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This 3 Tier Wooden Desk Organizer has a space for everything including your pens, paper, clips and post it notes. This green vintage organizer has several compartments where you can place your things neatly. This polka-dotted, multi-colored desk organizer looks  very cute and girly and would neatly store your things in there.
This vintage organizer is made from recycled magazine paper and is perfect for students and girls who cannot get enough of vintage.
This steel organizer from Amazon Supply looks simple and would fit perfectly into your office or home office desks.
Product Information: Indicate which products you need price or information for, please include the Part# and the quantity. It is a necessity in our life because without a desk, it would be impossible to work progressively.
Just grab your son or daughter’s favorite wrapper and place it on the chipboard organizers.
It also has one drawer where you can safely put your things and keep them away from children. You can place this organizer on your desk or in your room to help you organize your things or you can make it as a place where you can store your clutter.

It has several levels and has a safe drawer where you can store pointed objects such as scissors and needles. Everyone will find something for themselves.Hundreds of photos and instructions from the best architects. Reduce the amount of clutter in your office with this beautiful powder coated desk wall organizer.
Sometimes, we could get carried away and just put the things we need or usually use in there without even organizing, thus the clutter. These Cool DIY desk accessories made of everyday items, will do just fine.View in galleryTired of always digging though the desk drawer to find a pen or the scissors? Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t realized until now that your desk needs fixing, well, this is the best time to start. The office desk organizer can work as a standalone unit or you can mount it on a cubicle wall.
You can make it out of galvanized pipes and brackets plus a pipe clamp, a track light head and lamp cord.
If you have a large collection or pencils then you can make tin can pencil holders like this one. But first get some spray paint and, after you clean the cans and remove the labels, give them a makeover.

Make a storage tray with different compartments for things like your phone, your wallet and your keys. If you like this design, to make it you’ll need 25 pieces of cardboard and some glue. You need a bunch of PVC pipes which you cut in random lengths and then glue together in a shape you like. After that, take a piece of cardboard, trace and cut out the shape and glue it to the bottom of your desk organizer.
It has an upper shelf with a fabric pad for mobile devices and a larger lower shelf for your bag.
Everything fits snuggly into one of the slots and they all stay organized, leaving your desk clean.Available for $15.

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