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Give kids an assortment of wooden blocks and watch them create fantasy structures for a king. Click here for the free downloadable plan.Toy and kids' furniture plans, galore!Our Complete Guide to Toy Projects! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Every playroom needs a set of building blocks and these natural wood blocks look fantastic - just let your imagination add some colour! For over 30 years, Plan Toys have been making iconic educational toys that bring children closer to nature and inspire creative imaginations and learning through play.

Complete with a functional catapult, a king & queen, a knight, 2 horses and even a flying dragon! Download includes full-size patterns as well as detailed instructions on safely coloring the pieces. There are 11 different shapes in this wooden play block set and children will love using them to create simple or complex structures.
Little hands love getting to grips with Plan Toys which are just about as eco, sustainable and high quality as toys can be. As well as making FSC solid wood toys, many products are made from Planwood – an ingenious eco material made by compressing sawdust produced in the Plan Toys factory so that nothing goes to waste.

All toys come packaged in recycled, non-toxic packaging which can go straight into your recycling bin.

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