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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This table includes some challenging woodworking techniques, but can be built in a short period of time, and the end result is useful and attractive. This useful little table can be built for a particular spot where a reading lamp, plant, cup of tea or whatever needs a place to rest. Rather than use more conventional glues or joints, the author uses wood screws in the table legs so it can be disassembled with minimal effort. The overall dimensions are readily adapted to different sizes and heights, according to how the table is to be used and where you plan to place it. The table features a gently convex table top and table legs incorporated into the corners of the table for additional stability.
To keep such unsupported surfaces flat, you need to select well-seasoned wood in a species not prone to excessive shrinkage or warping. The rosewood edging has two functions: it both covers the end grain and defines the horizontal planes.
Our author used five pieces of teak to assemble the table top, but almost any softwood can be used for this project. I used teak for my table, but you could also use any close-grained wood such as cherry, walnut or maple, or a harder variety of softwood such as Douglas fir, preferably vertical grain or close to it. The first step is to make accurate patterns in thin plywood of the top and lower shelf, including the cutouts for each leg. You can use the scrap pieces you cut as cauls when gluing the edging to ensure a tighter clamp.
After gluing them up, I finished smoothing the boards with a cabinet scraper and a random-orbit sander.
The next step is to cut the two pieces to exact squares (the top is larger than the shelf because it is convex; the lower, concave). It is much quicker and more accurate to cut the notches for the legs on a table saw before band sawing the curves.
Cut the curves for the top and shelf (pieces 1 and 2) on a band saw, then smooth the sawn edges so they are ready for gluing. When using an expensive, exotic wood such as rosewood, ebony, or teak for edge strips (pieces 3), I plane one edge of a wide board smooth, clean it up with sandpaper, then cut the strip free on the table saw using a thin-kerf, carbide-tipped blade. Glue the edging strips to the tabletop and shelf blanks and let them run past an inch or so at each end. When the glue has cured, trim the edging roughly to length and glue the second pair of strips on in the same way. There is some unavoidable squeeze-out, so if you are using raised edging, pick a glue that’s easily removed. Since the legs (pieces 4) have no taper, they can be sawn out on the table saw directly and then planed to their finished size.
Drilling holes for the screws and countersinks in the legs on a drill press is a bit more work, but a #10-20 thread screw will get you a nice tight fit.
You can attach the legs using 2-1?2" brass or stainless-steel wood screws (pieces 5) or threaded inserts and bronze machine screws. Clamp a cradle jig to your drill press and set stops for the legs so you can drill the holes in the same spots every time. Whichever type of fastening you choose, you’ll need to make yourself the simple cradle jig shown in the photo at left. To fasten the shelf, place the table upside down on the bench and cut four strips to support the shelf at the correct height. The final step for threaded inserts is to lay the table sideways on the floor, one leg resting horizontally on a piece of carpet, and drive the machine screws home.

Before applying finish, I gave the top surface a final hand sanding in the direction of the grain.
This new Prairie Series Woodworking Plan will guide you to build an occasional table that features a top storage drawer and adjustable shelves.
Woodworking Plan package includes dimensional drawings for each wood piece required for assembly. The unit is then unpacked, the carton packaging is removed, and any light assembly (up to 30 minutes) is completed.
Finally, you get the opportunity to inspect and sign off on the delivery before the delivery crew leaves your house to insure your satisfaction. We institute the coolest bed set upwards with a occasional table on wheels to utilize Well sort of we programme to paint ours black only my daughter merely had to. Sometimes you need a small canonical table that whole works well everywhere from bedrooms to living rooms. Coleman Furniture is proud to present our diverse selection of reputable furniture manufacturers offering you a wide variety of styles for the entire home and office environment. If you are ordering a downloadable plan, article, or back issue you will need a PDF viewer, such as the free Adobe Reader. Downloadable videos can be large; ample storage space and a high-speed internet connection are recommended.
Wood Store gift certificates are non-transferrable and may only be used towards the purchase of products or services at the Wood Store. Instead of aprons, stretchers, and so forth, it is put together with eight, 2-1?2" bronze or stainless flathead wood screws run diagonally through the legs. My first version was for the end of a couch, to support a reading lamp with a shelf below to accommodate magazines. The overall height depends on how you plan to use it — beside a chair, couch, bed or otherwise. The grain lines run diagonally, from corner to corner, not parallel to a side, so they intersect each of the four edges at an angle closer to 45° than 90°.
The edge is raised a fraction above the top surface to act as a stop (sailors call them “fiddles”) to prevent things sliding off. Because the upper and lower shelves are different shapes, you need to make a pattern for each one. I then hand-planed the long edges (I have no jointer in my island workshop) and glued them to a center board to make a square.
With a sharp crosscut blade installed, set the rip fence and use it as an index so the notches will be identically sized.
A disc sander is a quick way to clean up the convex curves, but for the concave edges, a spokeshave and contoured sanding block is your best bet. It’s an easy matter to trim them flush on a disc sander when fitting the legs at a later stage.
Do exactly the same with the lower shelf, letting the strips run by the leg cutouts to be trimmed later.
Running wood screws into end grain can be a bit risky, so the machine screw option could be a very good idea, even though it’s considerably more work. Wrap a few loops of sturdy string around the legs, insert a short stick and wind the stick end over end to tighten the string until the shelf is securely locked in place. The finished version is the perfect companion to the other pieces in our Prairie Series of furniture plans. The plan package will also include written step-by-step assembly instructions and supporting step-by-step illustrated assembly booklet.
H Seduce angstrom cube shaped coffee put over that doubles as a store tack together with these simple whole tone aside step instructions from. Our goal is to provide something for every home owner's taste from modern to traditional in price ranges accomodating all our customers' needs. It had not the hint of a curve anywhere in sight — probably an overreaction to having spent the last half-dozen years building boats and dealing with complex, winding surfaces. This minimizes seasonal movement, reducing the risk of glue failure and the edging strips parting company with the top.
This may seem an unnecessary detail, but for those of us living in earthquake country, it makes sense.

If that is all you have, cut the boards into 5- or 6-inch widths and glue them up with alternating grain patterns. Make sure the square cutouts for the four legs match exactly in both patterns — otherwise the table will be hard to assemble and the legs may be skewed out of line.
You can make a plywood jig or clamp them diagonally, so you can apply enough pressure to get a good glue joint. Be sure to keep the offcuts; they will come in handy as clamping pads when gluing on the edging strips. Plane the sawn edge of the original stock again and make another rip cut to produce another strip.
Before applying glue, have a dry run by clamping up a pair of strips, smooth face out, using the appropriate offcuts as backing blocks. If you have a disc sander, this is a good time to finish-sand the top and bottom of each leg. You’ll need inserts with a #10-20 thread, preferably stainless steel, because the brass ones tend to strip and then there is no getting them in or out.
Mark the location of the tabletop and shelf screw holes in one leg, then set stops so each leg will be identical.
Position both parts so the leg projects the thickness of the gauge block strips, smooth face out, using the appropriate offcuts as backing blocks and clamp the leg down to the benchtop. With a bit of luck (and practice) one can usually stop before the screw shears off or the threaded insert pulls out. Frame the C Tables today Submitted approx 30 x twenty-four safety glass over tabulate Results 1 81 of 81 The Versatile Trestle Table jut plans popular for afternoon teatime during the mid 1800s attain great end tables or occasional. We liked the MALM Ocassional Bed remit but the monetary value of 129.00 was besides round occasional table plans senior high for beingness such antiophthalmic factor simple look So we decided to build. Great furniture plus outstanding customer service, platinum white glove delivery and an industry record in customer satisfaction make Coleman Furniture the number one choice for home and office furnishings. I liked the table well enough, but soon reverted to old habits and made a second version with curved sides, convex for the top and concave for the shelf below.
Note that the grain direction of the top is at right angles to that in the lower shelf, providing a pleasing asymmetry. I used the profile shown to avoid making a 90° corner where dust and dirt are sure to collect.
Keep in mind that the structural integrity of this table is dependent on the fit of these eight joints. Drill holes for the screws and then, with the leg still cradled, bore a countersink for the screw heads in each of the legs.
Or, remove the shelf and install the threaded inserts if you’re using them instead of wood screws.
This close put off project starts with some canny woodwork techniques born from boatbuilding and ends with an attractive occasional table.
This freshly Prairie Series woodworking plan leave guide you to shape an occasional table plans occasional table that features a top storage drawer and adjustable shelves.
The placement of the lower shelf depends on what you plan to keep on it — magazines, nighttime reading, or whatever. If using a threaded insert, remove the leg and drill a shallow hole of appropriate diameter and screw the insert in place.
For stability, the heavier the item, the lower the shelf should be placed, but you’ll find that somewhere within the middle third looks right.
Replace the leg, install the screw and rotate the top, repeating the procedure with the other legs. Practise fashioning single and double over biscuit joints a Its not oftentimes that you send away realize a occasional table plans with child look piece of furniture such as this table in just one weekend plus maybe a couple. This shelf is an essential part of the structure, so don’t be tempted to omit it to save time and material.

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