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I’ve written previously about the extensive crossover between cycling and motorcycling.
Apparently the folks at 2×2 Cycles felt the same way, so they chose make this dream a reality. Installation on my 2002 Suzuki V-Strom was pretty straightforward thanks to its large and robust rear cargo rack.
One downside to the placement of the bicycle is the extent to which it may cover up your moto’s taillight. Once in place and rolling down the road, I certainly notice having a bike on board, but it does not affect the ride to quite the extent I thought it might. At this point I’m continuing to dial in my system and get into the routine of bike-on-bike riding.
Sometimes to make the trip possible, you just have to have more capacity than your bike will hold. Take a look at the Catalog, and give us a call to order your "Parts List" * Ask For Marty! If youa€™re a surfer who prefers two wheels to four (and a motorcycle to a bicycle), then therea€™s a new must-have accessory on the market for you.

For those who like to hang ten, this makes the top of the list forA necessary motorcycle gear a€“ even edging outA helmets with animated graphics built in. Their Motorcycle Bike Rack is a made in America, bolt-on solution for a number of makes and models of motorcycles from Suzuki, BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki, Ducati, Buell, Honda, and many more. It’s not a difficult task, just a mild inconvenience on my specific bike to the inaccessibility of the wiring. I’m also curious to see how this setup will ride with my DH bike strapped to the back! The Stealth Rack fits King, Chopped and Razor-Pak Tour-Pak® lids, and mounts in the same position as the Original Equipment rack on the Ultra Limited model and the accessory Premium and Air Wing Tour-Pak luggage racks. From Australian custom motorcycle company Deus Ex Machina comes a removable surfboard rack for your bike.
AltRider has ensured that every hole allows any hook to pass completely through the luggage rack for a secure attachment.If you want the option of using a top case, the AltRider Luggage Rack provides an interface for the Givi Monokey systems, allowing attachment with a mount kit (sold separately).
Like many, I’ve often daydreamed about being able to commute to and from a mountain bike ride on my moto. Or, conversely, the heavier the moto, the less you notice it, while the affect on smaller, lighter motos will be more pronounced.

Carrying additional fuel or water is made easier, too, because the rack was also designed with a Rotopax interface.
With the base plate in place, you simply slide the telescoping arm into place to support the rear of the bike. If you’re not one to change your own oil, you might want to seek professional installation. Subscribe by August 6, 2012 to have that issue, along with all of our great magazines, delivered to your mailbox or digital device. Overall, I’ll liken the experience to that of carrying a passenger, requiring a brief adjustment period but will soon become second nature. I did notice an increased crosswind feedback, though nothing I’d consider unpredictable or unsafe.

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