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Found some really cute votive holders (in teal and pink) at Dollarama, but I don't know if you could use votive's outside or if the wind would just blow them out.  And what do you do with them after? If they were cheap I would keep a couple and get rid of the rest or hold onto them and see if anyone else needed them (as far as the candles). For example, if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or in a house with limited yard space, you may want to look into a more compact kids picnic table.
Going along the lines of functionality, you may want to look into a table that comes with some storage space. If you want a more elegant look to your child’s furniture, look into a separate kids table and chairs.
Of course, the price of a kids picnic table also depends on the types of materials that are used to make it. This entry was posted in Wooden Table and tagged round wooden picnic table by Nadia Rafika. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The kids picnic table you end up getting depends not only on how many children you have, but also on their personalities as well as the intended use of the table.

Some brands, like Little Tykes, have tables specifically meant for this, with small drawers either built in beneath the seats or below the table.
The pieces are usually sold together as a set, although if you have a group of children who will be using the table you may be able to buy more chairs separately. This really depends mostly on personal preferences, although circular tables can be slightly safer because of the lack of sharp corners. Outdoor tables generally come in either wood or plastic, but occasionally you will come across ones that are made of other materials, such as a durable combination of polyresins, recycled plastics, and polyethylene. You can find kids picnic tables in many stores, such as IKEA, which is great because then you can have your children test the table out before you make the decision to purchase it. For those who are not architects, there exist various kids picnic table plans that you can follow.
To make things easier, look for a small table with connected benches or seats, so you won’t have to move more than one piece (this is especially handy when a sudden rainstorm comes about). Be aware, however, that kids furniture with separate tables and chairs may cost more than a standard kids picnic table, particularly if you get more than two chairs.
Nevertheless, a wider variety of tables, and kids furniture in general, can be found through comparing online retailers.

Like many full tables, these plans can also be found online, and in some cases downloaded for free or at a very minimal price.
A compact kids picnic table is great for toddlers and young children, or if only one or two children will be using the table.
This is great for children who like to do arts and crafts, because this table can be set up in an indoor or outdoor setting and can be moved easily for cleaning. Wood is typically more expensive, but it provides a better-looking piece of furniture and if built right, it can be better quality than plastic. On the other hand, plastic can get very hot if left out in the sun, to the point where it can’t even be used. Though a thicker plastic can be very durable, a thinner one can even become distorted in the heat.

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