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Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat heute das ehemalige Stasigefangnis in Berlin Hohenschonhausen besucht.
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel warnte davor, die dunklen Kapitel der DDR-Geschichte auszublenden und zu vergessen. I need to start of off the bat with an update to this piece, which I started writing yesterday, since I now know that Angela Merkel actually did invite Alexis Tsipras on Monday. And if she doesn’t get her act together very quickly (why not ask Tsipras to be in Berlin tomorrow morning?!), this will, I’ve said it before, go down as her main legacy. The increasing ugliness of the ‘negotiations’ between the Greek Syriza government and the rest of the eurozone, which is ruled by the German government, needs to be halted and put in reverse.
The increasing ugliness of the propaganda war the west is waging against Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, also needs to be halted.
There are German voices in the Putin case that call for reason and quiet, and that have labeled people like NATO head Stoltenberg, NATO General Breedlove and US State Department ‘Assistant’ Victoria Nuland more or less insane. Besides, you’re a finance minister, and this is not a finance issue, it’s far too sensitive to be regarded as such.
Merkel should have told Schauble weeks ago to keep his trap shut, but she has instead allowed him to antagonize Athens even more. She let Schauble get out of hand with his hugely out of place and out of whack comments on Greece’s financial situation, on Varoufakis and on the crimes perpetrated by his parents’ generation in not just Greece, but certainly also in Greece. Likewise, she’s let Breedlove and Nuland take the lead in the Ukraine issue, while she could have easily defused it, leading to a situation where Putin this weekend made it a point to say that he felt so strongly about Crimea, he would have been ready to alert his nuclear capacity. The most powerful woman in the world had better stand up now, or it will be too late in both instances. Greece will be forced into a Grexit or Grexident, neither of which EU leaders have anywhere near the grip on that they try to convince us they have; more countries will leave after Greece, and financial markets will start betting on just that.
And the US and NATO will force Ukraine into a full blown war theater, something Merkel should never ever want to her immediate eastern flank, and something that was always entirely preventable is she had put her foot down. Is Angela going to be the umpteenth tragic lady with a tragic footprint in history, or will she wake up in the nick of time, stand up, and say: no more of this?!
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have donned her bathing costume for a little relaxation on the Italian island of Ischia, but she has failed to escape the heat of the current eurozone crisis.
Mrs Merkel was caught by the cameras as she had a private dip while holidaying with her husband at Hotel Miramare on the island famous for its thermal baths off the coast of Naples.
On Sunday, Germany, the European Union and the US have encouraged their fellow G7 members to form such climate change polices that set a global example. Also, Japan does not want to end its role from use and support of coal both at home and abroad. Berlin: Germany's federal prosecutor said today he had opened an investigation over alleged snooping by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone. The long-anticipated probe, which follows an explosive allegations last year that US spies had eavesdropped on Merkel's mobile in the past, is against unnamed persons, Range said after addressing the committee. Berlin, May 31 : German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed Luxembourg's former premier Jean-Claude Juncker to become the next European Commission leader, a British daily reported Saturday. The move has dealt a blow to British Prime Minister David Cameron's attempts to block Juncker from taking up the role. Berlin, May 31 : German Chancellor Angela Merkel Friday sent her congratulations to Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko and pledged continued support for his country, a government statement here said.

In a telegram to Poroshenko, Merkel said the presidential elections in Ukraine were an impressive sign of the Ukrainians' will to promote freedom and self-determination in their country with democratic tools, Xinhua reported.
Merkel encouraged the new president in his goal of strengthening cohesion of the Ukrainian people, saying the German government would continue its support for his country in the future.
Beijing, March 10 - Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Sunday discussed their bilateral relations and the Ukraine crisis over phone.
Xi said that as the current situation in Ukraine is very complicated and highly sensitive, various factors should be taken into consideration in the handling of the crisis, Xinhua reported. He called on all parties concerned to exercise restraint and seek a political solution through dialogue and negotiations within the framework of law and order, so as to avoid further escalation of the situation. In her last big campaign rally ahead of Sunday's election, Merkel touted her administration's successes and pledged her continued commitment to Europe. Berlin, April 11 : India and Germany Thursday held the second inter-governmental talks to explore possible areas of cooperation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is co-chairing the delegation level talks along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah, Human Resource Development Minister M.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged all eurozone countries, particularly Greece, to stick to program of reforms to fight back persistent recession. However, she added that she could not take further decisions on whether the recession-hit Greece could stay in the 17-country euro block before getting the much-awaited report by Greece's international creditors on Athens' progress on reforms. Indian Stock market closed positive on Friday with BSE Sensex gaining 126 points at 17,783 and NSE Nifty closing at 5366. German chancellor, Angela Merkel has announced her decision to delay the ratification of European fiscal pact by the German government.
The Indian Information Technology firms are bracing themselves for a difficult year ahead due to the ongoing debt crisis in the European countries as well as policies in the US states that discourages outsourcing by firms. The European leaders have come together in times of Europe's worst financial crisis in generations while the UK has been pusher to a corner. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy succeeded in persuading all the members of the union except the UK to endorse a new agreement involving tighter fiscal rules. Leaders of the member states of the European Union have agreed on much tougher rules government their budgets in order to control the economic crisis in the region. The Euro rose slightly against the dollar after following hints that the proposal to channel European Central Bank loans through the International Monetary Fund could bring in 200 billion euros for resolving the debt crisis in the Eurozone.
The new government in Italy has put forward to cut its deficit before a European summit to help resolve the debt crisis. According to the official reports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday revealed plans to trim government spending in an effort to save almost $100 billion by 2014. Deutsche Welle has reported that the plan calls for phasing in the cuts with a savings of $12.4 billion next year. The cuts do not change pension rates in Germany or alter plans to reform healthcare, Merkel has said. Der Spiegel reported on Tuesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel begged President Horst Kohler to remain in office instead of submitting his resignation.
In her meeting with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, German Chancellor Angela Merkel lauded the austerity efforts of the former and shifted the focus saying Greece doesn't need financial aid. Merkel instead expressed her desire to restrict the use of derivatives that exploit a nation's budget deficits, in this case Greece. According to the German Chancellor Merkel, she, along with other leaders from European Union, will make sure that the Greek debt crisis doesn't come into the way to stability for the euro, not even in the coming future.
After the discussions with the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, the German chancellor paved the way to comprehend the discussion on Athens to initiate the reforms process, as soon as possible.

However, nations like Ireland have already been to the rough and bumpy roads along with Germany on its side trailing a little late. Further austerity measures unveiled by Greece have won the confidence of its EU counterparts, but any sort of financial assistance is still a 'mirage' for the Debt-stricken country. Wolfgang Schaeuble, German Finance minister, however was hopeful that the recent deficit-reduction measures proposed by the Greek Prime minister were sufficient to persuade investors to buy Greek bonds.
Mainz (Germany), Dec 7: German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Monday for movement by India and China at the world climate summit. Speaking in a special news broadcast on Germany's ZDF public television, she said big emerging economies had not offered enough. Die Kanzlerin zeigte sich beeindruckt von der Authentizitat des Ortes, an dem die Wurde des Menschen brutal verletzt worden sei, viele Menschen ums Leben kamen.
She will be known as the person who let Europe slip into war, for no good reason whatsoever.
That means he was alive when German troops committed the worst of their war crimes and atrocities on Greek soil, and on Greek people, which the Syriza government says it wants to receive war reparations for.
Schauble, they happened during your lifetime, and no level of high-handedness, not one level of it, is appropriate here on your part.
That the western press chooses to put that fact in entirely different, and far more threatening terms, was and is only to be expected, for Angela as much as for you and me.
On the other hand, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been facing resistance from Canada as the latter does not want that the group should push the agenda on its own. In Saturday's video, Merkel said that December's Paris climate change conference would be able to be successful only when the G7 members will be committed to curb the rise in global temperatures to two degrees Celsius. During the week, the stock markets have been positive and technical experts are seeing 5400 as major resistance for NSE Nifty. Service orders from the region are expected to be low in the coming quarters due to the prolonged debt crisis in the Euro zone countries.
The member states will now work under tougher deficit and debt regime in the eurozone amid growing threats from the debt crisis.
It had learned Merkel warned him his decision, even though the presidency has little power, could cause public questioning about German institutions, Der Spiegel has said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet the George Papandreou tomorrow, but made it clear that that the talks will focus on Greece's fiscal prudence and certainly not about any aid commitments. But that doesn’t take away anything from my point that Merkel has been sorely lacking and missing, it just goes to prove that point. But Schauble high-handedly poo-poohs these demands, claiming everything has been settled decades ago.
The only appropriate reaction is humbleness and the highest level of respect you are capable of. Among various sectors, BSE Auto, Consumer Durables, BSE FMCG and BSE IT indices closed positive.
Among technology stocks, Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Satyam and Tech Mahindra were among major gainers. Whether there’s a legal issue is something for legal experts to decide, but until then, you have no right to poo-pooh anything.
She suddenly turned her back on her friend Vladimir, for reasons she never explained, and allowed US and NATO hotheads to completely take over European politics. Ein Zeitzeuge fuhrte die Kanzlerin durch das ehemalige Stasigefangnis, ausserdem legte sie einen Kranz nieder.  Es war das erste Mal, dass ein deutscher Regierungschef  an den Leidensort kam.

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