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Coffee Table Clear Coffee Tables Zuo Modern Botero Coffee Table Set Clear Glass Oj Commerce clear coffee table nz. Coffee tables are in most cases the centrepiece of your living space, and in all cases the centre of your living room activity.
This means they must both look great and be functional, serving their purpose as a table on which people might place drinks, serve food or temporarily place papers, phones, magazines, iPads or other items.
Vale Furnishers has one of the biggest selections of coffee tables and end tables for sale in the UK, catering for all tastes and style choices.

We have rustic coffee tables, contemporary coffee tables, traditional wooden coffee tables, glass coffee tables and unique coffee tables that turn traditional design conventions on their heads. Those looking for maximum functionality can take a look at our extensive range of coffee tables with storage capacity.
In particular, we have coffee tables with drawers that in many of our pieces are seamlessly integrated and deftly hidden.
At Vale Furnishers, you'll discover pieces in all the shapes, sizes, materials and finishes you can think of, and unlike coffee tables from Ikea or Argos, the vast majority of our furniture is delivered fully assembled.

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