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Perch on this Oxford Garden backless bench and enjoy the peace and quiet of your carefully cultivated backyard.
Capture the romance of days gone by with our hand crafted Parquet Back Porch Bench.The traditional solid hardwood bench has a slat board seat, a colorful high back with a parquet design, and polished arms. Made of high-quality and durable shorea wood (a member of the teak family), the rails forming the seat are strong and will look great year after year. The rustic seat is built with reclaimed wood from Gujarat with their original surface treatments.

Designed with deep seats and relaxed fit with straight clean lines for a traditional look and feel. Handcrafted of shorea hard wood using mortise and tenon joinery, this bench will last for years to come.
Shorea wood is tropical hardwood comparable to teak which is very resistant to water, sun and outdoor elements. Exquisite pieces and impressive product assortment aside, there are several factors that set Oxford Garden apart from the competition.

Their superb craftsmanship ensures longevity for years of enjoyable use, while their incomparable designs are centered on comfort and beauty.

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