently the Artistic Director and Founder of NECTAR, a professional artists forum. She continues to work closely with La Playa Pilates, as well as her charitable work with Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and Crane School. Nos enfatizamos a respiracao e a ajuda das molas, que sao auxiliares ou resistencias, para dar contracao, hipertrofia e definicao”, explica.

O resultado do novo estimulo aos musculos e um corpo mais saudavel, de acordo com a professora. Meredith has had the opportunity to work with all types of people; children and teenage athletes, clients with neuromuscular conditions, the elderly, and many simply wishing to enhance their sports related endeavors. As a Pilates instructor, Becca’s focus is to motivate her clients to obtain an increased awareness and newfound strength to be applied to everyday life, in and out of the studio.
A graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Colleen completed the BASI comprehensive certification in 2009 and started working at La Playa Pilates under the mentorship of one of Santa Barbara's premier trainers, Kristin Turner.
I like to think of myself as a supportive inspirational and intuitive instructor with the intention of empowering and strengthening my clients.
Katie has also seen the amazing affects Pilates has on the pregnant body; as she has two young children. Ele mudou totalmente e disse que nao vai deixar mais o Pilates, porque diz que foi diferente para ele”, comenta Ana Martha.
Kristin's clients say that working with her has led them to live fuller, healthier, and more satisfying lives.
She is continually excited about and inspired by the broad spectrum of the population that Pilates relates to and how it can be tailored to address individual needs.
By guiding you through insightful workouts, Becca will help you establish the mind-body connection necessary for a sustainable fitness routine, while learning healthy movement patterns and simultaneously finding new ways to challenge your body. Kristin's willingness to share her Pilates knowledge helped develop and inspire Colleen's professional development. While living in France, Kristi became certified by both A-Lyne Pilates and Balanced Body worldwide, as well as affiliated with the French National Pilates Association and the National French Sports Organization. It is Alejandro’s philosophy and belief that energy flows where attention and action go. She considers her greatest performance to date as giving birth to her two sons, Trey and Bodhi, at home in Santa Barbara, and being able to share many interests and passions with her beloved life partner, Paul. An avid traveler, with three children, she has continued to pursue the study of Pilates and anatomy from teachers and professionals around the world. Certified through Body Arts and Science International program in 2000, she is now a proud BASI Pilates Senior Faculty Member.
Kristi, who is originally from Santa Barbara, encourages her clients to push their limits, improving their strength while remaining true to the technique and precision Pilates requires for success thereby improving their strength, flexibility, focus, breath and overall health and experience in every day life. A passionate, focused teacher, Cybil feels blessed to be able to do what she loves for her livelihood. Since joining the BASI faculty, Meredith has traveled extensively teaching on four different continents! Her love for travel, surfing, hiking, dance, cooking and yoga along with her diverse Pilates background complements her integrative approach to health and well-being. Understanding their limitations and contraindications, yet gently pushing them to further their strength, stability and flexibility. Meredith currently lives in Santa Barbara, CA where she has been teaching at La Playa Pilates since its origin in 2002.

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