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I saw this window frame at a salvage yard and coveted it for a few months before finally buying it. I have a window grid just like this, the other day we were cleaning up the back storage space at work, (i work in a construction office) and they were going to toss it, because it had been ordered the wrong size to replace a broken one long long ago; I told them to save the space in the dumpster and put it in my car, SCORE! I’m moving furniture today, Husband will love to fill the holes after I move that mirror????? I cut my last set of dovetails about seven months ago (July 2008) for the medium-sized toolbox. 31 Creative Storage Idea For A Small Bathroom Organization - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Seems like we have painted quite a few kitchens lately and I just received this question from Brenda in Ohio. Hi Trish -I ordered some chalk paint® and wax from you a couple of wks ago with the intent to use on my kitchen cabinets.
Your kitchen cabinet situation sounds like a typical scenario that Chalk Paint® would be perfect for. I would remove the doors and use the spray shellac in a well ventilated area outside your home. Since you want a super smooth finish- lightly sand your paint with some 220 or UP (meaning 300 grit) sand paper and blow off any dust before beginning you begin the wax top coats.
Another option for a smooth surface if using brush- is using a small amount of water with your Chalk Paint® in your final coat of chalk paint®. And when painting when a brush- always remember to “lay” your paint or do a finish stroke!

Brenda- you did not provide the dimensions of your kitchen- but I would suspect based on an average job – 2 tins of clear wax would be more than enough for a kitchen.
Measure the piece of Plexiglass, and call glass stores for price quotes on mirrors the same size.
I already have mirror squares left over from a different project that i got really cheap at Lowes… I can do this project with out spending any money now because i can cut them to size on my own, just measure, use a ruler, and mark the edge with a marker, then cut like you do glass for stained glass projects. If you find a window with the glass still in it, Krylon makes a spray product that silvers the back and turns it into mirror glass. You can even add a spritz or two of dark grey paint between coats to mimic those antique mercury spots. I worried that I may be getting rusty, so I decided to practice by making a small box with dovetail joinery. The tails were rather tightly spaced that I was barely able to slip a 4.5mm chisel in between them. Currently, they are that ugly orangey wood (pine, I think) with what looks like lots of poly coats.
Find the studs in your wall (by knocking or using a stud sensor), and drill drywall screws into the studs (or use a drywall anchor or molly bolt). Cutting the pins required some concentration since any small deviation in the saw cut would have resulted in very visible mistakes. There are so many things to store that a contemporary urban bathroom simply is too small for them. We also make this in a 54" wide version for $1695 with the oval hammmered copper sink and bronze faucet.

Depending on the thickness of your frame and the cardboard, you may need two pieces for each opening. Once you have it the way you want it, there’s a sealer coat that makes it more durable. Having said that, I made a few mistakes, but the end result still looks decent after some minor repairs. I inserted washers under each fastener to give a little extra space underneath for the screw head to fit.
I hung mine outdoors, and they lasted through four Maine winters before a really big windstorm tore them off – but the shards still looked pretty!
Should I sand it first (please say no, haha!) Can I use a roller to apply this type of paint (both for ease of painting and for a smoother finish than a brush will provide). You can find there narrow shelves and drawers, glass and open shelves, organized storage niches, hooks, towel holders, under sink shelves, and so on. Take a rag and place on top of the mineral spirits and flip it over to get a few dabs of it on the rag.

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