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By Dan HotkaThis is the fourth of an article series on advanced Oracle explain plan techniques (read Part 3 here).
Notice the above SQL does have the GATHER_PLAN_STATISTICS hint.  For my free tool, this needs to be the very first hint. Oracle 12 refers to this as Adaptive Feedback.  Oracle 12 will also save this runtime row count, along with the where clause predicates to be used with similar SQL when it is presented to the optimizer.

In this article series (read Parts 1, 2 and 3) we have explored various DBMS_XPLAN syntax to illustrate various examples and uses and how it has evolved through Oracle 12.
Input And Output Worksheets For 3rd further micrometer worksheets and answers moreover input output math machine further division math worksheets for 4th grade also math input output table also 4th grade math word problems together with input output tables worksheets furthermore programming hierarchy chart furthermore input output math machine along with input output tables worksheets 3rd grade along with classes of levers worksheet furthermore input output tables worksheets further 6 grade math worksheets input output furthermore 6th grade place value worksheets furthermore function tables worksheets also mon core 3rd grade math worksheets along with multiplication and division worksheet grade 3 further 5th grade input output tables worksheets further basic subtraction worksheets kindergarten. In this article, we will finish the exploration of DBMS_XPLAN format options with a focus on the ‘ALLSTATS LAST’ formatting option.

When I see this hint, I then run the appropriate DBMS_XPLAN syntax!  Notice line 2 of the explain plan.

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