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A couple months ago I heard Milwaukee was putting out a new cordless M12 rotary tool, and I knew I needed to check it out. No Milwaukee accessories for polishing your dollhouse partsInside that finely embroidered Milwaukee case you’ll find an M12 Charger, M12 RedLithium battery and a few accessories. Milwaukee will always relentlessly focus on our core trades, who have little or no use for carving, sanding and polishing accessories. Slightly varying ergonomicsDespite the differences I felt on the solid rod cutoff, I think the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Rotary Tool and the Dremel 8200 Cordless Rotary Tool are both excellent choices. You can pick up the Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool 2460-21 for a bargain $100 from our sponsor Ohio Power Tool (about the same as the Dremel 8200, by the way, although minus the extra Dremel accessories).
My company has recently started to switch to the Milwaukee rotary tool from Dremel, they seem to have more torque under high speed load, also we use several other 12 volt Milwaukee tools so the battery issue favors Milwaukee. Drawer dividers for Model No's APDC20 and APDC45.- Small drawer dividers suitable for Model No's APDC20 and APDC45 cabinet boxes.
In the late 1920s and into the early '30s, Delta rebadged a 12" bandsaw made by Heston & Anderson. In 1942, Marshall Field and partners sold it to Timken Detroit Axle Co., part of an early conglomerate controlled by Willard Rockwell. In the early 1970s, Delta manufactured the Penncraft machines for department store chain J.
The Rockwell International era was marked by an emphasis on corporate financial performance and quality suffered on some products. Delta Serial Numbers, an article that demystifies the complex web of Delta serial number systems. Delta provides owners manuals and parts lists for a variety of machines, including many of those from the Rockwell and Homecraft lines.
Be sure to check out the "Publication Reprints" tab, above, where you will find a list of over 500 manuals and catalogs covering the entire history of Delta, from the 1920s to the present.
Delta mostly made their own products, but especially in the early years they sometimes OEM'd machines from other makers. Thanks to Keith Bohn and many other members of the Old Woodworking Machines forum for contributing almost all of the information here.

A search of Google Books provided a few snippets from 1925 to 1930 mentioning Delta Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wis. Information on the Marshall Field partnership comes from patent records; click on the "Patents" tab and then search the page for Marshall Field.
Information on the January 2011 sale of the Delta brand came from the Popular Woodworking Editors' Blog. Further information on the January 2011 sale came from an article on the Fine Woodworking website.
I’d like to tell you that I cut through each bar with the perfect precision of a CNC machine. Just don’t expect to polish your silverware with it, unless you pony up for some non-Milwaukee accessories! We are a locksmith company and use this tool as a light duty die grinder, cut off for padlock shackles, and cut in strikes.For the record Dremel has been the leader in this field for a long time but they stress their tools are primarily for home crafts, I note this seems to be changing lately, perhaps they see an opening in a segment of the commercial market.
In 1923 he started manufacturing a small scrollsaw based on a design licensed from its inventor, Carl Moberg.
In 1981, the line of handheld power tools was sold to Pentair Corp., which operated it as the Porter-Cable line—a name that had disappeared shortly after Rockwell had bought the Porter-Cable Machine Co. Keith's history article also provides information on specific product: when they were introduced, and how they changed over the years. Paint colors, how to rebuild a scrollsaw air pump, a type study of Delta cast-iron stands, information specific to bandsaw, lathes, Unisaws, and more. Well, there isn't much information past the mid-1980s but Delta can provide information on those more recent machines.
We’ve alway liked Dremel rotary tools for that small but still vital niche of projects that would take ten years with hand tools and 1 minute with a rotary tool.
We also devised one of our usual highly unscientific tests to put the new Milwaukee M12 Cordless Rotary in a fierce head-to-head battle with the Dremel 8200 Cordless. If I had to guess, I’d say about 50% of my use of rotary tools involved a mini cut-off wheel. If you’re already using other Milaukee M12 products, then the decision to go with the M12 rotary is a no-brainer. The former Callander Foundry continued to operated as Rockwell International of Canada, Ltd. In 1984, Rockwell International sold the "machine tool" (woodworking and metalworking machinery) division to Pentair. While there are other rotary tools out there, the Dremel is to rotary tools what Kleenex is to tissues. First, I’ll cover a few observations on the M12, followed by the spin-taculous results of the rotary cut-off competition.

That system is far easier than monkeying around with nearly microscopic washers and a screw every time you need to change the cutting wheel. Other minor differences include Dremel’s speed adjustment slide was easier to adjust on the fly. The Delta name was difficult to trademark in other jursidictions so the Tauco name was used instead.
Smith Corp., which had already been making motors for Rockwell, and possibly for Delta before the purchase by Rockwell. Pentair operated it as the Delta International Machinery Corp., which included the Canadian operations.
The goal was simple: to time cuts on both materials using both the Milwaukee M12 and the Dremel 8200.
And, Milwaukee’s slightly more slender profile felt better to me in terms of ergonomics. We are uncertain of the ownership of Tauco and it is possible that it existed before the 1939 Marshall Field buyout. Both tools were setup with freshly charged batteries for each cut, and each also got a fresh cutoff wheel (all wheels were Milwaukee, for uniformity). Keeping a rotary tool on track for a round piece cut-off task isn’t as easy as you might think.
Even so, Milwaukee has a nice rubberized spindle lock button to help ease accessory changes. When cutting the solid rod, the Milwaukee seemed to power through more smoothly than the Dremel. In the late 1990s, Pentair merged Delta's and Porter-Cable's manufacturing operations in Jackson, Tennessee. I don’t know whether to attribute that to the extra 2,000 rpm Milwaukee boasts, or the mysterious torque stat that neither Dremel nor Milwaukee seem to broadcast. While I couldn’t detect any real difference on the hollow tube, I have to give the edge to to Milwaukee on the solid aluminum rod. But keep in mind this test was at max speed, on limited material types and at max battery charge.

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