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This bike transforms from a 3 wheel trike, to a 2 wheel low balance bike, to a 2 wheel taller balance bike.
Sometimes it’s worth a little extra moola to get the right one, and this dollhouse is definitely the right one. This is hard to explain to hardened adults, but the open-ended play habits of youngsters will transform the Bilibo into a hat, rocker, scoop, house, spaceship and other unimaginable and extraordinary things.
Another animal rocker inspired by an African safari, this Walking Elephant from Plan Toys provides a unique riding motion. Rocking chair meets rocking horse in this best-of-both-worlds design from modern furniture maker Offi.
Step out of the rocking horse box and go for a handcrafted Giraffe Rocking Chair to spark your little one’s imagination.
For a more authentic riding experience, invite your kid to hop on a real saddle on the Giddyup Rocking Stool. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. This eco-friendly version from Plan Toys packs a three-story house, furniture, two dolls, a garden area, and a built-in carry handle.

The size, material, and basic squeaking sound kept her teething chops busy for days and weeks and months. No hard plastic features, but with all the charm and sweet details that kids love – including a magnetic pacifier, bottle, and accessories.
Balance bikes help your youngster learn to ride on 2 wheels so well they’ll never need training wheels when they move to a bigger pedaled bike. Modern Wood construction and simple wood furniture will grow with your kids for years to come.
Powered by your child's movement of rocking back and forth, the toy impressively walks forward.
The Baltic Rocking Horse Chair is made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified birch ply and the tried-and-true design has been in production for more than half a century in Europe.
Recycle Studio uses over 90% recycled materials including plywood leftover from making daycare furniture.
Powered by your child’s movement of rocking back and forth, the toy impressively walks forward.
Designer Tim Wigmore tops sustainably grown wooden bases with reclaimed leather saddles that are too worn for riders to safely use atop horses.

Like other playthings from the eco-conscious company, this rocker is made from sustainable rubber wood that no longer produces latex.
An exterior cover has pockets to carry the dolls, making it a truly portable toy that’s sure to inspire lots of creative play. Since Small for Big likes to focus on modern design, I thought I’d show you some favorite twists on the usual classics.
Plan Toys crafts their line from eco-friendly rubber wood from trees no longer able to produce latex, using non-formaldehyde E-Zero glue and safe, non-toxic water-based dyes. He makes them look polished and beautiful again, but you’ll still see the natural scuffs and scratches that give fuel to the history behind this unique rocking toy. And, for a second fun eco twist, the toy transforms the kinetic energy from your child’s rocking action into electricity that charges LED lights inside the handles.
You can keep them in place as the horse’s ears or remove them to use as flashlights or nightlights around the house.

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