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We are proud to recognize hundreds of kids and Outdoor News readers who build wood duck houses. Many Oklahomans consider wood ducks the most spectacular species of waterfowl because of their elaborate plumage. Early in this century this tree cavity-nesting species nearly disappeared because of the loss of primary habitat, bottomland timber, as well as unregulated hunting. Wood ducks nest from late February through July with peak nesting time during March and April.
Renesting often occurs when predators or other events destroy nests during the incubation period. Suitable brood rearing habitat should include shallow areas along banks or in wetlands which contain low, overhanging or fallen woody vegetation. The best lumber to use for wood duck boxes is untreated cedar or pine, preferably in rough- cut condition for a "natural" look. Position the poles at the water's edge or directly in the water to minimize the duckling' vulnerability when they follow their mother from the nest.

To help protect the nest from predators, especially raccoons and snakes, install a protective shield below the nest box. MTV has released photos of the Florence home where the fourth season of a€?Jersey Shorea€? was filmed in anticipation of the season premiere Thursday. We will miss the understated glamour of the duck phone, the Italian-flag-painted garage door, the a€?Scarfacea€? poster and the excessive wood paneling of their pad in Seaside Heights.
Each participant receives a special patch and recognition of their work via a personal photo with their house in Outdoor News. Flooded vegetation can also provide seclusion and protection for broods while foraging or loafing. Leaving the rough texture on the inside also will allow the duckling to climb up and out of the structure. It is best to mount nest boxes over permanent water at least seven to eight feet above the water surface and at least three feet above the floodmark of the stream or impoundment.
Take a sneak peek at the "Jersey Shore" house in Italy MTV has released photos of the Florence home where the fourth season of "Jersey Shore" was filmed in anticipation of the season premiere.

One of those bedrooms has been designated the Smush Room, and is thusly outfitted with red velvet wallpaper and a cherub painting. A further harbinger of doom is that they explain what a bidet is by saying ita€™s the thing that a€?washes your junk,a€? which is a direct translation from the French. Granted, it looks like a normal, if slightly dilapidated, home in Florence, complete with a clothesline. Wea€™re not sure Pauly D and the Situation are ready for line drying their T-shirts for T-shirt time. MTV implores us to tune in and see what part of the a€?pristinea€? estate gets destroyed first. The wire mesh should lead from the bottom to the entry-exit hole to ensure the duckling' exit.

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