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There were two trees that were growing up against the old barn and we made it a point to not damage or have to take down the two trees. If you take on a project like this, think about the possibilities of the materials, clean up after yourself and try not to disturb anything and keep everything else as you first found it.
Very interesting topic will bookmark your site to check if you write more about in the future. Recycling is a good alternative but despite all the benefits recycling brings there aren’t many enthusiastic people about it in construction industry. Sometimes it is just the little things we all do as a individuals that make the real difference in the long term. I know that sometimes it is a labour of love with only a small return when undertaking a renovation or restoration project like this.
Using recycled materials for home building and home remodeling is a good way to help protect our environment.
Using recycled materials for landscaping features and garden decorations is a growing trend. In the future; will we give back the land to native plants and animals and live up in the trees? Keep all the comforts of home while enjoying the best appliances in this cottage style kitchen. Homeowners can cook with ease with this convenient kitchen layout from HGTV Dream Home 2012.
This quant country kitchen features a beautiful neutral brick arched wall surrounding the stove area.
This remodeled ranch kitchen now features an island stove and hood, a custom banquette seating area and white custom glazed cabinets.
A stainless steel vent hood hangs above the island stove in this contemporary kitchen, and stainless steel appliances are built into the sleek woodgrain cabinets. White marble countertops, a soft white gathered window treatment, and sleek white cabinets create a light, airy atmosphere in this transitional kitchen. This kitchen island has plenty of cupboard and drawer space, and it even incorporates basket storage.
Drawers in the kitchen island provide extra storage within easy reach when prepping meals or working over the stove. The island features a built-in stove and cooktop — a convenient addition to this open plan kitchen. Contestants Martha and Alex moved the stove and cooktop to the kitchen island in order to make the cooking space more functional in this newly-renovated space. Rustic touches add a homey feel to this country kitchen with a large wooden island and barstools. The blue cabinets and kitchen island drawers stand out against the white walls and countertops. Caribbean blues and greens brighten up this cheery kitchen with its dark wood island and informal dining area.

This L-shaped kitchen island serves two purposes as both home to the stove and oven, and a large breakfast bar.
A small, custom round island provides a handy space for prepping meals, without taking up a large footprint in their U-shaped kitchen. His goal while taking the barn down was to salvage, reuse and recycle as much of the building materials as possible.
As we took down parts of the barn we put the materials in three separate categories: metal, reusable wood and one for the dumpster.
I think the main problem here is the lack of a reliable recycling network, once we have that things will change in a lot better. If we had more resources to combine our recycling efforts, and to share those items that we have saved, we would all be better off. A lot of home builders and remodeling contractors are pushing for environmentally-friendly building materials and techniques. I think it is a good idea to use these materials and promote an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.
I keep things aside that I find that will still be useful for some other functions or projects. The price of a natural swimming pool are comparable to an inground pool, yet maintenance costs are much less. Whatever you call it, it is earthquake resistant, flood resistant, hurricane resistant, fire resistant and termite proof.
This remodeled space now features an island stove and range hood, custom banquette seating and white custom glazed cabinets. An island with a built-in sink sits across from the stove, making it simple to turn from one to the other without ever having to step away. The center island is lightweight and easily moved to create easier access between the refrigerator, sink, stove and food preparation areas. A neutral marble tile backsplash adds a lovely polished contrast next to the brick and matte blue cabinets.
Heavy drapes peel back to allow natural light and bright color from the outdoor plants to stream into the neutral-hued space. The stainless steel built-in oven, island stove top and custom hood vent add a modern flair to the room while the cabinet pulls and window treatments lend a traditional feel.
The light wood contrasts the white cabinetry making the island stand out beneath a stainless steel range hood. A beautiful tin stove hood, reclaimed wooden ceiling beams, and an island with massive wood columns complete the look. Baskets hang over the stove and from the ceiling as an antique pewter candelabra acts as a centerpiece on the island. The backsplash area behind the stove is made of white tiles, while the kitchen island countertop is made of white marble. Glass vases and a glass tile backsplash behind the stove reflect the sun and add dimension to the space.

Through hard work maybe you can make a little money and help the environment at the same time. It was a win-win for me and the homeowner who was told by the city it had to come down due to safety reasons. There are home remodeling contractors who also use eco-friendly building materials in their renovation projects.
You can do your part in contributing to the protection of our environment by adopting these practices.
If the recycling idea were to be used by the government, it will help both our economy and environment. There are two types of floating homes, permanently floating homes and homes that float only when flood waters swell, but sit on the ground during the dry season. These examples might not be the greenest and they cost a pretty penny, but it must feel wonderful to bath in wood.
A wooden kitchen island provides great work space, and a yellow ceiling brightens the room. A bright red accent wall draws the eye to the far side of the room and makes the built-in cabinetry pop. He would take the metal to a local recycling center and take the wood for himself for another building project. The reusable wood were those that hadn’t split, had no dry-rot and had no termite damage.
If this were to be done on a larger scale, coordination and communication are important factors.
Requiring the later on new construction within floodplains, and considering same for threatened shorelines, is one way to plan for the future.
The two best things were that this would be an eco barn buster and that we didn’t have to pay a dime for the materials. What was left for the dumpster was totally unusable wood and trash that was inside the barn. Although floating homes near the coast need protected waters, wave attenuation through wave walls and dykes (as used in Europe) are a future possibility. That’s what my friend did and quickly he found someone who was anxious to get an eyesore removed from their property. Unfinished wood tubs must be used regularly or kept partially filled with a bit of water to prevent them from drying out and warping or shrinking. Barnwood was used on the exterior, along with corrugated tin on the areas most susceptible to damage from the harsh sun. The builder, Reclaimed Space produces prefab cabins made exclusively from reclaimed materials.

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