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This is cool…click the down arrow button next to the Explain Plan button and SD will show you any available child cursors available for this SQL! SQL Developer displays quite a bit more in the line of statistics as compared to SQL*Plus as well. Important statistics in addition to what I discussed last two weeks, quite a bit more than SQL*Plus, a bit less than TOAD. Table Scans: several columns giving a nice granular look at exactly how this SQL is processing table accesses.
TweetHow does the STA work in 11gR2 with the query from "Oracle's SQL Tuning Pack - part 2" ?
On 10gR2 the STA finishes in less than 2 minutes and finds a profile though the profile puts a higher load on the database for this query. SQL0510N UPDATE or DELETE is not allowed against the specified cursor.Performance considerations between cursors and deletesCursors and deletes perform differently. DBClean for Guest Users does not perform well when there are many Guest Users in the database.Orders deleteThis query is used for removing orders.
If you notice that the explain is taking a long time to complete, refer to the technote db2exfmt takes very long time to complete for a solution or work around for this issue.
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I've included a screenshot of the current schema which has a nested repeating element in there for collecting the actual consent form signed and associated date information.
Thanks for the additional info.  Could you attach a screenshot of your DB mapping with all the details expanded? I've included mapping of the relevant areas of the InfoPath form to database or did you want the whole thing, as it's around 150 to 200 fields or so?

That should allow you to accomplish the kind of mapping you're describing without rearranging your data source. In my last blog, I showed how the execution plan in denali has been enhanced by 2 new warnings ,conversion affecting cardinality and conversion affecting seek, which are shown when a data type conversion has happened either implicitly or explicitly. Memory spills to tempdb are a costly operation and happen when SqlServer is under memory pressure and needs to free some up. But what about the ‘BY RANGE’ and ‘BY ROWS’ option of the clause , what’s their significance ?
Other than the output , ( which i grant you is quite important ) there is another fundamental difference to be looked at.  How much work has SQLServer done to service both of these queries ?
And running with 'set statistics io on’ , we can see that a total of 133 logical reads have been issued. The execution plan is our best window into this area, so lets start looking at the plan for the IIF example above.
That is not to say that these are not welcome additions to the language, but ,as ever, the full functionality should be understood prior to usage. In my last blog I showed how persisted data may not be used if you have used the base data on an include on an index.
All very odd,  just because ive forced a join , that has NOTHING, to do with my persisted data then something is causing the data to be re-evaluated. Not sure if there is any easy fix you can do to the TSQL here, but again its a lesson learned (or rather reinforced) examine the execution plan of every query you write to ensure that it is operating as you thought it would. Working at a client site, that in itself is good to say, I ran into a set of circumstances that made me ponder, and appreciate, the optimizer engine a bit more.
The takeaway here is,  just because you have persisted data dont automatically assumed that it is being used.

This week I’ll illustrate using SQL Developer to produce explain plans and SQL statistics.
Pressing this button will process an explain plan using the PLAN_TABLE in your schema (NOT recommended starting with Oracle10) or via a public synonym. You can see the SQL_ID and maybe use a script I have to retrieve additional explain plans from AWR. SD runs both an autotrace to get an explain plan AND the statistics, populating panels as seen below. He is a senior member of the WebSphere Commerce Support team and a subject matter expert on performance and stability of WebSphere Commerce sites. As a member of the WebSphere Commerce Support team, he is responsible for providing technical assistance for the WebSphere Commerce family of products.
Try grouping the functions that require the same order together and save yourself a few extra sorts. Andres has also achieved the IBM developerWorks Contributing Author level, recognizing his valued contributions as an IBM author. Meng graduated with distinction in 2006 from the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario) with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering.

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