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The OrcaBoard™ Raised Bed Garden Kit is strong, durable, maintenance free, non-toxic, made from recycled milk jugs and guaranteed for 50 years. Simply lock the grooved panels in place, fill with nutrient-rich soil and you're ready to garden in style.
The OrcaBoard™ Strawberry Tower is available in Arctic White, Hunter Green, Weathered Wood and Cedar colors (click here to view colos) to give your yard and garden an elegant appearance.

It's the modern way to grow beautiful strawberries, raise fresh vegetables, extend your growing season, use less space, water, fertilizer and improve soil conditions. Add a distinct appearance to your deck, dock or patio with this unique Strawberry Tower Planter Boxes.
You can join this back to nature trend with a contemporary twist with the Orcaboard ™ Raised Bed Garden Kit.

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