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Right now we take a peek inside the Craftsman residence to explore the several alternatives for decorating these fabulous spaces. Then there’s the lighting, which typically mirrors the linear motifs of the property’s exterior. Whilst the interiors of many Craftsman properties concentrate on warm, earthy colors, other people opt for a light and bright approach. Speaking of gray, this next contemporary Craftsman-style living area contains modern pendant lighting, white wooden accents and modern art. With an image of a Craftsman home fresh in our minds, we now discover the realm of culinary and dining spaces.
Occasionally the Craftsman kitchen can take on a far more modern day, bistro appear, as shown below. Next we head into the dining space&#8211a beautifully maintained space filled with Craftsman delights, from the lighting that hangs overhead to the gold, green and brown colour combo. We now take items in a far more modern path with a light gray dining space, complete with white trim. Speaking of modern, verify out the modern pendant light below&#8230 Wallpaper and a collection of sleek vases make this space a true standout. You don’t have to live in a Craftsman house to get a touch of modern day Craftsman style in your bedroom, thanks to Contemporary Cable Furnishings from Vermont Woods Studios, shown in the subsequent featured image.
In one particular a lot more shot from the above-mention renovated 1912 Craftsman-style house, we see the power of gray and white, as effectively as contemporary flourishes.
Our last featured image is a reminder of the power of modern flourishes in a Craftsman space. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hang backpacks, jackets, and hats on the 52" Mission Style Oak Entryway Mirror’s many hooks. 52" Mission Style Oak Entryway MirrorHang backpacks, jackets, and hats on the 52" Mission Style Oak Entryway Mirror’s many hooks. The 43" Mission Style Oak Entryway Bench has plush seating and plenty of space to hold boots, shoes, and other household items. The 53" Mission Style Oak Entryway Bench is the perfect place to store any items you or your guests would like to leave near the door.
43" Mission Style Oak Entryway BenchThe 43" Mission Style Oak Entryway Bench has plush seating and plenty of space to hold boots, shoes, and other household items. I focus on building structures that are not only beautiful, but excellent value for the money and built to last. That is one of the reasons why I do all the work myself, so I can control the quality of construction and you don't have to deal with crews of workmen you have never met.
Below is my portfolio of wooden gate photos, as well as pricing for gates in the Los Angeles area and a detailed gate design guide.
For workmen and companies that do gate repairs, build basic gates, or install automatic gates, see my related links. As a first step, I recommend that you look at lots of different gates to discover what you do and don't like.
When you are ready to get started, contact me and we can set up an appointment to tour your location, discuss design options and establish a budget, so I can give you a detailed estimate.
A custom entry gate runs from $800 - $2,000, a driveway gate costs $2,500 - $5,500 and a double gate runs $5,000 - $10,000 You can save money if you have a gate and fence built at the same time, since a gate can be built while the concrete sets on fence posts or arbor footings. A high end wood gate or pair of gates is an investment in architectural style and high quality construction. If you are purchasing a pre-made wood gate, remember to include the cost of on-site installation and additional materials (posts, concrete and often hardware) in your budget.
This design guide provides design ideas and information on how to develop a great gate design, select the best location and identify the right wood for your needs and budget.
If your home has a distinctive architectural or artistic style, you may want to have your gate match it.
Mediterranean, Southwestern, Spanish & Mission Gates ~ Start with natural wood posts and natural boards. Cottage, Colonial & Ranch Gates ~ One of the most popular gate styles is cottage -- which is a simple looking gate that I like to give a sophisticated feel with vertical accents and arches. Placement ~ Gates should be placed to work with the natural flow of traffic and the type of pathway or driveway leading to and from it.
Size & Shape ~ The gate and its arbor should be proportioned and styled to fit its surrounding environment of house, landscaping, and fencing. Wind & Water ~ In areas that experience high winds, a more open design, extra bracing, and heavy duty hardware may be needed. Materials ~ To maximize the life of your gate, the gate frame should be made of appropriate, long life materials. Finishes ~ Heat and light contribute to weathering, so a UV protective finish is very important.
Hardware ~ False hinges and ornamental iron (such as straps, bolts, and decorative studs) may be added to enhance the appearance and style. Decorative Design ~ To enhance the design, gates can be curved and decorative gate posts and filler panels added.

Lighting ~ Light fixtures can add to the style and functionality of your gate to create mood and night lighting. To make sure you are delighted with your custom driveway or entry gate -- you want to choose the right building material. The first type of wood to choose is for your framing -- the structure that holds your gate upright and to which you attach the wood panels or boards. Pressure Treated Wood ~ For hidden framing, I only use pressure treated lumber (see photo). Redwood ~ For visible framing, such as gate posts, cross pieces and railings you can upgrade to redwood for a better appearance. Cedar ~ A soft, golden-tan wood (see photo) that offers good weather and termite resistance.
If you need ideas and inspiration, check out the resources below, clip magazine pictures, look through your vacation photos and keep an eye out for what you like in the neighborhood. The more you know about what you like and don't the easier it is to create and build something you will be delighted with for years to come.
This book has over 300 color photos to give you lots of ideas about fences and gates and finding the style and purpose that fits your needs. This book features many inspirational photos and ideas for gates, fences, trellises and more. This book is an excellent source of ideas and offers over a hundred photos of a vast array of fences and gates.
This book illustrates different fence styles and gate hardware to help you decide what you prefer. You can search the image archives at Google Images, Yahoo Images, MSN or your favorite search engine to find inspiration from architectural showcase homes, historical buildings and DIY projects. Unfortunately, since I build everything on site, I can not build and ship you a driveway gate, entry gate or garden gate. Fine high end wood architectural fence panels and gates pre-made and installed by a local craftsman in major cities, including Los Angeles. This small firm designs and builds artistic fences and gates in the Pacific Northwest and ships overseas. If you need an automatic residential wood driveway or entry gate in Los Angeles, you might try these two sources. There’s one thing warm and inviting about a Craftsman house that celebrates easy types and a accurate appreciation for the creating supplies.
Whilst some of nowadays’s featured houses are new (and built in the Craftsman style), others are beautifully restored Craftsman homes that thoughtfully reflect the history of the original structure. In the subsequent featured image, we see a balance of wooden accents and vivid hues in shades of white and blue. Is there a way to decorate these interiors while honoring the appear of a Craftsman exterior?
A tile backsplash, white walls and dark countertops contribute to the style, whilst a wooden island and classic bar stools remind us of the residence’s Craftsman roots. Verify out the dining area of the exact same renovated space, featured on Apartment Therapy.
Wooden furnishings take center stage in the area under, as does a beautiful shade of beige that seems on both wall and comforter. Considering that many of these properties feature linear specifics on windows and doors, don’t hesitate to throw modern touches into the mix.
If you bought a Craftsman house, would you go back to its roots and furnish it with period pieces, or would you give it a fresh, modern day twist?
Featuring three mirrors, this product has all you need to keep your mudroom stylishly organized. It features intricate dentil molding, a mirror and four double prong coat hooks mounted onto the bottom of the oak frame. I design and build custom gates that reflect the architectural style of your home, whether you have a Spanish Colonial, a Mediterranean villa, a Craftsman style home, or an English garden cottage. The right craftsmanship, building techniques and materials make all the difference in whether your wood gate will last 5, 10 or 15 years. My clients also hate having construction start and stop and stretch out for weeks, so I build for one homeowner at a time and stay on your project until it is done - usually completing most projects in one to two weeks.
I hope these will help you find the right builder and design a gate you will enjoy for years to come. Unfortunately, not all wood gates are built well, and it can be difficult for a layman to tell the difference between a well built gate and one that will start having problems in a few years. For this type of gate you want to find a basic gate builder, so please see my related links. The style can be adapted to work well for English farm houses, Victorians and English Colonials by echoing distinctive details in the house architecture -- such as porch railings, eave grillwork or fence details. For modern gates, I like to use simple designs which highlight the natural characteristics of the wood along with sleek hardware. If your gate arbor is intended to support plants, the size and proportions should be matched to the size, weight and density of the plant. If you want to blend into the landscaping, the natural color of the wood or browns and greens work well.

The type of use, and how much it will have to withstand, determines the strength requirements.
For garden gates, the placement of the gate and the view upon entry should also be considered.
Clearance requirements are determined by what needs to pass through the gate or arch, as well as how often. Where excessive moisture (from rain, sprinklers and deep shade) are factors, the gate or arch should be designed to shed rain and dew readily. If the gate arbor will be covered with hard to remove plants or vines, it is very important to also apply a thorough coating beforehand.
Trim, moldings, lattice, strapping, post caps, and finials add to the uniqueness of your gate. In Los Angeles, the popular wood (and composite) choices allow you to make tradeoffs in terms of cost, quality, color, visual appearance, ease of maintenance and the ability to resist the elements (water, sun and pests). Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. These structures, which started appearing shortly soon after the turn of the 20th century, boasted a signature set of characteristics, from tapered columns and linear window detailing to front porches and exposed rafters below the eaves. And when it comes to the decor, you’ll see a variety of styles, from conventional accents to bright, modern day updates.
Some Craftsman properties use glass (and stained glass) as a decorative accent, as shown under. This home from Moore Architects showcases a beautiful front porch featuring thick tapered columns and white railing.
More classic Craftsman properties seem to revel in earth-toned colors, while the modern spaces usually introduce vibrant hues and cool tones. Even your front porch can introduce a blend of standard and modern day styles, as shown with the gray planters under. Six storage spaces, consisting of three drawers and three baskets, are stacked at the bottom of this mudroom bench. And I create a unique design for each client which reflects the unique look and feel of your home and garden.
Good quality material and hardware, combined with superior building skills, make all the difference. For Asian and Japanese Zen gardens, traditional designs like a half moon gate can create an important focal point and transition into the garden.
If you want the structure to stand out or highlight nearby plants, strong colors like white or black can be used. Consider the size and shape of cars, people, gardening equipment, trash barrels, toys, and lawn furniture. Ideally, the project should also be placed to dry out well after raining or watering plants. The posts, frame and facing can be made of Redwood, Mangaris™ ( Red Balau), Ironwood (Ipe), Cedar, or other woods. These can range from custom made wooden latches and medieval ironwork to modern house knobs and dead bolts.
In the last few years, a major change has been made to the preservatives used -- they are safer for the environment but less effective. Based on your needs and budget, I can also build gates out of other woods and some composite materials. Any white part of a redwood board, known as sapwood, has little resistance to termites and rot. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). As soon as again, we see wooden accents, this time in the type of doors, drawers, cabinetry and a kitchen island.
Welcome your guests in style, and give them a sneak preview of what will greet them when they enter your space. If you see what you want (or something close), we can use that as a starting point for a client inspired design.
Using the same color and trim details on the gate as on your home will make it look like an integral part of your home. I use Construction Grade Heart Redwood, commonly known as Con Heart (see photo), which has no sapwood and some knots.
Contemporary touches combine with conventional statements to generate a warm, inviting space.
Together, these factors impact the overall design, number of gate panels and construction technique. For trim, I hand select the best clear redwood (see photo) with the least amount of sapwood possible.
Then read over my design guide to get a really good idea of what you want, and the budget you want to spend.

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