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Whether you have a zeal for throwing steal or you’re a cutlery connoisseur, Throwzini’s Knife Block is for you!
Any guy who’s got a great set of knives in the kitchen will appreciate this beautifully minimalist knife block design from SIDD. Put simply, this solid lime-wood knife block shaped like a human head would be a refreshing addition to any boring kitchen. Though frowned upon by many, stabbing your ex can really give you some closure, although it’s often the kind of closure that leaves you closed for thirty to life. Woodstairs is the best and most comprehensive source of wood and iron stair parts and accessories anywhere. Stair Treads have been the topic of two of our customers’ questions this week alone so we thought it would be a good idea to address this major stair component.  Both customers asked whether or not they could use their hardwood flooring on their stairway as treads, which is a question we are commonly asked.

After the huge project that was my bedroom curtains, I didn’t want to pleat anything else for a long time.
The first curtain didn’t come out all that well, but as I went along I came up with a system that works well.
It takes one week and one craftsman to hand build each knife block and each are signed and numbered by the artisan who built it. Sure you only get 6 premium knives, but that fanned out wooden block is just plain wicked and is actually practical for easy access. Crafted in rich red, shiny plastic, the highly stylish Love Heart has five slots in which to place five quality knives, which are also included. Furthermore it holds not only standard cooking knives but also your chic new japanese ones. So for my living room curtains I bought cheap plain white curtains and stamped them using carved wooden blocks and fabric paint.

Decades later, knife throwing still lives on in the modern day circus and it can live on in your kitchen with the Throwzini’s Knife Block. Really for the most part, this is all you’ll ever need and your guests will absolutely love that block.
Made of hand crafted wood, it comes complete with 5 stainless steel razor sharp professional chef knives.
This set makes a great gift for any occasion and it’s also considerably cheaper than therapy.

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