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Our new Mastering Desk is great for 5.1 setups and boasts two acoustically correct 8 RU top racks and durable black textured wood legs.
Of course, custom configurations for the mastering desk or any of our recording studio furniture are available. Made to the same exacting standards as our critically acclaimed Custom Console furniture, the A V M, Audio-Video-Mastering series was designed to handle the multi-function platform prevalent in so many of today’s facilities.
The above pictures shows the AVM 6x2 with a Digidesign 001 control surface Digital Audio Workstation however the AVM 6x2 fits DAWs from Alexis, Behringer, Mackie, Yamaha, Allen and Heath and many more. Easy cable access, multiple cabling ports and slots, and a convenient wire trough makes wire management chores a breeze.
Please check with your vendor to make sure your DAW dimensions are compatible with our desk.
When he built studios at Soundtracks in New York and Clint Black’s home in Nashville, he factored the angles of virtually everything into both his acoustical and ergonomic calculations.

These desks are built to last, The legs and wire trough are encapsulated in a tough black polyurea finish, constructed from true one inch cabinet grade plywood and finished with a gray high quality laminate, (no particle board or melamine here). Please note the top picture shows the new leg style, where pictures below all feature the discontinued leg style. Elevation considerations go beyond the console and extend to speaker and outboard placement. Newer mixers tend to lie flatter, such as the 4° of rake on the Digidesign Pro Control mixer. One of the byproducts of the proliferation of digital technology is work-area clutter — even some desktop video editing stations now routinely have two flat-screen monitors. Beeten’s response is to increase the rake implicitly in the furniture he builds to hold mixers.
This, says Beeten, compels the entire body to constantly adjust itself within the space, which in turn distorts the relationship between the aim (thus, the accuracy) of the monitors and the listener.

Beeten is a builder with a high level of acoustical awareness, and as such seems more willing than more traditional acoustically-oriented studio designers to propose compromises between ergonomics and sonic perfection. This also has a subtle but perceptible and positive effect on reach and the ability to visually check metering and other cues. He suggests flexible armature supports for monitors that allow them to be adjusted quickly according to the user’s position in the workspace.

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