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I was hoping to be able to squirrel the dollhouse away until V’s birthday in October, but once I had it in my hot little hands, *I* wanted to open it, so I caved and let her have it.
You can still get the house (not the furniture set) at Land of Nod for only 49.95, a total bargain! A dollhouse for future architects, the Toideloi Stackhouse Dollhouse lets kids arrange and rearrange the modular home.
Kroom’s lighweight cardboard dollhouse is a budget-friendly option, and a smart one for kids who love dolls one day and move on to playing sports the next.
For the child with an ever growing imagination, the new Stackhouse Dollhouse from Toideloi is a dream come true.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. In the second in a series of posts featuring Mastermind Toy experts from our stores, I spoke with Catherine about another toy that she loves to recommend: any and all of the Plan Toys Mastermind carries! The variety of toys within the brand is excellent – from toddler toys and simple wooden blocks to games and the Plan City line including trains, roadways and accessories. The founders of Plan wanted to make toys that were environmentally friendly, high quality and inspired kids’ imaginations. The wooden blocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, while the rubber wood gives them a smooth finish. Cathy the Toy Mom Cathy is a mom to three not-so-little children—two teenage boys and a feisty red-headed ten year old girl! Open since 1984, Mastermind Toys has been selling the highest quality educational toys that inspire , educate and are most of all - fun!

However, dollhouses are kind of expensive so I’ve been taking my time trying to find the right one for the right price. They provide a huge selection of excellent environmentally friendly toys for children of all ages. The house itself was super easy to put together, two halves & the floor, I think the total was 4 screws. We put together a list of amazing, sustainable, and impressively designed scaled-down homes ranging from modular options with rooms that stack to solar-powered abodes with recycling bins and rain barrels.
The house is made from renewable rubber wood, eco-friendly glue and non-toxic water-based dyes. Like a set of blocks crossed with a dollhouse, kids can slide together walls and stack rooms. The flat pack option is made form 60 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard and it’s completely recyclable once your kid outgrows its play value.
The scaled down mid-century modern style home was inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann Desert House and the Gary Cooper house design by A. The simplicity and the quality of the toys is excellent and keeps children interested for a long time ($29.95). While the kids were growing up, it was really just an excuse for Cathy to play with all kinds of different toys! It’s worth perusing their website for not only their great toys but they offer up a lot of information about the company itself, which is always a huge plus to me.
Green features include a rain barrel for collecting rainwater, a wind turbine, solar panels on the roof, and a set of recycling bins.

With big openings on two sides, each level is easy to play with even when dolls and furniture are inside. In the past these rubber trees would be chopped down and burnt; now they are turned into toys! I like knowing about where V’s playthings come from & if the people making them are good guys, you know?
There are tons of cute accessories & families you can get for the Plan Toys dollhouse, like a baby nursery, pets or even patio furniture.
Dutch designer Martijn van Tilburg created the concept, which is made from lightweight sustainably grown Eastern European birch plywood. It’s made from eco-friendly woods and finished with non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints. The Plan philosophy ensures that all adhesives used are water-based, and that any colours used in their toys are food-grade stains and not paints.
I love that the open floor plan allows for imagination in the set up of the house and also makes for a good amount of room for hands. You won’t mind if it takes up residence in your living room, and it might just inspire a future designer in your child. Dolls, Playmobil and arts and crafts have kept the girls occupied for great lengths of time.

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