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Reviews(Click here to write your own review of this product)  They loved it!We bought the personalized wood toy box for our grandson and his parents loved it. Toy chests for children are the most useful and the cutest furniture pieces you can have in a child’s bedroom! On this page you will find the most beautiful and most colorful and unique toy chests and toy boxes for children around!
I prefer the larger toy chests for children, since they can fit a lot of toys and help your child’s bedroom look more organized and cute! I believe cute, colorful and fun toy organizers for children make wonderful gift ideas anytime! You can see a happy turtle, alligator, bird and a cute monkey all hanging out in the jungle!
What a fun way to teach small kids how to put their favorite toys away after they are done playing!
If Batman is your boy’s favorite super-hero, I’m sure he will be thrilled to be getting this fun Batman toy box!

It was made with polyester fabric around the hard wood frame, so it will not hurt your child’s fingers! Boys definitely like trucks and this truck themed toy box for boys is just perfect for any little boy’s bedroom! Your little girl will be so excited and actually looking forward to putting all her toys away inside her beautiful toy chest! Wooden toy chests can be used for storing small toys, balls, dolls, comic books, blankets, towels, gadgets, stuffed animals or anything else you want!
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This is the perfect toy for a green bedroom or if you also have other jungle theme stuff too! It is the prince frog happily waiting for a true love’s kiss to transform him back to a handsome prince! He will be assured that all his favorite toys will be perfectly safe after he is done playing!

Besides teaching kids to put their toys away when done playing, parents can also teach them the ABCs! They love to decorate their new child’s bedroom with a beautiful and classy personalized wooden toy chest! We also bought personalized toy chests for each of our other grandchildren over the years and they are still in use. Perfect to teach the little ones how to put all their toys away when they are done playing! This cute toy box for girls was carefully hand-painted and will complement your child’s bedroom decor!
Needless to say it’s going to make an amazing gift idea to any little boys in your family!

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