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Cantilever pallet racks are the most popular type of rack used for storing large and awkward items. These pallet racks are commonly used for stacking lumber, PVC pipes and similar long materials on. A structural steel Cantilever Rack is a multi-level, high storage, specialty rack designed to handle many types and sizes of products. In its basic form, a one bay Cantilever Rack consists of two vertical columns with horizontal load bearing arms attached by bolting at various levels. In order for us to be able to get a quote back to you in the shortest time possible, please download the following document, Cantilever Criteria. Tier-Rack offers numerous options for your pipe storage including tube rack, bar, conduit, re-bar, steel, tube racks, pipe stands, and various pipes. When your material handling department is looking for a way to improve your storage systems, consider storage racks and storage bins manufactured and designed by Tier-Rack Corp. Bar racks are perfect for storing large products or items that are long or of an odd length. Bar storage racks are heavy-duty industrial racks perfect for storing items such as bar stock, lumber, and pipes. Bar storage racks are an optimal option for storing and organizing materials of varying or odd lengths, as the bar racks can be adjusted to fit your storage needs. Horizontal rack separators are easily adjustable, and racks can be assembled as single-standing units or in continuous rows of multiple units for larger warehouse use.

We use heavy-duty steel for each bar storage rack to provide long-lasting strength and durability so you can store high capacities of materials safely. Bar stock, lumber, pipes, and other long-length materials can also be stored in cantilever racks.
For workers in the material handling industry, safety is always one of the main concerns for workers and supervisors.
Material Handling Solutions carries a large selection of Steel Storage Racks, Bar Storage racks, U Racks, Horizontal Bar Racks, Pipe Storage Racks, and Vertical Bar Storage Racks.
These racks are big enough to store long, flat items on and they can also do it in an organized manner.
With freedom from upright column interference, it allows easier product placement and removal. The horizontal load bearing arms project out from one or both sides of the upright columns at approximately 90 degrees. Each request we get from our clients is unique in the sense that each has a special application which requires different weight capacities, and the cantilever racking has to be designed for the client's needs.
It contains important information that will aid you when talking to one of our technical representatives. Tier-Rack can design & engineer a pipe rack specifically for your material handling needs. We can add to your warehouse rack by offering industrial rack that includes rack shelving specifically designed for your pallet rack needs.

Our bar and pipe storage racks allow you to store long objects vertically, maximizing the use of overhead space in your storage area. Stored materials are readily displayed and easily accessed through both the front and back of the rack.
Bar storage racks can also be used in combination with other storage systems in large warehouses, and are ideal for smaller warehouses, maintenance areas, and work-site storage areas. We offer both new and used bar rack storage systems and can customize the rack system to fit your budget and storage needs.
To compare specifics and see which type of rack system is right for your business, see our cantilever rack page, or contact us at 866-266-2244 with any questions.
These racks can be designed for floor storage, or even better stacked at multiple levels to save valuable storage space. Please feel free to call us, and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives would be happy to help you.
Whether you need a simple stack rack, a tire rack, pad rack or a special metal container to be used as a shipping rack, call on Tier-Rack for your new or used rack. Bar storage racks provide a truly space-efficient and cost-efficient solution for items that would require more floor space if stored on horizontal racks or shelves.

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