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It's lovely but really couldn't you make something like this by attaching a round mirror to wood round and then adding legs?
Probably would have to use the vacuum attachment to clean the crumbs and fingerprints would always be there, but I have to admit it's beautiful. I like it on an outside patio, like in the photo, but I don't think I'd use it in my living room.
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The Rian Rae Symi Tray Coffee Table ($2,145) is, to say the least, a little out of my price range. I try to look at pieces that I already own and "upgrade" them some how to create something new and improved. I was afraid that one of the parts would come cracked or broken because comeonallmirrors, but everything was packed nice and snug and it was perfect out of the box! It hasn’t arrived yet, but you can bet your pretty little butts I’ll be posting about it when it does!
Assembly was straightforward and simple, especially since I had a nice boyfriend to help me out.
The 36-inch diameter table, which features a round mirror top and a folding base, is made of hand-forged wrought iron and plated in reflective nickel.

I originally bought this for my old bedroom but decided to go out on the limb and make a mirrored coffee table out of it! Yeah, there are some areas where the glue squeezed itself out, but those are in the more non-visible parts of the table so I don’t mind one bit. I have decided, for now, to only update this blog regularly, but will also offer interior decorating tips as well!I want to say upfront that I do not have ANY experience in design.

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