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Plan_table itself ought to be in every database, although in versions 9i and earlier that required DBA intervention, was not created by default. Patrick MacGrath, Jeff Smith, Bert Scalzo, Toad Pocket Reference for Oracle, O’Reilly. In the process, the Explain Plan view helped me realise that I had forgotten a join between two tables which caused one of the statements to do a full table scan instead of an index scan.
If this is your first time running the TOADPREP.SQL script and you execute a Drop statement, you receive an error message. I tried to fix my problem with the second option but it thrown me the following error message. Thanks I am a new at using TOAD but I only spent a couple of second to apply the solution without a hitch. Go to the Executables node on the same dialog box and in click the search button next to the Ping text box.

Recent Posts from this Category Script to Delete Concurrent Program and Executable from backend SQL Query to list all DB Links in a database Top SQL Interview Questions with Answers Top AOL and Sysadmin Interview Questions with Answers FND_GLOBAL and FND_PROFILE: Import List of System Global values How to Schedule a concurrent program from Backend Difference between Valuesets and Lookups How to make a Concurrent Program WAIT untill completion of another Concurrent Program execution? Optimization ?? – System Statistics ? Object Statistics? ??? Optimization? ??? ?? ??? ?? Access Type ? Join Type ? ??? ?? ??? ?????.
Nested Loops Join ??? DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY Function ? ???? ?? ????, Nested Loops Join ??? ?? Table ? ?? Access ??(4?)?? Access Predicate ? ???? ?? ? ? ??. EXPLAIN PLAN ?? ? Statement ID? ???? ??? ??? ?? Statement ID? ?? ???? Display ? ??? ??? ID?? ????? ??.
Toadi—?i„?eS” Explain Plani°?i—?i„? e§?is°iS¤ i?¤e??i?? e?„iS?i?„ e??eY¬ Display Modee?? e°”e?€ i?? iz?iSµe‹?e‹¤. This creates the table toad_plan_table, among other things, and is meant to be run by a user with DBA privileges.
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Index Access ? ??? ??? Data? 1? ??, ? TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID Operation ?? filter(“C2”=’dummy’) Predicate? ??? ?? Filtering ??.
Toadi—?i„? PLANi?„ i??i?? i?°is?i•  e•? e‹¤i??e?? e°™i?€ PLAN_TABLE i??i„±i—? e?€i•? i??i—…i?? e??iz…e‹?e‹¤.
Toadi—?i„?eS” i??e¦¬e?? i??i •i•?i—? e”°e?? PLANi?? i–?e–»e?? e?€i•?eS”i§€ i›?e??e?? e?„eµ?i•  i?? iz?iSµe‹?e‹¤. However, you can just skip all the drop statements (don’t execute the drop statements), since TOAD has nothing to drop.

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