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As my first post here I thought it would fitting to post the pic's of my first woodworking project. As a Festool owner and newbie woodworker I have been sponging up all the expert advice that all of you have contributed, here and elsewhere.
The base finish is Minwax satin WOP, the top is Watco's danish oil, wipe on-wipe off about 8 times.
Those straight-cutting bits are great for dados and rabbets, but not so good for hole drilling.
A horrendous screeching noise from the jointer alerted us to the bullet buried inside the wood.

I set off looking on the internet to see if I could find plans for a Noah’s style cradle. I ordered the plans and when they arrived, they were photocopies of a project in some magazine.
I used a 78" straight edge to mark the 2 rows along the length, one close to the edge the other in the middle. Cant really see much of it from the pictures since I am finishing my entertainment center on top of it. And if this is your first project, I expect we'll be seeing some fantastic stuff down the road. The instructions were very detailed and the pictures were pretty good so I decided to give it a go.

He gave me an appraising look and said, "Well, it'll be a challenge, but then, so is life." He had lots of time to help me - all the other (reasonable) people in the class were building things like birdhouses.
I got a lot of burning with that bit, don't know if it was due to too high rpm's or the cheap bit. That's why the holes are dark, I really burnt the first one so I said screw it and didn't mind burning the others because I would stain the insides even darker afterwards. I kinda put the Jet on the back burner until I figure out how all this Festool stuff works and it's capabilities.

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