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This was the table inspiration for our coffee table, we made some changes though to make it work with our needs and style.
We wanted the pallet boards to be narrower to work better with the chevron pattern, so we sized ours down to 2.5 inches. I wanted the boards to have more of a contrast in color, so we stained a few of the boards to get them darker.
To make the shelf under the table, use the three boards from the middle (or inside) of the pallet, and cut to the size of your tabletop using circular saw.
Once all the pallet boards are nailed down, draw a line where your tabletop edge is and using a circular saw, cut the pallet boards down to size. Using a circular saw, cut another piece of plywood to fit to the boards on the bottom of your table. I wanted the outside edges to be pallet wood, so we cut two pallet boards to size to fit at the edges, and sized the plywood to fit between those. Drill holes in the pallet boards (or plywood if you’re just using that) where the legs will attach. Once all four legs are attached to your pallet boards, set the plywood in-between and screw it in place. If desired, coat table with polyurethane, following directions on can for use and dry times. England Furniture Reviews - Using reclaimed woods to make furniture seems like an interesting way to preserve natural resources.
John - Using reclaimed woods to make furniture seems like an interesting way to preserve natural resources. 101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses. Pallets can be seen lying for nothing on landfill areas, the extreme climates brought the rusticity to them which can utilized in number of way to mimic the old age! Raise the according sizes of pallet boards on wheels, on some sturdy wooden or metal-made legs to gain beautiful coffee tables for different locations of home where you want to sit in very of your free time! Mimic the mid century inspired furniture by going wisely with rustic nature of pallets, repurpose the rustic pallet boards and gain this prehistoric look of wooden coffee table without getting your wallet empty! This pretty rustic manifestation of coffee table has been achieved by stacking 2 pallet boards having signs of wear and tear!
This structure can speak volumes for furniture-friendly shapes of pallet boards, one pallet on another, is all responsible here for this amazing pallet coffee table! This is what the rustic lovers look for to manifest the older and traditional look of their interior spaces! This one comes with a modern expressions and is a whole creative amalgamation of pallet and plywood! Stack two clone sizes of pallets with in-between wooden supports just to create a little bit spacing inside and let this bunk shape rock as a pallet furniture for any sitting environment! You may be a follower of vintage and antique decors, so for according furniture set you can get amazing help from pallets!
In these coffee table layout, the wooden slats have been packed ingeniously to create different levels while the vertical supports have been added among different levels to gain multiple storage options and pockets to hide and store the relevant stuff!
Normally pallet builds turn out slightly boring visually, but the way this creator did the wood angled at 45 degrees ads a ton of visual interest.
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Coffee table is a big and paramount home essential and longing for coffee taking and breakfast services. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.

EDIT: In the end I did get some pool fencing glass, which was significantly cheaper than buying custom glass. Once you have drilled into your top one, make sure you go far enough down to mark and slightly drill into your second pallet.
You’ll notice that the centre board has now become loose as well after all this nail pulling. Repeat step 11 one to three times, depending on what kind of coat you’re looking for and how dense you want the coat. Now all the threads are at the bottom, put one washer and a nut on each of the threading at the top.
This coffee table has exclusively been made to have some storage features and that’s why it comes with a storage box inlay and some cubby style storage options! If you need inspiration for a project to tackle, browsing their site will definitely give you ideas. Separate boards from pallet using the Dremel Multi-Max tool to cut the nails (or use a hammer and pry bar).
To do this use a table saw or circular saw fitted with a guide, and trim boards to desired size. I was waiting for something like this and perhaps I will shamelessly copy your design of the table. I have made a couple similar to yours and am thinking about adding an angled magazine rack to one or both of the narrow ends.
Focused it is a versatile sitting area for your house, where you spend time, have coffee, watch movie, attend your guest. This skid also looks pretty rustic and has been finished only with some wooden legs to be changed into vintage type of table!
This one comes with a book rack and really looks stunning in sparkling dark brown wood tone! Pack the pallets in bottom-to-bottom style and raise the total bunk shape on wheels for a skated or rolling movement! A complete, zero-cost and antique wooden design and can be utilized to give any space a mid century inspired touch!
Offers storage pockets on all sides and has been given a chic contemporary appearance using solid white paint coats! You can personalize the appearance and overall look of it for vintage, shabby chic, distressed and modern look!
This storage-friendly coffee table design with ultra rustic appearance can really be a central addition to your mid century inspired sitting furniture sets!
You can follow the given tables to explore 20 unique inspiration of more DIY pallet coffee table ideas that are also based on realistic and innovative concepts and approaches and will make you a big fan of flexible functioning of pallet wood and hence the pallet wood recycling! We have adopted an accessible bypass solution to get such a fundamental wooden need of home, avoiding those high prices of furniture. This table is that of bunk shape containing 2 pallet skids which are tightly held to form this beauteous shape.
Flip the bottom pallet over and remove the nails for the 4 bits of wood attached to the bottom of the blocks. One may see the thrown away pallet on roads, in streets, on discarded material heaps and also at landfill areas!
This giant structure of coffee table may be hard to move so to avoid scratches on the living room floor the bigger hardware caster have been added that can be locked when the table get a stable position! I’ve been wanting Mike to make a new coffee table for our living room for a while now (yet another project on the Mike-to-make list).

From things to make for your house, to keeping you more organized – they even have games and kid-inspired projects (I spotted a soapbox car I think three little boys would love to have!). We have a pallet coffee table, a tv stand, home office desk and even our king size bed made of pallets! I love how the colors and shades turned out on yours and would want to replicate the project as closely as possible.
This part of the house is frequently used, and the furniture is almost depreciated every year. For a more sophisticated behavior, the caster wheels just play a magnificent role and also gives it a faster rolling movement! This pallet-bunk may be tough to drag due to its bulky mass that’s why it has also been given a skated movement using hardware wheels! Pallet pockets have creatively been planned for respective storage of items mostly the books and newspaper! We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration.
The gaps overall are smaller than I thought they would be when I was imagining using the pallets for a table. They come as a great shipping waste and the ship owner have really nothing to do with them after shipment and delivery of shipping goods!
The mid side storage box can be used to put cutlery items, embellishments, mobile phones and TV remotes!
They can be used in so many ways and making pallets furniture ends up much cheaper then buying some in a store. I had made an apron around mine and pocket holed the aprons to the legs and also to the table top. We have got this fabulous rustic black DIY pallet coffee table from pallet reclaiming and recycling.
We got it stained with minwax to prevail alluring black impact and have sealed the surface with epoxy resin for powerful and lasting endurance to this handcrafted wooden delight. However, using creativity and ingenuity, people have pulled out various tricks and methods to get these shipping pallets back to serviceable conditions and now a large variety of pallet-made items is available and this DIY reclaimed pallet coffee table is also one of those items! My next one I am going to pour a glaze top on to give it a bit more durability and maybe embed a picture or some coins in the glaze. The base of the coffee table is made up of the pallet frame, and then that base is painted in the color which combines the whole interior of the room. Now the pallet coffee table is made for you not only in your budget, but also beautiful and unique. Custom quotes were around the $400 mark, while this pool fencing glass was only $70 :)I was mulling over some ideas for a pallet table. But I wrote these instructions so even the most basic skilled person could make the coffee table.
If you don’t own tools, your family and friends might be able to help and save you cash!
But for the basic ones out there, if I can do it, so can you :) First what are you going to need? A cheap carbon steel grade nail puller is about 10-20 bucks and will do and easily survive the job.

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