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Walk into any kitchen and you will be bombarded and floored with many electronic appliances and gadgets of the latest technology. One of the oldest, basic, frequently used and the most important tools in the kitchen is the cutting board. Also known as a French knife or a cook’s knife, it is the most indispensable tool used in kitchens.
One of the unsung heroes of a kitchen, the grater is a kitchen tool that shreds and grates, strips, powders, slices vegetables, cheese, and meats into short ribbon like curls of varying thicknesses. Workhorse tools of the kitchen, silicone spatulas have replaced the traditional rubber and wooden spatulas. An instant-read thermometer is also an essential digital device used in the kitchen to determine whether the meat or breads have been perfectly cooked.
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As home cooks, we rely on our instincts, our knowledge, and our curiosities -- but we also have to rely on our tools.
One of the most common misconceptions about Mexican cuisine is that it is cheap, greasy, and unhealthy. In my kitchen, the tools that I most treasure are my huge stove with 6 burners, my blender, my food processor, and my Thermomix, as well as all of the kitchenware that belonged to my aunts in Michoacán, my mother, and my beloved grandmother, all of which I still use everyday.
Chef and restaurateur Margarita Carrillo Arronte was born into a large family who respected their deep cultural and culinary roots, and has devoted nearly 35 years to help traditional Mexican cuisine find its way to every corner of the world. If you want something special for your RSS feed in general, or just something to use when you update sites around the holidays, these are fun icons to do it with.
Made by DeviantArt member petercui, these are sweet and elegant icons that would be a great addition into any layout or project needing a more sophisticated or professional look. For designs needing something a little more lighthearted, these are great cartoonish Christmas icons that also come in mini form. This is a simple little theme with a clear, night sky and a little Merry Christmas caption with a Santa hat at the top.
Make a Christmas tree out of snowflakes on a gorgeous blue, icy background with this tutorial.
As with any hobby or interest from golf to baking, the general rule is the more you spend, the better the quality.
In this book, professional woodworkers give all the information tool owners wished came in the owner's manual plus much more - what to look for when buying a table saw, bandsaw, or router, and how to tune them up for optimal performance.
The section on table saw, the cornerstone of any woodworking shop, is written by the recognized authority on the subject, and covers all basic operations including ripping, crosscutting and handling large stock.
Excellent color photos and a clean, friendly layout give this book on classic woodworking tools a fresh modern look.
A mortar and pestle makes a great pesto, and we know it's possible to whip cream with a fork, but sometimes we're looking for a less intensive table-top workout. This week on the Hotline, CorinnaB professed her love for her food processor, but wondered if she should purchase anything to round out her collection.
A mandolin might not be necessary, ChefJune uses her food processors for all slicing tasks.
Used for cutting and chopping fruits, vegetables and meat, its primary purpose is to protect the kitchen countertops from the cut marks that occur while cutting various food items.
Originally and primarily designed to chop, slice and disjoint large portions of meat, it is now used to perform different kitchen tasks like mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, smashing garlic, etc.
In this modern age of mixers, grinder and food processors, the mortar and pestle is one such tool of a kitchen that will never let you down. While their handles look like a pair of scissors, they have a flat bottom so that they can firmly grab hold of food items.
Although, traditionally it was made of aluminum, these days there come a wide variety of colanders in different metals or plastic and in different shapes and sizes. Also used in grating herbs, spices, and harder cheeses, strips of citrus zest or ginger, these normally have a shape similar to a cow bell with a handle on the top for better grasp and are four sided with holes of different sizes. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
Which is why we're asking the experts about the essential tools we need to make our favorite foods attainable in our own kitchens.
On the contrary, our food is healthy, nutritious, and sophisticated, and it can be both delicate and dramatic. Chiles These essential ingredients are not only for heat -- they also add flavor and color to many Mexican dishes.
Steamer This is especially useful for cooking tamales, mixiotes (pit-barbecued meat), home-cooked barbacoa, and some mextlapiques.
Aromatic Mexican herbsThese are ingredients you must have on hand; you cannot cook authentic Mexican food without the aroma of traditional herbs like epazote, hoja santa, and avocado leaves.

From snowmen to Santa, they have them added in with the RSS buttons for any subscription service. This is a great tutorial that shows you how to make personalized, professional looking Christmas cards in Photoshop that can be printed, sent to a printing company or emailed. These are some great tools to have in your arsenal that will make it easier to create anything you need to. A solid stainless steel pot Look for the same things you would if using the pot to cook. FermentersThese come in a variety of styles, the traditional plastic bucket being the most common. The information is presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand way, making this a quick reference as well as a comprehensive handbook.
The section on bandsaw, a deceptively simple device, stresses the importance of tune-ups for optimum performance. This clearly illustrated and photographed volume will quickly become the standard reference and is a must-have title for any woodworker. But we'll be doing it, once a week, to spread the wealth of our community's knowledge -- and to keep the conversation going. Recently escaped the corporate world, after discovering her favorite part of the job was ordering catering.
Another purpose of using cutting board is that while cutting some of the food items, many of them release juices that can stain the kitchen countertop and release their colors or smells which can be difficult to wash off. The Y shaped is much more preferred than the straight ones as it is quite versatile when it comes to functionality.
Unlike the electronic gadgets which work on power and which may go out of order anytime leaving you frustrated, the mortar and pestle requires no power but just a little bit of effort. The functionalities of tongs are uncountable as tongs are used for serving salads, fruit pieces, cheese cubes, bakery items like muffins, cakes and pies as well as sausages, hot dogs, grilled meats and barbecues. This is highy beneficial in straining and for draining certain food items such as pasta or rice as it has several perforations all over it. Also used for mixing both dry and wet food items as well as scraping bowls, they do not damage the surfaces of non-stick pots and pans like metal spatulas do. Though this device was traditionally in a meter gauge form, it has now taken a new avatar; that of a digital one.
But, if you want to be efficient, fast and cost effective in the long run, having the essential woodworking power tools in your arsenal is a must.There are a number of power tools out there in the market.
It used to be that when a young lady got married, it was very important that she recieve a molcajete as a gift from her mother, grandmother, or another important woman in the family. Because the same type of chile does not have the same level of heat every time, you should use caution when cooking with them.
In most modern Mexican homes, the sauces are ground in a blender or food processor; I couldn't make my moles without one. For recipes that require long cooking times, these types of pots are useful because they retain an even heat. She is also a published author who has hosted several food shows for the El Gourmet channel in Mexico.
In the world of design, seasonal work is best done within that season to prepare for the next.
They would work well for a professional design that didn’t mind being a bit more quirky. If you have ever had trouble making people or figures, this will teach you the right and easy way to do it. Spending a few extra dollars on your tools really can help the process and, ultimately, the end product.
Get one that is at least twice as big as your brew length and has good insulation and thermal control. The best ones are stainless steel with fine, evenly spaced holes to ensure a light, effective spray pattern on the mash bed. You want an even heat transfer to avoid scorching during boiling, which might lead to heavy caramelization and subsequent burning. Seek out a thermometer at your heating supply store, and expect that a good model might cost between $50 to $60. With calibrated jugs, test cylinders, and weighing scales, you’ll be able to measure precise quantities. The section on router covers bits, accessories, and a wide variety of routers, and surveys the router's many uses -- from edgework to cutting joinery. Being used since decades, the kitchen tools are the unsung heroes of your cooking space that lie in a corner or a drawer ever so humbly.
Cutting boards today come in many materials like plastic, wooden, marble, steel, toughened or tempered glass etc.

This peeler not only peels the skin of the vegetables, it also comes in handy to make cheese and chocolate shavings and curls, shaving and creating lemon or orange zests, carving out thin curly ribbons of veggies like carrots and cucumbers and shaving thin slices of margarine and butter.
While the center of the chef’s knife, called the cutting edge, is used for cutting and slicing different foods, its tip however is used to cut small soft foods like mushrooms and green onions. In addition to this, while one uses food processors for large batches of spices, the same cannot be used if one needs to grind a few tablespoons.
They are also used to pick up steamed vegetables, stir-fry and fried food items, baked or roasted potatoes, cooked corn, boiled eggs, etc. Also known as pasta strainer or kitchen sieve, it is also used to drain canned vegetables, cleaning legumes, preparing salads, washing vegetables, etc. A digital instant-read thermometer is a device with a long temperature probe and a digital meter reading. You can reduce the heat by seeding and deveining the chiles or by soaking them in water with salt, sugar, and coffee.
It is also used to dry-roast the basic ingredients -- onion, garlic, and tomatoes, for example -- that are used for salsas. Chances are, you will have things left over that can help you later on, from icons to tutorials. You’ll always need more hot water than you think, whether it's for brewing or for cleaning at the end of the day! It’d be great if you can get one with a slotted, removable bottom for wort separation and a good-quality steel faucet for controlling flow on the outlet. Though, there are several of the essential kitchen tools used by world class chefs and homemakers, Alwaysfoodie brings you some of the most essential kitchen tools that come in handy and are quite a life saver.
Though these cutting boards are available in different materials, it is however advisable to buy boards of different shapes and sizes to avoid cross-contamination of food with unwanted odors. Simply put, tongs do it all, like pull hot trays from the oven, scoop, turn, stir, lift, flip, pinch and what not!! All one has to do is to insert the probe deep into the food item and within seconds, one can view the temperature reading.
For those using electric boilers, make sure it’s up to the job and has a form of temperature control built in.
Avoid the cheaper models from garden supply stores -- they typically aren’t accurate enough for brewing. Digital scales should read in 1-gram increments, be of sufficient size, and be solid enough to take weights of up to 6 pounds at a time. Another advantage of this tool is that it helps retain the flavor of the spices and herbs as well as gently release the natural oils in herbs and spices, while on the other hand the food processors overheat them. Though traditionally, skillet was made from copper and cast iron which is actually a must for every kitchen and also a very healthy way to cook, one can now find a skillet in many makes and metals like aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon etc.
It can carry out a number of tasks with precision, right from cutting a wood stock straight or at an angle. Many now come with a conical or dish bottom with raised outlets that allow any yeast and trub (sediment left in the fermenter after fermentation) to settle below the racking-off faucet. Also remember to purchase appropriate buffer solutions and keep the probe calibrated, preferably weekly. Whether you have to mill a stock for joinery work or just basic smoothing, it can do it all with ease. Remember to allow at least 30% head space (for example, if you're boiling 40 pints of wort, allow for a 520-pint capacity). Whenever you decide to buy a tablesaw, make sure that you buy a good quality and sturdy one.
This is going to be the most used equipment in your workshop, so buying a cheap one compromising the quality is not a sound decision.
It is capable of doing a number of woodworking tasks like making patterns, joints like, rabbets, mortises, etc. But, if you are well versed with the use of a router and want the advanced one, go for a plunge router. In matter of minutes, you can get the desired smoothness and thickness of stock.There is no doubt about the fact that these essential woodworking power tools will make executing wood projects easier. But, one thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be extra cautious about the safety precautions. Of course, as you move forward in your woodworking career you can add new power tools in your workshop as per the need of your wood projects.

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