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Please note that this is a full seating plan and not all seats will be available for all performances. The Embassy Theatre is managed and operated by Magna Vitae, a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. The lovely Gawker Media office in NoLIta, the headquarters of the well-known weblog company, is something to see! Knoll's research and approach to seating invokes holistic ergonomics, which integrates the physical considerations of engineering ergonomics and the mental considerations of cognitive ergonomics. Across styles, our array of seating delivers on diversity in design, attention to detail, unmatched quality, breadth of material, and a commitment to sustainability for any office. Thoughtfully designed, exceedingly comfortable, and ergonomically advanced, Knoll task and high task seating presents a range of styles and prices for any office environment.
For distinguished spaces, Knoll offers a range of elegant seating that marries comfort and ergonomics with style and prestige. Conference and training seating is an increasingly important component of the modern workplace.
The collaborative office means casual meetings in impromptu places are increasingly the norm.

Knoll side chairs complement a wide range of aesthetics and are versatile for applications from private offices and workstations to breakout space and reception areas. For auditoriums, multi-function rooms and commissaries, Knoll offers a unique selection of versatile stacking and café seating that deliver as much comfort as they do flexibility. In today's wireless workplace, work often happens away from the individual desk and in dedicated Activity Spaces.
Knoll offers a resource of Planning Ideas searchable by planning scenario, size, market, application, and work mode.
From focused, 'heads down' individual work to casual, shared work between colleagues to more formal team work, Knoll's seating portfolio offers solutions that consider design, ergonomics, and materials for each of these occasions. The blend of the two addresses seating's functional requirements as well as its intangible ability to affect personal performance, company culture, and social interaction. Task seating, central to many workspaces across the day’s activities, is built to easily respond to a variety of users.
Executive seating showcases Knoll's tradition of design, richness of materials, and attention to detail for private offices, conference rooms, or other meeting spaces.
Our solutions, whether employed in a conference room, classroom, training facility, or group meeting space, are built for comfort and adaptable use for a wide range of people and activities.

Multipurpose seating, including side, café, and stacking chairs, are a critical component to ensuring the right seat is nearby to transform any worksurface into a high functioning, multi-use workspace. Lounge seating is a key component in planning for effective collaboration spaces, both formal and informal. Browse hundreds of idea starters and download the desired Planning Idea for use in AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit. Sitting is far from static, and in today's fluid, collaborative work environment, a variety of seating is required to flexibly adapt to the needs of different users across different activities. Knoll lounge seating products capture the functional needs of today's collaboration and the spirit of tomorrow's office.

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