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Screw Machine: Powerful Pump Automatic Oil Supply Circuit, Making Main Sliding Plate Eliminating Friction Loss.
Yuan Lung Machinery Works has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of woodworking machinery for over 40 years. Chuntech cutters have been used by the domestic and foreign woodworking machinery manufacturers. Edward Lin, saw the potential demand for CNC controlled woodworking machinery, both domestically and internationally.
These machines are dependable and versatile, able to rapidly machine plastic, wood and acrylic to produce tabletops, doors, window frames, chair legs, chair backs, cabinets, bed components, speaker boxes, gift items, and much more!
CHUNG KUNG machinery has been successfully marketed to Southeast Asia, China, North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Western and Eastern Europe. Chien Tsai has accumulated 30-year in manufactures,fabricate, technology for the operation and the design experience. The factory in Shanghai has already passed ISO9000 certification, and in the future, we plan to pass ISO.14001.

Currently the major product in Yuan Lung is CNC Router, that provides 3 types of table to choose from, including 900 x 1500 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm, and 1500 x 3000 mm. Yuan Lung always insists on offering customers the dependable CNC routers, featuring high quality, high efficiency, lower investment cost and low labor requirement. U-HOUSE enforces standard production procedure and strict quality control criteria on all products.
Thus, more than 20 years ago, CHUNG KUNG established an R & D Department for the development of CNC Routers and CNC Bandsaws. Well connected with experienced satellite factories and equipped with QC Lab, Packaging Facility, we can supply a wide range of quality fasteners at competitive prices. The machine is equipped with an Italy-imported built-in type spindle and offers automatic and manual tool change systems for selection. Chien-Tsai Chen, the chairman of Chien Tsai Machinery, lead the outstanding work group to concentrate on producing and designing screw thread rolling machine. The control employs windows system, and uses USB and internet program for transfer as well as far-end monitoring.

In addition, 3 axes ball screws are craven by high resolution precision servo motors to upgrade product accuracy and fineness.
The use of automatic lubrication system may ensure proper lubrication at all times while extending the service life of the machine.
With the vacuum pressure sensor and infrared ray safety device, the operation safety is assured. The moving column CNC router not only significantly reduces space occupation, but also provides an increase in machining efficiency. The entire series of machines has been CE certified for sales in European area without need of additional certification.

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