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Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals. Mtuba2 wrote:Please could you have a quick squiz at my lighting plan, and give your opinions. Although ours is a bit like yours, and it isn't too bad, so if you can't change it don't stress! I would put exhaust fans in the bathrooms rather than always having that bit of open window there if at all possible. The family room light I'd put on the wall just near the entrance to the passage to the minor bedrooms. Then when you come in from the garage both the hallway switch and front entry switch are easy to find as sometimes you'll be going straight to the kitchen, but sometimes you may be taking things into the bedroom. My computer at home is on the blink (I am lost without it!), so keep having to sneak into the forum from work!!
Add a GPO in the 1st hallway for vacuuming, a GPO opposite the front door incase you want a lamp on a table, a GPO on each wall in the lounge (room opposite the front door), for vacuuming, lamps, or laptop! We are curently living in a newly built Masterton home that doesn't have any exhaust fans in the bathrooms We couldn't believe our eyes when we noticed that they had been overlooked.
Mtuba2 wrote: I am definitely putting a fridge in the garage, and didn't even think of the GPO!
That's why it's really important to sit down with a glass of something, and think about where you might possibly put the furniture, then think about will you have enough overhead light to read a book, or something while sitting there.
With regards to your kitchen, where the light is, you will be working in your shadow at the sink washing dishes after a huge party , would you consider about having over bench pendant or low voltage lights as well or instead? In your entrance on the right wall adjoining your bedroom, that's a bit of a 'dead' area, and may be a good idea to think about having a GPO here too, incase you want a feature table with another lamp or even artwork with the above picture lighting. Started on the rock n roll bed installation tonight, first time drilling a hole in my lovely Kombi!! Had to remove the rear heater outlets which makes sense as there would be a kick plate right in front of them!! Managed to paint the floor (it was a bit sunny for the pics!) Decided that i'm going to get the inside resprayed properly when funds allow but I wanted to do the floor as once the new ply floor and vinyl goes in it won't be coming out! Whilst that was drying i wired in some new front speakers, Sony Xplod's on offer at SCA for $38!

Tomorrow's plan is to lay the ply floor the get some vinyl down, the get the cabinets and rear kick in. First up today was the ply floor, laid some 9mm packers last night glued down with no nails then a 9mm ply floor screwed down to the packers. Butted the floor right up to the rock n roll bed and to the sliding door where i'll finish it with a nice angle trim. I temporarily fitted the new door cards with a bit of masking tape as the bungs are out of stock at just kampers and i need to take them off in Jan to get them covered.
Also fitted the front kick at this point which needed to be shaped to fit round the curve of the side wall. Still got a bit to do but she's essentially ready for an official test run next weekend to Horseshoe bay, after a spit and polish obviously!
I looked at importing from the UK but the delivery costs were ridiculous and there is hardly any company's here in Oz that do these cabinets.
Looking good Harribo; Tony made me some matching strips that fit the void above the windows on Sopru campers. So I finally found time to properly fit the new head unit into the dash that has been absolutely butchered by the previous owner!
My old man is a metalwork so he made my a plate for the front of the dash which will cover the butchered dash. To hold the radio in place the old man also made me a bracket as the din cage that came with the stereo is just too flimsy.
After a couple of coats of flat black paint to match the dash as best possible it all fits together nicely!
I'm also on the look out for an original radio, should fit nicely with the bracket but this is all when funds allow. But I'd probaly move the kitchen and hallway light to there as well so the switches were grouped together. I'd put that switch for the porch and entry way on the other wall that adjoins the garage and then move the hallway light to the same postion. I'd be looking at adding an extra one over the dining table, and an extra one in the living room as a start.
We mentally walked through every room in the house and decided where we needed to turn the lights on and sometimes off, so we weren't walking in the dark, and also tried to group them together so there weren't switches everywhere!

If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this website. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Ran a power cable and some speaker wire as well for the rear speakers and the TV that we are going to have fixed to the underside of the lid of the buddy seat we've had made! Seems pretty solid but could fix it down in the corners as this is where the kombi floor raises slightly from the floor pan.
I wanted something different than the default chequered flooring but there isn't much out there. He has a dormobile as well so knows exactly what you need and the cabinets come ready made and simply bolt into your kombi. That's for the bed, foam, cabinets, carpets to front, flooring new door cards and a few other bits and bobs. The strips will house the 12 V dc LED lighting on the right side and 230 V ac GPO's on the left.
Eventually I might get a new dash depending on how I feel in the long run about the look of my repair job here!
I little thumb screw underneath the bracket will hold the radio in place and stop and nefarious types from pulling the radio out of the dash, unless of course they read this thread!! My dash was also butchered but previous owner made a nice large plate that screws to the dash to cover the mess that i cut the opening in for the head unit.
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Hopefully it's worth it and has added value but we'll get the real value when we start camping in her!
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Although with a single storey things can easily be moved and added, but best to do it now rather than put holes in the wall!

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