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OpenProj es una aplicacion para la gestion de proyectos similar a Microsoft Project (MS Project).
Aunque la interfaz y uso de OpenProj es muy similar a MS Project, presenta varias limitaciones en cuanto a funcionalidades en comparacion a este ultimo. Planeer es un sistema de gestion de proyectos desarrollado por Gnome con versiones para Linux y Windows. Microsoft Project is a project management software program, developed and sold by Microsoft, which is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. MS Project was the company’s third Microsoft Windows-based application, and within a couple of years of its introduction it became the dominant PC-based project management software.
Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server are the cornerstones of the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) product. Microsoft Project is suitable for everyone from a person with very basic project management needs to a very large team with very complex collaboration and management needs.
GanttProject is a Java based cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management.
Comparison to other full fledged project management software, GanttProject is designed in KISS principle. TeamLab is an open source multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document, project and clients management. Taiga is a free and open source project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. It has several features namely Backlog, Kanban, Tasks, Sprints and Issues to deal with various aspects of project management.
Gantter supports different task dependencies (including lags between depending tasks), task constraints and task types. Teambox is a free collaboration tool that is web-based and, as of November 2010, 40,000 users were utilizing Teambox. Microsoft Project is a well-known software application developed and sold by Microsoft Corp.
2-Plan allows you to handle multiple projects simultaneously by breaking them into sub projects and controls them with some great animated graphics. The free Microsoft Project alternative allows you to filter the project information depending on your preferences via its extended project explorer. The portable software supports an attractive drag and drop interface along with a project baseline feature that enables a person to compare his project forecast with his team’s project forecast.
The latter version is downloaded as a zipped file and therefore requires being unzipped first to extract its contents and then be activated. The installation process is quite simple and easy but do ensure that you have Java on your computer before you start. The author Hemant Saxena is a post-graduate in bio-technology and has an immense interest in following Windows, Office and other technology developments.
Project Management Software applications help Project Manager to track Schedule, Performance, Cost and Resource utilization. We had already featured GanttProject last month, which is a cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management.
KPlato (part of KOffice on K Desktop Environment-KDE) is a project management application for Linux. Open Workbench is an open source desktop application that provides robust project scheduling and management functionality. Great list, free and open source are definitely desirable attributes when it comes to online project management tools. Though not an open source application,Planning Force has many useful tools to make your project management easier. I’ve already checked some of these products, their functionality looks great, but just overhelming for our current business needs. Open Project probably belongs in you list because it purports to be a project management tool.
I have used Paymo and Replicon Project Tracking Softwares for tracking my project statistics such as time, bills, project advancements, handling employees performances, etc.
As another OSS tool capable of replacing MS Project you might want to consider ]project-open[.
MS Project & WBS should go hand-in-hand, however if you have ever worked in MS Project and tried to create a WBS, then you may be familiar with WBS Codes. If you are looking to create a WBS, then there is no question that MindView is the perfect alternative to MS Project. Want to see your MS Project file as a WBS?A  No problem, MindView allows you to import MS project files and view them as a WBS.

Entre sus funcionalidades destaca la posibilidad de realizar diagramas de Gantt, graficos de PERT y EDR, informes de uso de tareas, gestionar el valor ganado a traves del presupuesto y calendario ejecucion, importacion  de documentos en formato MS Project, exportacion en PDF, etc. Algunas de estas limitaciones se manifiestan en una mayor dificultad en la creacion de tareas, la creacion de recursos sobre la marcha o el uso de informes y vistas detalladas.
Presenta menos funcionalidades que OpenProj, pero se trata de una buena alternativa si se busca un software facil de utilizar y con las funcionalidades basicas para la gestion de proyectos: creacion de diagramas de Gantt, jerarquias y dependencias entre tareas, graficos de PERT, creacion de informes en formato PDF y HMTL, importacion y exportacion de documentos en formato MS Project, importacion y exportacion de datos contenidos en hojas de calculo, etc. Entre sus funcionalidades destacan: la gestion de calendarios, gestion de recursos, creacion de diagramas de Gantt o la exportacion de datos en formatos PDF, HTML, XML o en una base de datos Postgresql. Although branded as a member of the Microsoft Office family, it never has been included in any of the Office suites (like Visio). It features most basic project management functions like a Gantt chart for project scheduling of tasks, and doing resource management using resource load charts.
It has been developed by Ascensio System SIA, a fast-growing company that offers IT-solutions for personal and corporate use.
It is a powerful tool with focus on simplicity, intuitiveness, customization and ease of use. With Gantter you can do similar things you do in Microsoft Project in a similar way: plan your project, review your plan using Gantt chart, manage project resources and calendars, review critical tasks, estimate project cost, control your project progress.
You can also import your MPP files created in Microsoft Project but Gantter will save files in XML format.
You can easily assign tasks, leave comments and fix due dates and this functionality is given just like we post anything on Facebook or any other social network.
The link to the teambox site redirects to a company with a different name (redbooth) which now sells the solution for online use or in company installation. The program provides many project management tools that help in developing a plan, analyzing the workload, managing budgets, etc. One can view the important details of the project immediately or save and access it later for analysis.
A Gantt chart maker that is included helps you to manage resource scheduling and project timelines.
Calculates Early Start, Late Start, Early Finish, Late Finish, Float (Slack) and identifies Critical Path activities. Microsoft Project is the industry leader and a proprietary software that costs significant amount of money. It supports resource allocation, work breakdown structure, critical paths, Gantt chart and many more.
OpenProj is a complete desktop replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project solutions. Already the scheduling standard for more than 100,000 project managers worldwide, Open Workbench is a free and powerful alternative to Microsoft Project. Its new approach to project planning and tracking is more flexible and superior to the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools.
Could anyone here please suggest a product that is not so heavily featured as MS Project (or its alternatives), but has the following critical points in its arsenal – collaboration between people, work planning, real-time work results tracking, and some kind of communication between users (it could be free or semi-free software, or probably something not so expensive as MS Project).
It was created by amateurs however who have no clue what the elements of project management are or how to do pert or cpm calculations.  Basic omissions like no estimated and actual start and end dates on tasks. It’s a pretty powerful web based server application that integrates with OSS PM Desktop Tools such as OpenProj and GanttProject. However, MindView can be used as a kick start to MS Project.A  Simply create and define your Work Breakdown Structure visually in MindView and export your WBS to MS Project!
It runs on the Java Platform, allowing it to run on Linux, Mac OS or Windows operating systems. As of early 2009 support for OpenProj and communication about development of OpenProj was suspended. TeamLab was founded on the idea of making social networking and project management efficient. However, the software, made with Ruby on Rails, is completely open-source under the Affero General Public License and can therefore be installed on every web server.
However, Microsoft Project costs money,  so the need for a free alternative with same functionalities always exists. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.
We do add new features over time but make sure that it does not add to the complexity of the software.Pre-Built Marketing WorkflowsBrightpod provides workflows to help similar projects run smoothly. If money is a constraint, then don’t think again because there are equally good Project management software applications that cost nothing! OpenProj shares the industry’s most advanced scheduling engine with Project-ON-Demand and provides Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams (PERT Charts), WBS and RBS charts, Earned Value costing and more.

It has already been successfully used in many projects and scales easily to projects with hundreds of resources and thousands of tasks.
It provides an option to add fields, customize your homepage and add widgets like “what is new this week” to the dashboard.
I appreciate your help, and also I hope to find something installable if possible… thanks in advance! In 2012 the founders announced that they forked the project and released a new version called ProjectLibre in August 2012.
It combines a wide range of features that assist a company team to work as one organism at solving common tasks and achieving results.
If your requirement is heavy collaboration among the team, Teambox is the perfect solution for you. It is very popular and crossed more than a million downloads in the few months since its launch. It includes features: Microsoft Project 2010 compatibility, Ribbon User Interface, Earned Value costing, Gantt chart, PERT graph, Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) chart, Task usage reports, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart and many others.
You can also save your own workflows and reuse them since a lot of marketing tasks can be repetitive.Visual Tasks Using Kanban BoardsBrightpod displays task lists and tasks as Kanban boards that can be dragged, dropped and re-organised. With this Flow view our customers love to see the flow of the project (and the bigger picture) on a single page.Designed for 2016Brightpod is designed for 2016 and does not look outdated and bloated with a lot of features. Activities and links may be set up and edited in either spreadsheet or PERT views or both at once, since all views are kept synchronized. It's a good tool to cut down on all the confusion and clutter caused by long email chains while working with teams and clients on the same project.
Plus, its neat and clean UI is a joy to use.a€?ZDNetBrightpod is the need of the hour for marketers. Links may be Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start or Finish-to-Finish to handle overlapping activities. The best project management software and marketing workflow management tool for marketing teams, departments and web design agencies. Brightpod is hand-crafted by Synage, a web products company that believes in making clean, easy to use and feature-rich software to help you work smart, save time and enjoy the finer things in life. Reports, PERT charts and Gantt charts may be either printed, or copied to the clipboard for pasting into other programs. Each project may have its own resources list, or master resource lists may be maintained for use across projects.
Activities may be grouped into up to three levels, with resource cost summaries available at each level.
On a network other users may have read-only access while one user has a file open for exclusive update. Pro version ($69.98 USD) adds features for use with larger plans and in a corporate environment, including resource levelling, costing, administrative detail and enhanced export facilities including the generation of HTML (web page) reports.
Whether you want to manage a project, consult or train in project management, MPMM will help you to succeed. Based on worldwide standards, this best practice approach guides you towards project success. It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each team member. Task Merlin makes it simple to organize projects, schedules, Gantt charts, tasks and to-do lists. Designed to boost individual productivity and foster team collaboration over an office network. Express Project is a free project management software program to help you monitor and track all project activities and help you stay on track to achieve established goals. This simple to use product is designed to be used frequently to keep your PC running in perfect condition. Reads most files including XML, web pages and tables, page image print files and other multi-line data blocks from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary, etc.
Reads most files including XML, page image print files from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary etc.
WinHelp Author Tool for WinWord * User works entirely within Word (English or non-English versions).

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