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BERLIN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - The United States may have bugged Angela Merkel's phone for more than 10 years, according to a news report on Saturday that also said President Barack Obama told the German leader he would have stopped it happening had he known about it. Der Spiegel said Merkel's mobile telephone had been listed by the NSA's Special Collection Service (SCS) since 2002 - marked as "GE Chancellor Merkel" - and was still on the list weeks before Obama visited Berlin in June. In an SCS document cited by the magazine, the agency said it had a "not legally registered spying branch" in the U.S.
From there, NSA and CIA staff were tapping communication in the Berlin's government district with high-tech surveillance.
Quoting a secret document from 2010, Der Spiegel said such branches existed in about 80 locations around the world, including Paris, Madrid, Rome, Prague, Geneva and Frankfurt. The magazine said it was not clear whether the SCS had recorded conversations or just connection data. Obama apologised to Merkel when she called him on Wednesday to seek clarification on the issue, Der Spiegel wrote, citing a source in Merkel's office. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung also said Obama had told Merkel he had not known of the bugging. But it appeared close to resolution after Merkel's government said in August - just weeks before a parliamentary election - the United States had given sufficient assurances they were upholding German law. Germany will send intelligence chiefs to Washington next week to seek answers on the allegations around Merkel's phone. In this image from TV, US President Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at the FNB Stadium in Soweto, South Africa, in the rain for a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela, Tuesday Dec. Charlotte Burnham investigates a water sample during class at Ralston Elementary School in Golden.
Robert Fulghum’s popular book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” reminds us of the simple ethical code we learned as children.
Basic fairness is at stake next week as voters determine whether to accept a billion-dollar income tax increase. Residents in Jefferson, Douglas, Boulder counties will pay 32 percent of the new taxes but receive only 17.7 pecent of the new revenue for their schools. Steve Anson, left, and Ricky Kirk, right, inspected a donated container of restaurant leftovers they received on the 16th Street Mall this week. As a retired Denver City Planner who has become concerned about the large number of Homeless people walking the streets of Denver, many with no housing or only temporary shelter, I turned my retirement volunteer efforts to finding adequate temporary shelter for Denver’s homeless, following the city council’s passage of the camping ban in May 2012.
In 2003, Mayor John Hickenlooper called together a group of people and organizations and developed Denver’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness (The Road Home). I believe in the importance of a successful downtown area filled with young Millennials with nearby employment, elderly retired people like my husband and me who use nearby amenities that enrich our lives, and others who enjoy urban life.
Sixth-graders play a dice game that involves analytical, structural, and social thinking at Summit View Elementary School in Highlands Ranch. The drastic assessment shifted the conversation in America about how to educate our youth and eventually started the substantive reform efforts and policies currently underway in the United States. A wave of health insurance cancellations has caused some Americans to wonder whether President Obama misled them with his assurances that they’d be able to keep their plans under the Affordable Care Act.

In Colorado, we have set the tone for the country in driving reforms to immigration policies. When I am in Washington this month, I will be asking my congressman to work to pass immigration reform this year.
Don Turner of Crop Risk Advisors LLC stands by an empty cattle ranch in Lamar in early June.
On Wednesday, Coloradans have the chance to weigh in on the importance of addressing climate change, when officials lend an ear at the U.S. Perhaps the best place to start would be to simply suggest we all take a look out the window. Reeling from the ravages of drought, heat, wildfires and floods, the people of Colorado have already seen the face of climate change.
Amendment 66 is a substantial opportunity to reverse a negative direction in education for Colorado, according to Luis Torres and Ramon del Castillo. Amendment 66 is one of the most significant educational initiatives in recent memory in Colorado. Colorado’s educational establishment likes to tout its education reform agenda, often proclaiming we are “on the cutting edge” or are “national leaders” in educational reform.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders voiced displeasure with the United States last week after learning that the U.S.
Valeria Cordova and Alex Duran, members of Padres & Juvenes Unidos and knocked on doors in Denver neighborhoods for a get-out-the-vote effort for Amendment 66. To his lasting credit, Chief Justice Michael Bender strongly disagreed with his own court in a stinging dissent in Lobato. To remedy the court’s blow to educational equality, the Colorado legislature quickly demonstrated the necessary moral courage by enacting Senate Bill 213. Amendment 66 provides for the increase in state income tax that is required to fund SB 213.
The Colorado State Patrol used a crashed car as an exhibit in front of the state Capitol to emphasize safe teen driving in 2007. This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week, a time to focus on helping teens become safer drivers. In Colorado, teen drivers ages 15 to 20 represent 6 percent of all licensed drivers, but account for more than 11 percent of all roadway fatalities. Capitalizing on this instructional time, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles now provides The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, an instructional tool to help transform parents into better driving instructors.
An unnamed senior official told The Wall Street Journal that the White House "cut off some monitoring programs after learning of them, including the one tracking Ms. The NSC issued a statement late Sunday noting that the administration is reviewing the spy program, but it did not address the specifics of the Journal story.
She added, "The Administration's review is ongoing so I'm not in a position to discuss the details. According to the Journal, the unnamed officials said the internal review disclosed NSA monitoring of 35 world leaders.

Germany's interior minister is pressing for "complete information" from Washington on the alleged U.S.
Merkel complained to President Barack Obama on Wednesday after receiving information her phone may have been monitored. News magazine Der Spiegel, whose research prompted the government's response, reported that a document apparently from an NSA database indicates Merkel's cellphone was first listed as a target in 2002.
The voters have faced tax hikes before, but this one is different in that it divides Colorado’s communities, families, and students and treats them unequally. Just 56 cents of every new dollar in taxes paid by Jefferson County residents will go to Jefferson County schools. Since the passage of the ordinance, I discovered that Denver’s homeless much prefer shelter to wandering the streets, many of them all night, dodging the Denver police. Many parts of it were implemented but, possibly because of the recession and housing foreclosures, the numbers continue to grow.
This should not occur at the expense of the large number of homeless people hit by the severe recession, foreclosed homes, loss of employment, and disability, etc. Editorial cartoonist Eric Allie thinks people who believed the president’s assurance were as naive as a certain Peanuts character, while Rick McKee wonders what other changes might be in store. We found bipartisan support for the Colorado Compact, and similar action is needed on the national level. The strength of our economy and ability to drive our industries forward depends on evolving these laws to ensure we have the necessary workforce and the people to drive innovation and new business. Sitting in the passenger seat, pumping the imaginary break, parents are ultimately transformed into driving coaches, navigating the “rules of the road” with their teen.
Families in Douglas County would only see 50 cents of every new tax dollar they pay go to their public schools’ needs. A yearly survey called Point in Time and Denver Homeless Out Loud’s recent survey both show that most of these homeless people are Denver residents, once some of your or my neighbors. Bell formed the 18-member National Commission of Excellence in Education to author a report on the quality of education in America.
Most states require a parent (or licensed driver) to directly supervise a teen’s driving before he can acquire a license.
Denver and Aurora communities will receive a disproportionally higher level of new funding. And we have an obligation to stand up and protect the next generation from this widening scourge.
Last week White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters that Obama had assured Merkel that the United States "is not monitoring and will not monitor" the communications of the chancellor. The inequality will play out like this: A school in a Lakewood community just blocks from the Denver line will receive proportionally fewer dollars than a nearby Denver that educates a similar group of students.

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