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Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! A planter bench is a great addition for decks and small gardens, as they add character and enhance the look of any backyard. To Tip: You should adjust the size of the bench planter to your needs, but use the same carpentry techniques to get the job done. You can also add some 1×4 pieces under the frame to create a small clearance space between the ground and the frame. Fit 2×2 supports under the frame, if you really want to enhance the rigidity of the frame.
As you can see you can learn how to build this garden bench in just one weekend, if you follow my step by step plans and instructions.
The secret for a neat result is to select perfectly straight slats and to take accurate measurements before making the cuts. Top Tip: Apply several coats of wood stain to protect the wood from rot and to enhance its rustic appearance. My 9 year old son and I built this in a weekend, because I needed to get him away from screens. If you are all about saving money and minimize waste, you could make the slats for the planters 24″. This weekend was a perfect time to get started, so I unplugged from the computer and freshened up my pallet garden!
I thought it would be cute to actually plant plants IN the pallet, but I wasn’t patient enough to line the whole pallet with landscape fabric and dirt and pack it all in and wait a couple weeks until the dirt settled in before I could put it upright. So I tried to figure out a quick shortcut to get this done. I was originally thinking about using burlap to create little planting bags in the pallet, but I ended up using those coco liners like you would use for a hanging basket. All I did was staple gun the little coco baskets to the inside and back of my pallet, and then filled them with dirt and plants.
While I was enjoying the long holiday weekend, I did a little more updating to my back porch, too!
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend remembering those who serve and have sacrificed for our country. I happened upon your blog via google (I searched for cottage bathroom pictures) and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. How very smart – especially for a non-DIY (but you are fooling yourself if you think that! We started our garden a few weeks ago, and our lettuce is already ready for a first harvest, I think.
There is nothing different about the pallet and I didn’t change any of the construction.
A great idea, you could arrange this on a patio to screen a grill or meters or simply to segment the party area.
This custom contemporary NYC roof garden near Gramercy Park features beautifully stained ipe deck and planters with plantings of evergreens, Japanese maples, bamboo, boxwoods, and ornamental grasses. Amber Freda NYC Garden DesignThe deck is elevated so the water can flow easily between the cracks and down to the existing drain. You could practically turn it into a personal backyard hot tub.The structures are sufficiently self-contained and water-proof to be safe for setting on a screen porch, outdoor patio or right out in the garden rain. The sound of running water can be extremely soothing.Waterfall landscapes add a touch of peace and serenity to almost any lawn and garden area.
If you like to spend time in your garden, but a simple outdoor bench is a little too common for your tastes, you should consider building a nice wooden bench with two planters attached on both sides. There are many designs and shapes you could choose from, starting with a simple bench adjacent to a large planter, up to more complex constructions, such as a wooden bench attached to two planters. Work with good judgement, making sure all the components are aligned, before driving in the screws.
In order to add personality to the planter bench, we recommend you to build the trims from 2×4 lumber.

Make sure the large planters are aligned properly, before building the wooden bench between them. This outdoor bench is extremely sturdy and if you invest in weather resistant lumber, such as cedar or redwood, it will be the attraction point of your backyard for many years in a row. In addition, you need to make sure the edges are perfectly flush before inserting the screws and nails.
You don’t have to fit large containers to the planters, as you have an easier alternative to fill them with lively flowers. Therefore, fill the head of the screws with a good wood putty and let it dry out properly for several hours.
If this design is not what you are looking for, I suggest you to take a look over my other projects. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result. I would be thrilled to see how your planter bench looks like so feel free to send a few images. Another method would be to assemble the panels by attaching the braces to the slats and them joint the four sides together. I filled some French garden buckets with some end-of-the-season annuals and hung the buckets on the pallet to create a small-space hanging garden. Done! They were easy to mold and squish into the pallet and they held the dirt in so I wasn’t losing dirt all over the place. This is NOT a tried and true method that I’m aware of, as I am just making this up and experimenting myself!
My blog was being moved to a different server so perhaps that was why you had some troubles. The water does kind of flow down to the other plants but not so much that it causes any issues!
Is this just the one type of wood (ipe) with natural color variations that gives the boards the different looks? Some come with colored exteriors that change the light as it passes through, while others have decorative patterns that play off complimentary opaque and transparent sections.Naturally, they are made entirely of post-consumer recycled plastics, a combination of solid and clear-sided materials that combine to work with the lighting elements while limiting them to a diffuse glow.
After selecting the right plans for your needs, you should buy quality materials for the job, such as cedar, redwood or pine slats. Work with great care, making sure the corners are square and the joists perfectly aligned one with another. Use a spirit level to make sure the walls are perfectly plumb, otherwise the planter won’t be symmetrical. Use a spirit level to plumb the supports before securing them with screws to the planters, otherwise the seat won’t be perfectly horizontal.
Drill pilot holes trough the slats, countersink them and insert the 2” screws, or drive the screws trough the supports in the slats.
You can 1×2 fit cleats to the interior of the planters and then create a false bottom just a few inches from the top. You’ll also be providing the creatures that visit your lawn an invaluable water source, but you will not have the issue of mosquitoes laying eggs within the water because it is a water source that is in constant motion.
Make sure the wooden components are perfectly straight and in good condition, before starting your project.
Moreover, don’t forget to countersink the head of the screws, before inserting the wooden screws.
The best part is it looks great on my deck, my wife loves it, and I may have started a new passion with my son.
We actually don’t really get a lot of heat in the NW, generally it is pretty mild and rainy! In this case, I think having my hours reduced from 40 to 24 is in my favor as I can relax tomorrow!
There are so many pallet projects I’ve seen that I would love to try, but I have no idea where to find a pallet. In some areas, waterfall landscapes can only be enjoyed during the late spring, summer and early fall months.

Last but not least, add a good wood glue to the edges of the components, in order to enhance the bond of the joints. However, there are many geographical landscapes, for example southern landscaping, that can enjoy the pleasant trickle of a waterfall all year round.Waterfall Landscape DesignWaterfall LandscapesPlanting flowers around the waterfall landscapes project is generally a bad idea because falling blossoms can land in the water and clog the pump, resulting in failure. I also buy extra and bring them back to life and put them in cute little pots and give them to people as gifts.
Waterfall landscapes should not be located where leaves or debris from other plants are likely to cause the same type of damage. They think I spent a lot and all these flowers need is a little love, sunshine and water and they come right back to life. For those who have a desert landscape area within the lawn, a rock landscaping area, or perhaps an area covered with landscaping gravel, these might be great locations for your waterfall project.If large waterfall landscapes are the dreams, you can create a design big enough to allow the waterfall circulation into a water garden including plants like lotus, water lily and other water-grown plants.
To prevent the plants from moving into the recycling water, a screen is positioned over the outlet so that the plants do not enter the pump.Whether you enjoy waterfall landscapes that allow water to slowly trickle or desire a multi-tied complex waterfall design, you can create your water feature easily using stones and a pool liner.
Purchase black plastic pond or pool liner at the lawn and garden store, line the pool and place stones around the edge to hold the liner as well as disguise the edges. Use stones stacked one atop the other to create the water feature, route your recirculation pump and line and you are ready to sit back and pay attention to the tinkling sound of the waterfall.One method to make waterfall landscapes come to life is through the purchase of a kit. In addition, you do need to take into consideration all of things that will make this project one that’s challenging. A pump system will have to be placed underground or in a concealed area but needs to pump water in the pond back up and on the waterfall.Any of these things can cause a problem for those that do not have the required waterfall landscape features. If you do not have a natural lawn or garden with elevation, you will need to create this through the use of stone landscaping, gravel, dirt or any other methods.
To keep the waterfall landscape real looking, be sure to have the waterfall start with a stream if possible. Water-feature in which the waterfall will end will have to be considered and carefully put into place. You may need a larger pump to push water as much as your waterfall then a standard pond will need.No matter what type of waterfall landscape you wish to make, you will need to ensure it appears natural. For that, you will want to add various elements towards the area surrounding your waterfall. If you are using stone or rock to produce the waterfall itself, that as well can be truly amazing. In addition, a rock landscaping design will help with keeping water in the stream instead of out of it.Landscape Waterfall DesignA waterfall landscape is a perfect choice for anyone that has a love of water. Watching the water move over a waterfall brings thoughts of peace, tranquility which is a very beautiful addition to just about any type of landscaping design available.
There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to this kind of natural landscaping design, so you will want to take some time necessary to work through the planning process. Planning ahead of time is almost crucial to the success of your project.One of the most important steps to take before building a waterfall landscape would be to check out other waterfall landscape designs. It’s best to do this in person at all possible although it is helpful just for visualization purposes to browse through lawn and garden magazines. Remember that you would not just go to the store and purchase materials to start a deck design, patio design or walkway design without learning exactly what you want and how much space it will require up, so don’t do this having a waterfall landscape.Before you decide to begin a waterfall landscape project, you will want to investigate the costs involved, in addition to give some careful considered to the garden design of your project.
Do you want to just give a small waterfall that can easily be intergrated in between a few garden flowers? If you have a little yard, a waterfall landscape might not be the best option, as it will take up a large quantity of the yard.
Whether you buy a waterfall for your landscape or build one yourself, you have to consider how you will provide electricity to the pump. Only very small pumps for any waterfall landscape will operate on batteries, so that your location and overall design will probably be controlled by the utility factor if you’re on a low budget.

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